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Apr 10

4 Lucky Stones for St. Patrick’s Day

  I always wake up on St. Patrick’s Day with a big, mischievous smile on my face, as I anticipate a day infused with extra magic. I am 42-percent Irish, and green has been my favorite color since childhood. I even own a leprechaun costume that I wear almost every year on March 17th, which certainly turns heads at …

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Apr 18

3 Crystals to Help You Through Mercury Retrograde

  I was on a long distance road trip over the Easter holiday. I exited the highway about a mile from my destination, when my car decided to just completely stop functioning. We got the car towed to an auto shop, and I was not surprised to see that the lot was overflowing with broken-down vehicles–other …

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Jun 19

Crystals for the Summer Solstice: Shining Your Light!

Can you believe that half of the year is already gone, and summertime is basically here?  The summer solstice is right around the corner, on June 21st.  It marks the longest day of the year, a time when we are at maximum light.  The progress of the sun throughout the year represents our journey of …

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Jun 05

Are there any crystals that can help support my son with learning issues?

“Dear Adrienne, My eleven year old has some serious issues with learning, which I believe causes him to act up in class, probably from frustration.  He is getting quite far behind in class, and we have major problems trying to get him to do school work at home.  It ends up in some pretty major …

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Nov 05

Crystals for Learning

Adrienne, I have a crystal question. I am taking some technical database classes at work. What is a good crystal for learning and studying? -Wendy Ann Zellea The first crystal I grab when I need to focus, concentrate, and absorb information is Fluorite, particularly Fluorite with purple, blue, or magenta color rays. Fluorite has so …

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