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Video Download: 11-11-11 Earth-Keeper Presentations, Crystal Healing Techniques by Adrienne Goff

It was a powerful time in a powerful place. Five hundred radiant people gathered in the crystal vortex of Arkansas for the 11-11-11 Earth-Keeper Conference, focused on planetary ascension. This video download carries the pure crystalline energy of this amazing gathering straight to your computer, through the lively crystal teachings of Adrienne Goff. These two presentations are full of enthusiasm, inspiring stories, and plenty of valuable techniques for applying crystalline energy in your life.  If you want to learn how to work directly with crystals to achieve life-changing results, then this video download is for you! It includes about two hours of her best instructional crystal information. If you are unable to attend one of Adrienne’s live events, this is a great alternative.

Topics covered:

  • Crystalline Reality–How Crystals Work
  • Meditation: Connecting with Crystalline Consciousness
  • Top Five Ascension Stones–Techniques for Applying their Energies
  • How to Program Quartz for Manifestation
  • How to Build Crystal Grids
  • Magic Multidimensional Cleansing Bath–Healing and Enhancing the Human Auric Field.
  • Beryl Rejuvenation Potion–Revitalizing the Body
  • Emotional Clearing Ritual—Healing the Heart
  • Quantum Leap Layout–Spiritual Activation

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You have a wonderful speaking style that captures the heart and attention of all in attendance!
I have seen you speak several times and each time I find your topic interesting and informative as your energetic approach brings the subject of your talk alive.

Randy Monk

Peoria, Illinois