Crystal Healing for the Whole Being, 10 Practical Techniques for Personal Transformation book-coverCrystal Healing for the Whole Being is a must-read for anyone who is an aspiring Crystal Healer or for those who love crystals and stones and just want to know more. Full of beautiful photos, diagrams, techniques, crystal layouts, and crystal grids; it gives you all of the essential information you need to work with crystals to change your life. Get your autographed copy today! $25. Click here to buy now.
eBook: Becoming Crystal Clear, Working with Crystals to Remove Energy Blockages in Just Minutes!
Becoming Crystal Clear, eBook coverIf you are ready to express the full radiance and sparkle of your soul, it might require some housekeeping in your chakras. Luckily, clearing out energy blockages is so much easier, faster, and more fun than doing the dishes or scrubbing the floor. All you need are the right crystal tools and a little know-how. Allow Crystal Expert,Adrienne Goff to teach you how to easily detect and remove energy blockages from your chakras in less time than it takes to fold the laundry. $7.99 Click here to buy now!
Video Download: 11-11-11 Earth-Keeper Presentations, Crystal Healing Techniques
It was a powerful time in a powerful place. Five hundred radiant people gathered in the crystal vortex of Arkansas for the 11-11-11 Earth-Keeper Conference, focused on planetary ascension. This video download carries the pure crystalline energy of this amazing gathering straight to your computer, through the lively crystal teachings of Adrienne Goff. These two presentations are full of enthusiasm, inspiring stories, and plenty of valuable techniques for applying crystalline energy in your life. If you want to learn how to work directly with crystals to achieve life-changing results, then this video download is for you! $18. Click here to buy now.