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Crystal Healing for the Whole Being, 10 Practical Techniques for Personal Transformation


Crystal Healing for the Whole Being is a must-read for anyone who is an aspiring Crystal Healer or for those who love crystals and stones and just want to know more. Full of beautiful photos, diagrams, techniques, crystal layouts, and crystal grids; it gives you all of the essential information you need to work with crystals to change your life. Get your autographed copy today!

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“By reading this book you will gain a deeper appreciation of the mineral kingdom, its expression as sentient awareness and most importantly, that you are the same brilliance that each mineral radiates. Goff’s joy for life and the world of crystal beings is contagious.”Nina Brown, author of Return of Love to Planet Earth, Memoir of a Reluctant Visionary

Crystals and gemstones can enhance your power to create beautiful realities for yourself. Inside each gemstone exists a world of sacred geometry, pure energy, and high sentience that can harmonize with you to initiate healing, expansion, and a windfall of blessings. If you are someone with an attraction to gems and crystals that has resulted in a growing collection, and you are now wondering what you can do with all of your treasures, then this book is for you! Crystal energy expert, Adrienne Goff, shares her secrets for creating life-changing results through her clear explanation of specific crystal techniques she’s gathered and created through over decade of work with the crystalline kingdom. Discover the power of programming Quartz crystals for manifestation, building crystal grids to enhance your space and your goals, and creating gemstone body layouts to illuminate your energy and consciousness. Some of the activities are simple, easy-to-do exercises involving just a handful of crystals. And for those who are more ambitious, clear instructions are given for building complex crystal mandalas to create a truly powerful force field of change. So invite the light of the crystal kingdom into your life, and discover through direct experience how their natural brilliance can uplift your whole being.

Learn how to partner with crystals and gemstones to:

  • Clear and remove negative energy and obstacles from your life
  • Create your own fountain of youth potion
  • Design a grid blueprint for manifesting your true desires
  • Support your physical body in healing any issue
  • Activate all levels of your heart to enhance love
  • Expand your consciousness to higher dimensional realms
  • And more!