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Apr 18

3 Crystals to Help You Through Mercury Retrograde

  I was on a long distance road trip over the Easter holiday. I exited the highway about a mile from my destination, when my car decided to just completely stop functioning. We got the car towed to an auto shop, and I was not surprised to see that the lot was overflowing with broken-down vehicles–other …

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Apr 07

Four Crystals to Help with Ascension Symptoms

Have you been feeling out of sorts lately? Ascension symptoms are on the rise again as a result of increasingly intense energies. The good news is that we are integrating these higher frequencies as a mechanism for self-transformation. Doing so allows us to embody more of our soul essence and to activate more of our spiritual gifts. …

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May 12

Sodalite–Featured Stone (May 15th – 31st)

Just in the past week, an indicator light came on in my car, my computer started acting glitchy, and significant people from my past contacted me.  These are all classic symptoms of Mercury retrograde! Mercury retrograde officially starts on May 18th and ends on June 11th.  But it is possible to feel the effects as early as …

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