Apr 10

4 Lucky Stones for St. Patrick’s Day


I always wake up on St. Patrick’s Day with a big, mischievous smile on my face, as I anticipate a day infused with extra magic. I am 42-percent Irish, and green has been my favorite color since childhood. I even own a leprechaun costume that I wear almost every year on March 17th, which certainly turns heads at the grocery store.  

 Even if you don’t have any Irish blood, the luck of the Irish can be with you—on St. Patrick’s Day and every day. Good luck, good fortune, and blessings fall into your lap when you cultivate the right state of mind and energy that magnetizes it. It’s all about maintaining an optimistic outlook, an attitude of gratitude, and a positive emotional state. This is because the quality of energy you put out into the world boomerangs back in the form of experiences that match that energy.  

If you are not feeling so lucky or fortunate these days, now is the perfect time to boost your vibration with the right crystals and stones. You can think of these St. Patrick’s Day stones as lucky charms. Wearing or working with them can infuse you with positive energy, helping to attract a windfall of blessings into your life. Plus, they will certainly make your St. Patrick’s Day sham-ROCK! 

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Feb 13

How to Build a Love Manifestation Crystal Grid

Valentine’s Day has a way of highlighting all matters of the heart in bright neon pink. If you feel like you are in a love drought, you might wish you had a fast forward button for February 14th. Take heart, and try not to let a Hallmark holiday get you down. You could make it a day to celebrate love in all of its beautiful expressions. Move into a heart space and feel the gratitude you have for your nourishing friendships and supportive family members, or the unconditional love you experience with a pet. And don’t forget to honor the most important relationship of all—the one with yourself!

We all go through periods in life when our emotional needs are just not getting met by others. Perhaps you are ready to bring in a new romantic relationship or to increase your circle of like-minded friends. If so, you could build a love manifestation crystal grid to speed up the process of attracting the right relationship(s). Another idea is to build the grid for the purpose of healing or improving your current relationship(s). You could also build this grid to help you heal your heart and increase self-love, which is the foundation for creating healthy relationships. Pick the focus that resonates most with your current context, and then follow these instructions for building the love manifestation grid. Think of it as a beautiful energetic template for emotional fulfillment–a magnet for attracting more love into your life.

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Oct 31

How to Work with Crystals for Physical Healing

Your body is a miraculous, organic supercomputer—a divine instrument designed to help you interface with Earth reality. Every moment of every day, all of its complex systems are working tirelessly in service to you. It is sensitive and responsive to what it is exposed to, and it is always giving you feedback. Do you take the time to stop, give thanks, and listen to what it needs?

In this modern era, there are a lot of factors and forces that can interfere with proper functioning of our bodies. We are contending with increasing levels of environmental toxins, pollution, chemicals, EMF’s, and GMO’s. The pace of life continues to accelerate, causing more stress, frenzy, and imbalance. Finding adequate time to rest, exercise, and prepare healthy food can be challenging in today’s world. Also, many of us find it difficult to process and express our emotions in a healthy way, which can interfere with physical wellness.

If you are experiencing a health issue, breathing love and appreciation into your cells is a good place to start. Thank your body for doing the best job it can in the face of a challenging environment. Then do your best to find out what your body needs to balance and heal, and give it to yourself.

Remember, you are always the source of your own healing, but sometimes we need to seek out some help from an expert to know what to do. I always suggest finding a qualified doctor or health professional with lots of experience, someone who really resonates with you. Personally, I look for doctors who are great listeners and who can respect and work with my unique belief systems and holistic healing philosophies. Once you find the right doctor who you can trust, be sure to follow through with his or her recommended treatment protocols.

Working with crystals is a beautiful way to support your body and to speed up the natural healing process. Crystals can assist in clearing the energetic root causes of disease—things like unhealthy thought and belief patterns, toxic emotions, or past life issues that might be contributing to health issues. Crystals are also wonderfully effective for clearing stress and negative energy that would diminish health. They can infuse higher vibrational energy into the body to support the cells, organs, and systems in speeding up the natural healing response. I do not recommend replacing medical care from your doctor with crystal healing. However, crystal healing is safe, noninvasive, and a wonderful compliment to Western Medicine.

If you are looking for a natural and safe way to support your body in healing a physical issue, the Physical Healing Set is for you! The five crystals in this set are the best ones I have found for physical healing. They are versatile and can be used to improve the health and functioning of all systems of the body. I am excited to share with you the metaphysical properties of the stones and two powerful ways to work with them to improve your health.


Green Aventurine: Green Aventurine is a beautiful form of Quartz that carries the green healing ray–often with delightful, uplifting sparkles in it. It is one of the best and most versatile healing stones, appropriate for addressing any ailment on the physical, emotional, and mental levels. It can target the areas of the body most in need of healing, and its first order of business is to assist in releasing disharmonious energy there. It transmutes unhealthy thoughts, feelings, and patterns that contribute to physical disease or imbalance, thus treating the underlying root causes. Then, it infuses pure green healing energy into the cells to speed up the healing process. Green Aventurine is gentle, yet powerful, and this makes it a safe and effective healing ally.


Bloodstone: Bloodstone is a must-have, dynamic healing stone. It is a dark green form of Chalcedony with spots or streaks of Red Jasper. Bloodstone is a general detoxifier that can fortify many systems of the body, such as the immune, endocrine, lymphatic, reproductive, and circulatory systems. It’s a stone of power and vitality that strengthens the root chakra and physical energy. This gives it a rejuvenating quality that can support you through a health crisis and speed up the natural healing process. Bloodstone is especially helpful when you are feeling drained, fatigued, or exhausted. It can clear negative energy and emotions that are contributing to illness. It is also known as the stone of the spiritual warrior. It provides protection from negative influences that would impact your health, while boosting your stamina, strength, and courage.


Seraphinite: Known as a stone of glowing health, many regard Seraphinite as one of the top healing stones for these times. It is a beautiful, dark green stone with wispy, silver patterns. It belongs to the Chlorite group, and Chlorite is one of the best general healing minerals on the planet. Seraphinite works on deep spiritual and karmic levels. It connects with angelic energy and helps you heal disease resulting from past life experiences. It clears energy blockages and old belief patterns that contribute to illness. It also helps to connect with and anchor your divine blueprint of perfect health. Seraphinite has been known to recode the DNA, and it is one of the best stones for cellular rejuvenation. It is effective for treating systemic imbalances or diseases, and it can even help combat cancer. Many also work with it for detoxification and pain relief. If you feel disconnected from your body and need to heal your relationship with physicality, Seraphinite can help you embrace and love your body more completely. It is a comprehensive key to health and well-being.


Emerald: Emerald is a precious gemstone that perfectly holds and radiates the green healing ray. Its exquisite crystalline structure is made up of triangular silicate molecules that link together to form rings. Circles naturally radiate wholeness, unity, and perfection. Therefore, the energetic transmission of Emerald has a positive and harmonious effect on physical matter. Emerald harmonizes the physical, mental, and emotional levels of the being and perfectly supports the healing of any physical issue. In fact, wearing high quality Emerald consistently and daily has showed down, and sometimes even reversed, terminal illness in several documented cases. It heals and clears negative energy patterns and emotions that would contribute to physical illness. Working with Emerald can rejuvenate and strengthen the entire body, and it brings all systems to a higher level of health.


Shungite: Shungite is a miracle healing stone from Russia that contains rare fullerene molecules. Fullerenes are molecular carbon cages that form into the shape of the dodecahedron. They were discovered in the 1990’s, and scientists are finding many groundbreaking applications in areas such as nanotechnology, environmental science, and healthcare. When taken internally, many positive biological effects have been observed. Fullerenes can kill bacteria, promote detoxification, boost the immune system, suppress allergic and inflammatory disease, and even slow down the growth of cancer cells and the activity of the AIDS virus. Working with Shungite can therefore speed up the natural healing process, and it also offers pain relief. Shungite can neutralize many forms of negative energy that would negatively impact health, such as lower emotions and thought-forms, toxins of all kinds, and EMF’s—especially from cell phone radiation. Russians have been putting Shungite in their water purification systems since the 90’s to remove harmful bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals, and pharmaceuticals. Shungite corrects many imbalances in the auric field and in the emotional body, while enhancing vitality and general well-being.


Now I would love to share with you instructions for the two ways you can work with this crystal set: placing the stones directly over the area of the body in need of healing or building a healing crystal grid.


How to work with the stones on the body:


  1. Gather and cleanse the five stones you will use.You could use running water, sage, salt, sound, violet flame, or any crystal cleansing method you like.
  2. Determine what the top physical healing priority is, and which areas of the body are most affected. Write a healing affirmation in present-tense form, as if the condition is already healed. For example, let’s say your thyroid is underactive. A good affirmation might be, “My thyroid is now functioning at optimal levels.” It is a good idea to add this phrase to the end of your affirmation: “This, or something better, manifests easily if it is for the highest good.”
  3. Program the affirmation into the Green Aventurine. Programming a crystal is the act of implanting your healing intention into the matrix of a stone, where it is stored and amplified. This speeds up the manifestation process of your desired result. Here’s how you do it: Hold the Green Aventurine, and state your affirmation aloud at least eight times. Visualize and imagine that you are projecting this intention into the stone. The stone will hold the program until you consciously remove it, even if you cleanse the stone. So there is no need to reprogram the Green Aventurine when you repeat this exercise in the future. (Once your healing intention has manifested, you can remove the program by holding the stone and repeating this phrase at least eight times: The program is now removed.”)
  4. Call in help from your soul and spirit team, and set positive healing intentions.I always get better healing results when I remember to formally invite in my own soul and healing guides to assist. I ask them to help me in creating the highest healing outcome.
  5. Place the stones. You’ll create a circle of stones, with the programmed Green Aventurine in the center. Try to place the stones directly over the area of the body in need of healing, or as close as you can get. For example, let’s say that you have sprained your ankle. It might not be possible to fit the five stones directly on your ankle; so instead, you might create the circle off to the side of your foot. As long as the stones are within about two feet of the area in need of healing, they will have a healing effect. If you can’t reach the area in need of treatment, you could ask a friend or loved one to place the stones for you.
  6. Leave the stones in place for at least fifteen minutes while you relax, breathe, and meditate. While the stones are in place, you can visualize or imagine green healing energy permeating the area. You could also do Reiki or energy work on yourself during this time.
  7. Remove and cleanse the stones when you are done.


You can repeat this exercise as often as necessary to support your healing process—even daily. Another beautiful idea is to carry the stones with you in the satin bag, so that they can treat your physical body as you go about your day.


How to build a healing crystal grid:

You could use this set to build a healing grid for yourself, or to send healing energy long distance to friends, loved ones, and clients. If you are building the grid to support your own healing, I suggest building it in a room where you spend a lot of time, perhaps the bedroom or the living room.


  1. Gather and cleanse the five stones you will use.You could use running water, sage, salt, sound, violet flame, or any crystal cleansing method you like.
  2. If you are building the grid to support your own healing process, refer to steps 2 and 3 in the above section. (Determine your top healing priority, write it in the form of a present tense affirmation, and program it into the Green Aventurine.)
  3. If you are building the grid to send long distance healing energy to someone else or to multiple people, use this affirmation: “The perfect healing energy is sent to the intended recipient/s at all times.” Program it into the Green Aventurine (see step 3 above for programming instructions).
  4. Create a diamond-shaped grid (see diagram). Place the Bloodstone, Seraphinite, Emerald, and Shungite into the pattern a diamond (with one stone on each corner). Place the Programmed Green Aventurine in the center. Beneath the Green Aventurine, you could place your written affirmation. Or if you are working with this grid to send healing energy long distance, you could place photos or a list of names of the intended recipients beneath the Green Aventurine.
  5. Activate the Grid. Work with a Selenite wand or any pointed crystal to trace the pattern of the grid three times. There is a specific way to trace the pattern for optimal results. Please refer to the helpful diagram that shows the activation pattern. The set also comes with an instructional video download that demonstrates this process.


The grid will remain activated as long as the crystals stay in place. I suggest meditating with this grid regularly to maximize its power. You could imagine green healing energy bathing yourself or the intended recipient/s. You can also pray for perfect healing, and visualize yourself or the recipient/s in perfect, radiant health.

If you would like to purchase the Physical Healing Set, here’s the link:

Adrienne Goff Collection — Physical Healing Set

Oct 31

How to Clear and Heal the Heart Chakra and the Emotional Body with Crystals

Healing the emotions is key to healing all levels of the being. It would be a wonderful thing if we were taught in elementary school how to handle our emotions in healthy and productive ways. Instead, many of us got a message from society that it isn’t appropriate to express our feelings in the moment, and so many of us end up suppressing them. We stuff them down and try to forget about them. But the energy of these emotions doesn’t just disappear. It gets stuffed into the tissues of the body, and it turns into energy blockages. Many people have a backlog of emotions that were never expressed, and this can lead to a closed heart, imbalances in relationships, and even health problems. Sometimes we reach a tipping point, and the emotions come out like a violent storm that has a destructive effect.

I was taught in this in my healing classes: If you can clear, balance, and heal the heart chakra, everything else falls into place for you. If you are ready to work on this, I have partnered with Crystals by Nature to bring you the Open Heart Crystal Set. First and foremost, the crystals in this set help to clear the heart chakra and the emotional body of unprocessed, negative emotions from past experiences. It is also great for bringing relief to common uncomfortable emotional states—especially anxiety, anger, and depression. These crystals can bring in a greater feeling of love and comfort when you need it, and they open you to experiencing and expressing greater levels of love.

The Open Heart Set is so effective because of the magic of the stone combination, plus your intention. These stones harmonize with each other to help absorb and release old emotions, while producing a calming, balancing, and stabilizing effect. They also bring in the purest frequencies of love and nurturing. I am delighted to share with you the metaphysical properties of the five stones and step-by-step instructions for how to work with them to heal your heart.

Chrysocolla: Chrysocolla is a gorgeous stone with Caribbean color rays, and it is one of the best general cleansing stones out there due to its high copper content. Copper-bearing stones are great conductors of energy that open blocked energy flows. When placed over a chakra, they act like magnets that can draw out negative energy blockages. Chrysocolla is aligned with the Divine Feminine, and it works in a way that is gentle, yet powerful. It has an inherently nurturing vibration that is perfect for emotional healing. Chrysocolla creates a space of safety and love so that you can more easily let go. Then it draws out old emotional energy that has been stuck in your system, such as guilt, sadness, anger, and emotional pain. You can also turn to Chrysocolla when you feel you have picked up negative energy and emotions from other people and your surroundings. It is also very balancing and healing to many aspects of the body, including the thyroid, adrenals, liver, kidneys, intestines, hormones, and metabolism.

Lepidolite: Lepidolite is a beautiful stone that is normally in the pink, lavender, or purple spectrum and has a high lithium content. Crystals and stones containing lithium naturally emit a calming energy that can counteract feelings of panic, worry, anxiety, stress, anger, and other uncomfortable emotional states. It feels like a soothing balm that relieves frazzled nerves and helps you to take a deep breath, relax, and let go. It effectively clears the major and minor chakras, as well as the meridians, of blocked energy, unhealthy emotions, and negative thoughts.

Lepidolite has a filtering effect that is very helpful for empaths. It helps you to tune out extraneous energies, feelings, and impressions that you don’t need to absorb. It is highly recommended for sensitive people, because it fortifies the emotional body and helps you to be less affected by drama or chaos that might enter into your sphere. It also encourages you to set your own space and to lovingly keep the door closed to energies that would throw you off center.

Rhodonite: Rhodonite is a beautiful pink or rose-colored stone with veins or spots of black Manganese. Pink stones have a natural resonance with the heart chakra and emotional healing. The presence of Manganese adds a wonderful grounding and balancing quality that works with both the physical and emotional bodies. That is why Rhodonite is the perfect stone to turn to if you are experiencing erratic, intense, or out of control emotional states. It is one of my go-to stones to when dealing with anxiety, panic, grief, severe anger or depression, over-reactive emotions, or emotional burnout. Rhodonite works to calm and balance these feelings, helping you to put them into proper perspective. Regular work with it can assist you in rebuilding a more stable emotional foundation. It is also a stone of forgiveness, which allows you to let go of the past and move on. Rhodonite also helps you to shine higher levels of love and your soul gifts into the world. It is known for assisting you to manifest your highest path of service.

Rose Quartz: There is no better crystal than Rose Quartz for all matters of the heart and the emotional body. First and foremost, it helps you to develop greater levels of self-love. If you are still carrying wounds in the heart from past experiences, Rose Quartz can help to clear and heal them. It fills your heart with its loving presence, comforting you and reminding you that you are precious and worthy. If your heart is closed as a protective mechanism, Rose Quartz can encourage a gentle opening and greater receptivity to love. It enhances your sensitivity and empathy, and it is also known to help attract loving relationships.

Selenite wand: Selenite is a high vibration stone with an ethereal, peaceful, spiritual quality. It has a striated structure, which means that it has parallel grooves or lines recessed down the length of the stone. The striations in Selenite serve as pathways for higher dimensional light to be amplified and channeled through in a powerful way. Selenite also has a profound clearing effect, and we will use it as a wand to help clear the heart chakra.


Here are the step-by-step instructions for healing and clearing the heart chakra and the emotional body. You can easily do this treatment on yourself, and you can also perform it for loved ones and clients.

  1. Gather and cleanse the five stones you will use.You could use running water, sage, salt, sound, violet flame, or any crystal cleansing method you like.
  2. Create a comfortable and clear space for the treatment.Crystal healing works best if you or your client can feel safe and relaxed. This treatment is done lying down, so it will work great on a bed, a massage table, a couch, or even on a blanket placed on the floor. You might want to diffuse some relaxing essential oils, dim the lights, and play soft, meditative music. I also like to smudge the room with sage to clear the energy.
  3. Call in help from your soul and spirit team, and set positive healing intentions.I always get better healing results when I remember to formally invite in my own soul and healing guides to assist. I ask them to help me in creating the highest healing outcome.
  4. Place the Chrysocolla on the heart chakra (located at the center of the chest). Then place the Lepidolite to the left of the Chrysocolla, and place the Rhodonite to the right of the Chrysocolla. The Chrysocolla will serve to absorb and release old emotions and patterns that are blocking the heart chakra. The Lepidolite is positioned left, because the left side is your feminine side. Lepidolite will provide a calming, clearing, and balancing effect that feels very comforting. The Rhodonite is positioned right, which is your masculine side. It will bring stability to the emotions and assist with rebuilding a healthier emotional foundation.
  5. Hold the Selenite wand a few inches above the heart chakra, and make counterclockwise circles over the Chrysocolla. This creates a vortex to help draw any blockages or old emotions into the Chrysocolla for absorption and release. Stick with this for as long as you feel guided—a few minutes or longer. As you are doing this, unprocessed emotions might come up in a powerful way, or it might be really subtle. Just breathe into the feelings, or instruct your client to do so, and allow them to exit the system.
  6. Replace the Chrysocolla with the Rose Quartz. Once the Chrysocolla has done the job of helping to release the old emotions, the Rose Quartz will infuse the heart chakra with pure, loving frequencies. You can place your hands over the Rose Quartz and allow Divine love to flow.
  7. Leave the stones in place for a minimum of eleven minutes. It normally takes about eleven minutes for crystal energy to fully integrate into the chakras and bio-system. You are welcome to leave them in place for a longer amount of time, if that feels right.
  8. Remove and cleanse the stones when you are done. 


Doing this heart-healing exercise is a wonderful act of self-love. The emotional body can have many layers, so I recommend repeating this exercise as often as you feel the need. You could do this once a month, once a week, or once a day, depending on what you are going through. If you need some extra emotional support, you might also want to carry these stones with you in their satin pouch. That way, you can benefit from their energies throughout the day.

If you are interested in purchasing the Open Heart Set from Crystals by Nature, here is the link:

Adrienne Goff Collection — Open Heart Set

Oct 10

How to Open, Clear, and Balance the Chakras with Crystals

If you want to be healthy, happy, and spiritually connected, it all starts with your chakras and bio-energetic system. Your chakras are power points or gateways into the human energy system. They receive energy from the environment, which is circulated through the entire energy system via the meridians. The seven major chakras are located in a centerline at the core of your body. Each one has physical, emotional, and mental correspondences, and they each resonate with a specific color frequency.

If you are experiencing an imbalance or challenge in some area of your life, it might indicate that one or more of your chakras could use a tune up. Chakras can become blocked due to unprocessed emotional energy, unhealthy mental patterns, toxins, negative energy, stress, past life and genetic line patterns, and other causes. An energy blockage in a chakra creates a deficiency in energy, which can eventually lead to dis-ease on a physical, emotional, or mental level. When certain chakras are blocked, it can cause the other chakras to become overactive to compensate. An overactive chakra can also create imbalances in your behavior and body.

Luckily, it is easy to open, clear, and balance all seven major chakras simultaneously with the right crystals. Each crystal holds and radiates specific frequencies of light and color. When applied to the right chakra, a crystal can open the chakra, regulate the vibrational rate, and bring its functioning into balance. Crystals can also help to clear and transmute blockages, promoting energy flow through the bio-system. I am pleased to have partnered with Crystals by Nature to offer two beautiful chakra sets, one with rough stones and one with polished stones. Both of them are powerful and effective, so I suggest choosing the set that resonates most with you. Here is a description of the stones in each set:

The Rough Chakra Set:

Smoky Quartz (Root): Smoky Quartz balances and clears the root chakra, helping you to function optimally on the physical plane. It is a top level clearing stone that can transmute negative energy into positive and pure light. Smoky Quartz is perfect for people who feel spaced out or ungrounded, as it anchors you into your body and into the present moment. It is also offers energetic protection–providing energetic shielding and a greater sense of safety. Smoky Quartz relieves depression and is calming to the emotional body. It also relieves pain, stress, and tension. If you want to feel more at home in your body and in this world, Smoky Quartz is for you.

Carnelian (Sacral): Carnelian is the perfect stone for activating the sacral chakra and its domains of creativity, vitality, and sexuality. Its energy is like fire–it can clear away the old and energize areas of depletion. Carnelian is a happy stone of optimism and inspiration that can get all of your juices flowing. A stone of action, it helps you to overcome resistance and to make positive changes. It has a relaxing effect on your mental body and on all of your cells, while boosting the reproductive, immune, endocrine, and lymphatic systems.

Citrine (Solar Plexus): Citrine is the quintessential solar plexus stone, which is your center of manifestation and personal power. Citrine enhances your ability to manifest anything you truly want—love, health, prosperity, a new car, etc. Citrine clears lower emotions, patterns, and thoughts that would block your connection to abundance and to your personal power. It also cleanses your subtle bodies and aligns them with your physical body. Its radiant energy is like the sun: life-giving, warm, happy, powerful, and positive. Citrine gives you a confident, can-do attitude that helps you shine in all endeavors.

Rose Quartz (Heart): Rose Quartz is the premier heart chakra stone, perfect for treating all issues of the emotional body. First and foremost, it helps you to develop greater levels of self-love. If you are still carrying wounds in the heart from past experiences, Rose Quartz can help to clear and heal them. It fills your heart with its loving presence, comforting you and reminding you that you are precious and worthy. If your heart is closed as a protective mechanism, Rose Quartz can encourage a gentle opening and greater receptivity to love. It enhances your sensitivity and empathy, and it is also known to help attract loving relationships.

Aquamarine (Throat): Aquamarine is the best gemstone I have found for clearing, balancing, and activating the throat chakra. It helps your communication to flow and encourages you to speak your truth in the highest, most loving way. Aquamarine has a strong connection with water and is a top level clearing stone. Known as “the stone of release,” it helps you to let go of old attachments, patterns, relationships, grief, and other emotional states. It stimulates the endocrine system and glands, which can awaken your psychic senses, balance your body, and promote rejuvenation.

Amethyst (Third Eye): Amethyst is a must-have crystal for raising your vibration and activating your third eye, intuition, and psychic senses. In meditation, it can expand your consciousness so that you can receive clear guidance from your soul and spirit team. Amethyst serves the mental body by calming the mind and elevating your thoughts. It can also assist with memory, synthesizing intuitive information with logical reasoning, and decision-making. Amethyst has a balancing effect on the emotions, and it is a top-level clearing and protection crystal. It can help you release addictions, negative thoughts and energy, and unhealthy behaviors.

Clear Quartz (Crown): Clear Quartz radiates pure white light and contains the entire color spectrum—making it the most versatile crystal for healing, clearing, activation, and higher attunement. It can absorb, hold, clear, radiate, and regulate energy. It connects you to higher dimensions and raises your consciousness and energy. Clear Quartz adjusts to your immediate needs and brings in whatever frequencies are most aligned with your highest good. It restores your blueprint of perfection, while clearing and healing your physical, spiritual, and subtle bodies. Clarity is what Clear Quartz brings to you, so it can help you to discover and align with your highest spiritual path.

The Polished Chakra Set:

Black Tourmaline (Root): Black Tourmaline is a powerful root chakra stone that anchors you to the Earth. Known as the etheric vacuum cleaner, it can transmute many forms of unhealthy energy: lower thought-forms, negative emotions, psychic attack, entities, and EMF’s from your technology. It is also known to help release toxins, heavy metals, and pollution from the body. Black Tourmaline is also a perfect stone for grounding and protection. It helps you to remain present and focused, and it can increase your vitality and energy levels. Black Tourmaline can also assist you in releasing stress, tension, anxiety, and other uncomfortable emotional states resulting from challenging life situations.

Carnelian (Sacral): Carnelian is the perfect stone for activating the sacral chakra and its domains of creativity, vitality, and sexuality. Its energy is like fire–it can clear away the old and energize areas of depletion. Carnelian is a happy stone of optimism and inspiration that can get all of your juices flowing. A stone of action, it helps you to overcome resistance and to make positive changes. It has a relaxing effect on your mental body and on all of your cells, while boosting the reproductive, immune, endocrine, and lymphatic systems.

Yellow Fluorite (Solar Plexus): Yellow Fluorite is a highly structured and geometric stone that clears, stabilizes, and balances the solar plexus—as well as multiple levels of the being. It activates the solar plexus and connects it with your mental body and Divine will. This helps you to more quickly bring your divinely inspired ideas into physical manifestation. Fluorite benefits all of your subtle bodies. On the mental level, it clears old thoughts patterns and brings order, focus, and clarity to your thought processes. On a spiritual level, it awakens psychic ability and expands your consciousness. On a physical level, it is supportive in healing multiple diseases and physical issues; and on an emotional level, it has a clearing and stabilizing effect.

Danburite (Heart): Known as one of the 12 synergy stones for ascension, Danburite activates the etheric chakras and connects them to the heart. A stone of angelic attunement, it helps you to express higher levels of love in your daily life. It opens you to receive the highest possible frequencies of love from the Divine realms, and it removes blockages and fears around intimacy and love. It brings a sense of peace and well-being to your subconscious and is calming and soothing to the emotional body. It clears anxiety, anger, grief, fear, and other lower emotional states.

Aquamarine (Throat): Aquamarine is the best gemstone I have found for clearing, balancing, and activating the throat chakra. It helps your communication to flow and encourages you to speak your truth in the highest, most loving way. Aquamarine has a strong connection with water and is a top level clearing stone. Known as “the stone of release,” it helps you to let go of old attachments, patterns, relationships, grief, and other emotional states. It stimulates the endocrine system and glands, which can awaken your psychic senses, balance your body, and promote rejuvenation.

Super 7 (Third Eye): Super 7 is supercharged third eye crystal that is a combination of seven powerful minerals: Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Goethite, Lepidocrocite, Clear Quartz, Rutile, and Smoky Quartz. It can awaken and enhance multiple psychic gifts, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, telekinesis, channeling, healing abilities, and more. Super 7 can facilitate deep past-life and karmic healing, and it has a purifying effect on all chakras and subtle bodies. It is a stone of connection and transformation that can increase awareness and alignment with your highest spiritual mission. If you are ready to take it to the next level, Super 7 is for you.

Apophyllite (Crown): Apophyllite is a sparking, high vibration crown chakra stone that commonly forms in cubes or pyramids. It has a high water content, making it an ideal conductor and transmitter of energies. It can channel and infuse higher energies and light codes into the crown chakra, while producing a clearing and stabilizing effect. Apophyllite can activate the pineal gland and psychic senses, and it helps to form a connection between the spiritual and physical realms. It assists you to clearly communicate with your higher self and guides, and to access and bring back useful insights during meditative journeying and dream work. It is a stone of clarity, purity, and peace.

Here are the step-by-step instructions for performing a chakra clearing and balancing treatment. You can easily do this chakra treatment on yourself, and you can also perform this as a basic crystal healing session for friends, family, and clients.


  1. Gather and cleanse the seven stones you will use. You could use running water, sage, salt, sound, violet flame, or any crystal cleansing method you like.
  2. Create a comfortable and clear space for the treatment. Crystal healing works best if you or your client can feel safe and relaxed. This treatment is done lying down, so it will work great on a bed, a massage table, a couch, or even on a blanket placed on the floor. You might want to diffuse some relaxing essential oils, dim the lights, and play soft, meditative music. I also like to smudge the room with sage to clear the energy.
  3. Call in help from your soul and spirit team, and set positive healing intentions. I always get better healing results when I remember to formally invite in my own soul and healing guides to assist. I ask them to help me in creating the highest healing outcome.
  4. Place each stone on its corresponding chakra. I like to start at the crown and work my way down. Place the Clear Quartz or Apophyllite at the crown chakra (right behind the head and touching the crown chakra). Place the Amethyst or Super 7 at the third eye chakra (in the center of the forehead). Place the Aquamarine at the throat chakra (at the base of the neck). Place the Rose Quartz or Danburite at the heart chakra (at the center of the chest). Place the Citrine or Yellow Fluorite at the solar plexus chakra (a few inches above the belly button). Place the Carnelian at the sacral chakra (a few inches below the belly button). Finally, place the Smoky Quartz or Black Tourmaline at the root chakra (on the public bone area if you are working on yourself, or between the inner thighs or on the hip if working on somebody else—to be respectful of his or her personal space). Don’t worry too much about getting each crystal in the exact perfect location. As long as it is close, it will work beautifully.
  5. Relax, breathe, and meditate. Optional: you can do Reiki, energy work, and visualization while the crystals are working. You could start at the root chakra and place your hands on or above the stone. Imagine pure white light flowing into the stone and chakra, and hold the intention that the perfect healing, clearing, and balancing energies are being infused into the area. Stick with this for a few minutes, or for as long as you feel guided to stay there. Then move to the sacral, followed by the solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown. Doing this is optional and might enhance the healing, but know that the treatment will still work wonderfully even if you skip this part.
  6. Leave the stones in place for a minimum of fifteen minutes. It normally takes about eleven minutes for crystal energy to fully integrate into the chakras and bio-system, so fifteen minutes will ensure that they have had plenty of time to work. You are welcome to leave them in place for a longer amount of time, if that feels right.
  7. Seal the aura, and then remove and cleanse the stones. When you feel complete, imagine a bubble of pure white light that surrounds and seals the entire auric field. Take the stones off of the chakras, and be sure to cleanse them when you are done.

I hope you enjoy this chakra treatment, and that it benefits you in beautiful ways! It is a wonderful way to give yourself and your loved ones some energy, balance, healing, and a good dose of TLC.

If you are interested in purchasing these sets from Crystals by Nature, here are the links:

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Apr 18

3 Crystals to Help You Through Mercury Retrograde


I was on a long distance road trip over the Easter holiday. I exited the highway about a mile from my destination, when my car decided to just completely stop functioning. We got the car towed to an auto shop, and I was not surprised to see that the lot was overflowing with broken-down vehicles–other victims of Mercury retrograde! Mercury retrograde officially began on April 9th and ends on May 3rd. But it is possible for you to have felt the effects as early as March 23rd, which marked the beginning of the pre-shadow period. We won’t be completely free of Mercury retrograde’s influence until the post-shadow period ends on May 21st. Mercury is a planet that governs communication, clear thought, travel, and truth. When this planet appears to go backwards in the sky during a retrograde, you can potentially experience hiccups in these key areas. Your thinking and communication can feel scattered, and you might experience glitches in your technology and transportation. It is also a time that supports revisiting and reviewing your past, so that you can tie up loose ends and move forward in a clear way after the retrograde. The good news is that it can all be managed by staying aware, going slowly and deliberately, and maintaining a good attitude. Luckily, there are three crystals that can beautifully support you through Mercury retrograde.

1. Sodalite

Sodalite is a beautiful stone that has deep to light blue color rays and areas of white Calcite. Some specimens can contain grey, yellow, green, or pink. Sodalite stimulates the mental body and brings order and organization to energy, thoughts, and words; and this makes it well suited to help counteract the effects of Mercury retrograde. Specifically, it enhances your faculties of rational thought, analysis, objectivity, and observation. It can help to clear mental confusion and old, rigid thought patterns that would block your ability to comprehend things in a newer and truer way. Sodalite also sharpens your psychic vision and intuition, helping you to see situations from multiple levels of reality and to draw accurate conclusions.  It awakens the third eye chakra and expands your spiritual awareness.


Sodalite also has a peaceful and relaxing quality to it. Placed in your home or work place, it can assist in creating a more tranquil and serene environment. It can calm and unwind uncomfortable emotional states, such as fear, stress, anxiety, guilt, and anger. Sodalite can also help to relax a revved up mind so that you can more easily move into an altered, meditative state. According to crystal experts, Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian, meditating with Sodalite opens the subconscious to help heal wounds from the past. Mercury retrograde provides the perfect energetic opportunity to go deep with this kind of inner healing work.


Sodalite is also a great stone for the throat chakra and communication. It is recommended for writers, teachers, public speakers, and channelers who bring through higher messages during healing and psychic work. The thyroid is the gland that is associated with the throat chakra, and many people have reported that working with Sodalite consistently can boost its functioning. According to Melody, author of Love is in the Earth, Sodalite can help you to verbalize your emotions and to speak your truth in a clear and loving way. This becomes extra important during Mercury retrograde, when communication can become challenged.

2. Howlite


With all of the potential glitches that Mercury retrograde can cause, it is always useful to have a stone like Howlite on hand to ease the frustration. Howlite is a soothing white or cream-colored stone with grey veins running through it. You might have noticed that you (and everyone around you) can become more agitated during the Mercury retrograde period, especially when faced with technical problems and communication mishaps. You have to really slow down and dig deeply for patience, and Howlite can assist you on both fronts. I would recommend keeping some Howlite with you during the retrograde, because it can absorb and eliminate stress, anger, irritation, anxiety, and negative energy that you are experiencing internally or receiving from others. Howlite can calm down your thoughts and feelings, helping you to take a deep breath before acting (or overreacting). It can help you to remain objective and clear-headed, so that you can prevent an issue from escalating while accessing potential solutions.


Howlite is a stone that expands awareness and refines communication, both of which are very helpful things during Mercury retrograde. It fosters a connection with the higher realms and taps you into spiritual wisdom and realizations. If ghosts from your past are resurfacing during Mercury retrograde, Howlite can bring in more spiritual awareness about any unhealed issues that need to be resolved. It can help you tune into other lifetimes, where a pattern may have originated that is affecting you now, so that you can understand and clear it. Sometimes it is necessary to compassionately communicate your truth in order to heal and clear old issues. Howlite helps you to calmly and clearly express yourself in a productive way that honors all parties. During Mercury retrograde, when wires are easily crossed, hang onto your Howlite to help with all of your important communications.

3. Pyrite

When Mercury is causing things to go haywire in your reality, grounding, protection, and focus all become especially important. Pyrite, also known as Fool’s Gold, is a powerful, iron-bearing mineral that naturally forms in the sacred geometry shapes of the cube and the dodecahedron. When my car died in the middle of the street, I was wishing that I had a Pyrite with me. (And as soon as I get my car back, I plan on affixing a Pyrite cube to my dashboard.) The iron content in Pyrite keeps you very grounded, connected, and present in the moment, so that you can effectively deal with the situation at hand. It also keeps the auric field anchored and in tact during any kind of shock to your system, as it seals and repairs any resulting damage. Iron-bearing stones are also some of the best stones for energetic protection–especially when they are in the shape of a cube. Pyrite is known as a top protection stone that can shield you from all forms of danger, negativity, and harmful energy.


The sacred geometry that Pyrite forms in gives it some very useful qualities for Mercury retrograde. The cube and the dodecahedron have a stabilizing effect on your consciousness and energy, ordering and focusing your thoughts. This can beautifully counteract the scattering effect of Mercury retrograde on your mental body and communication. Pyrite will keep you sharp, so that you don’t miss any important details in contracts, business, or other areas where you need to comprehend the fine print. It also vitalizes your physical and mental energies, while boosting your attitude, confidence, and manifestation power. Having a positive, empowered attitude will serve you in shining through any challenge that might be thrown your way.


In conclusion, here are my other tips for surviving Mercury retrograde:

  1. Realize that it is temporary. Mercury is the planet closest to the sun, making its retrograde period the shortest of all of the planets. It will be over before you know it. Focus on the light at the end of the tunnel!
  2. See Mercury retrograde as a gift or an opportunity. Whatever comes up for you during this time is part of your soul’s plan for healing and forward movement. If your computer breaks, maybe it is time to get a new and better one. If an old lover contacts you again out of the blue, it might be a chance to clear and heal the past. Be open to a positive interpretation of events.
  3. When things go wrong, you can just blame Mercury retrograde! Ok, I am mainly kidding, because I do believe in taking personal responsibility for what happens in your life. However, sometimes it helps to lighten the energy when you can laugh about things and chalk it up to outside forces. Let yourself off the hook and blame the cosmos. If it makes you feel better, why not?

I hope you ease through the rest of Mercury retrograde, and I know that Sodalite, Howlite, and Pyrite will be a big help. If you need a good online source for purchasing these crystals, visit crystalsbynature.com.



Apr 06

7 Brilliant Ways to Work with Citrine













I have a confession to make. I have been having a love affair with Citrine for almost two decades now, and we are very happy together. Holding one is like touching the sun itself. Its energy is like crystallized sunbeams that vitalize your cells, outlook, energy, and entire being. Citrine can burn through clouds of negative energy, thoughts, and emotions like a laser, clearing the way for your soul to shine through.

It is also a genie in a bottle crystal, a wish granter. If it wasn’t for Citrine, I don’t think I would be a professional crystal healer today. I needed to manifest enough money to be able to quit my job and get my crystal healing certification. I sat and meditated with a large, radiant Citrine crystal one day, and I asked for a money miracle. A month later, I got one—an unexpected infusion of cash, big enough to allow me to pursue my dreams! Many people have similar stories. As long as your wish is aligned with your highest good and path, Citrine can help speed up its manifestation.

You can never have too many Citrine crystals, and luckily Citrine is affordable and readily available. Once you have a stockpile of Citrine crystals, the question is this: How do you work with them to get results? Here are my top suggestions.


  1. Program Citrine to manifest abundance or whatever your heart desires. Citrine has been historically recognized a powerful magnet for money and prosperity. Because it is one of the best crystals for activating the solar plexus chakra, Citrine enhances your ability to manifest anything you truly want—love, health, a new home, etc. The best way I have found to manifest something fast is to program a Citrine crystal with my desired outcome. Because Citrine belongs to the quartz family, it can hold thought-forms or intentions that you place in them, amplify them, and constantly transmit a magnetic energy to bring them into your life. This is due to the missing lattice theory, which states that the structure of quartz occasionally has a missing silicate atom. This space acts as a black hole, which can hold and store the energy of your intent.

Here’s a simple method for programming a Citrine crystal that works like a charm. Think about what it is that you would like to manifest, and write it down in the form of a present tense affirmation—as if you already have it. (An example, “I now make a fortune doing what I love.”) It is also a good idea to add this phrase to the end of your affirmation: “This, or something better, manifests easily if it is for my highest good.”

Cleanse the Citrine using sage, running water, sound, sunlight, or whatever method you prefer. Hold the Citrine crystal in your dominant hand, and speak or mentally project your affirmation into the crystal. Repeat the affirmation several times until you feel a click or shift, or you get the message that the crystal has taken the program. Normally, a crystal will be successfully programmed after you repeat the affirmation between eight and twelve times.

Once programmed, you can keep the Citrine in your energy field (in your pockets or within two feet of your body), allowing it to continuously affect your energy and consciousness. Perhaps the most powerful way to benefit is to spend some regular time meditating with it. You can place the Citrine on your solar plexus chakra, located a couple of inches above the navel, and visualize your affirmation coming true. Picture it in vivid detail and feel all of the positive emotions associated with manifesting exactly what you want. The next thing you know, it will be so!


  1. Take a Cleansing Citrine Bath. Citrine is a secret weapon for clearing all forms of negative energy that might be affecting you: lower thoughts and emotions, EMF’s from technology, attachments, entities, and psychic debris in your aura and energy system. Citrine can absorb and then transmute this negative energy into positive energy. Wearing Citrine jewelry or placing Citrine over the chakras will help to clear your bio-system. But perhaps my favorite method is to take a cleansing Citrine bath. It is a pleasant and effective way to treat all of your chakras and your entire aura simultaneously. All you really need is one Citrine crystal and access to a bathtub, but a few cups of salt and a few drops of purifying essential oil is also a nice touch.

Program a Citrine crystal with the following intention, “All of my chakras, meridians, subtle bodies, and my aura and entire bio-energetic system is now completely cleansed of all negative energy.” Once you have programmed your Citrine with this intention, you can reuse it for future baths with no need to reprogram it.

Fill the bathtub with warm water. Place the Citrine in the tub, and allow it to charge the water with your cleansing intention. (Make sure that it is not scalding hot to avoid damaging the Citrine.) You can add epsom or sea salt, which also helps to absorb negative energy. There are many essential oils that also have a purifying effect, such as Frankincense, Juniper, Lavender, Rosemary, and Sage. Adding a few drops can enhance the experience. Soak and relax in the tub for about 20 minutes, and when you emerge you will be crystal clear and sparkly.


  1. Create a Citrine grid for positive energy and protection in your home or office. Citrine will radiate positive, elevating energy wherever you place it, while clearing and protecting your space. A beautiful idea is to create a simple grid with Citrine crystals. A crystal grid is a network of stones placed into a pattern and activated with your intention. Building one creates a powerful force field that structures and patterns the energy of your environment, positively affecting all who are exposed to it. You could create a crystal grid around your house, in your yard. You might feel like you just need to grid one specific room of your home or office, or perhaps you want to grid all of the rooms individually. You will need a Citrine crystal for each corner and a Selenite wand or a terminated (pointed) Clear Quartz crystal to activate the grid.

Here’s how to grid a room in your home or office. Cleanse all of the crystals before you begin, and then place one Citrine crystal in each corner of the room. Hold the Selenite or Quartz in your dominant hand, and state your intention for the grid: “I activate this grid to keep the energy of this room clear, high, positive, and protected at all times.” Use the Selenite or Quartz crystal as a wand to connect all of the crystals in your grid. Start at one corner, and point it at the Citrine crystal. Then walk around the perimeter of the room while pointing the wand at the floor, and pause for a second at each Citrine in the network. Do this three times. Your grid will stay activated as long as the crystals remain in place. Enjoy the good vibes!


  1. Give your body and energy a boost. Have you been burning the candle at both ends? If you are feeling drained and fatigued, Citrine can revitalize you. It is a vibrant energy source that can recharge your batteries, since it boosts your metabolism, endocrine system, and all physical body systems. Put down the Starbucks, and try this simple Citrine technique to rev you up:

Place a Citrine crystal directly over your root chakra, located at the base of your spine or pubic bone area. Your root chakra regulates your physical body, stamina, vitality, and general energy levels. Placing Citrine there for at least fifteen minutes will give this chakra and your body a boost. If your adrenals are fatigued, or if your thyroid function is low, you could also place a Citrine directly over these glands for fifteen minutes. After you do this exercise, I suggest wearing Citrine jewelry or keeping it in your pockets to sustain your energy levels throughout the day.


  1. Awaken your crown chakra and intuitive abilities. Citrine manifests in the golden ray, which is a crown chakra color. Located at the top of your head, the crown chakra is the gateway to your higher self, higher dimensions, and source energy. Citrine has a natural activating effect on the crown chakra, and when placed there it will strengthen your spiritual connection and higher dimensional access. Citrine also boosts the endocrine system, so it can be used to activate the pineal and pituitary glands. When these glands are activated to a higher level, your psychic and intuitive abilities are enhanced.

There’s a simple Citrine meditation you can do to awaken your spiritual connection and abilities. Lie down, and place a Citrine crystal at the crown chakra. Relax and come into a meditative space, then visualize golden light from the higher dimensions pouring into the top of your head. Intend that it is flowing into the pituitary gland, located in the center of your head, and also into the pineal gland, located above and behind the pituitary gland. Call in your higher self, and ask to receive a spiritual activation that is perfect for you. Meditate for about fifteen minutes, and be open to receiving any messages, visions, and impressions.


  1. Use Citrine as a natural anti-depressant. Are you experiencing grief, emotional pain, and sadness from a recent loss? Maybe disappointing life situations have left you feeling emotionally heavy, suck, numb, or hopeless. Do not despair, because Citrine can help if you feel like you are shrouded in a grey cloud. Citrine can shine its bright light into the darkest corners of your emotional body, transmuting lower emotional states and restoring your hope and optimism.

If you are feeling blue, place a Citrine crystal over the heart chakra, located at the center of your chest. Hold your hands over the Citrine, breathe, and hold the intention that any negative energy and emotions are being completely absorbed and transformed by the Citrine. If you are sensitive to energy, you will probably feel this happening. Leave the Citrine in place for about fifteen minutes, and feel yourself becoming lighter with each passing minute. I also suggest wearing a Citrine pendant over the heart chakra to continuously beam energetic support and healing into the emotional body.


  1. Wear Citrine jewelry when you need to shine. We all have those moments in life when we need to dazzle others with our brilliance and light. Perhaps you have a big presentation to give at work, a job interview, an important social event, or a first date. If you have a golden opportunity knocking on your door, and you need to project your best, most confident self, adorn yourself with Citrine jewelry. Citrine has a way of banishing anxiety and self-doubt. It helps you tap into your personal power and makes you to feel confident, capable, and enthusiastic. It can electrify your personality, enlivening your words and energy so that others are completely charmed. I used to get very anxious when doing public speaking in front of hundreds of people, until I started wearing a Citrine ring. Thanks to Citrine, I have learned to feel at home and shine on stage, and it can do the same for you.

As you can see, Citrine is one of the brightest stars in the mineral kingdom. Perhaps that is why I have an overabundance of Citrine crystals in my collection—more than any other crystal I own. With so many reasons and ways to work with it, I can absolutely justify my Citrine obsession. It is one addiction that I wholeheartedly recommend to you, and I know you’ll thank me for it.

To purchase Citrine from Crystals by Nature, Nature’s Treasure’s online store, CLICK HERE!

Mar 06

Keep Calm, and Carry These Four Crystals During the Eclipse/Equinox Window

(Adrienne’s note: I wrote this article for crystalsbynature.com, a great online source for purchasing crystals!)

Energy experts are calling 2017 the year of the big reset. And right now we are in the middle of a cosmic window, punctuated by two eclipses and an equinox, which is bringing in especially intense, transformative energies. We had a set of eclipses in February, a lunar eclipse on the 11th and a solar eclipse on the 26th. Eclipses are always times of sudden, unexpected change that can shake up your life, especially if you have been sweeping problems under the rug. The veils are thinner during eclipse times, allowing you to tune into the unseen realms and to access your subconscious mind. The shockwaves of eclipses can be felt and experienced for up to six months after they occur, and they are ultimately a gift to help you hit the reset button in your life.

Many have reported that these recent eclipses felt more intense than past ones, and they are still experiencing uncomfortable symptoms. If you have been feeling drained, exhausted, emotional, anxious, and scattered, you are in good company. A lot of people have also been experiencing piercing headaches, as well as cold and flu symptoms. Our physical, emotional, and mental bodies are clearing and processing a lot, preparing us for the next big cosmic event—the equinox.

The equinox will arrive before we know it, on March 20th. In the northern hemisphere, it marks the first day of spring. It is a time when the day and night are equal in length, which imprints the energy of balance upon us. The spring equinox also signals a time of release, rejuvenation, rebirth, growth, creation, fertility, abundance, and new beginnings. And March 20th will be no ordinary equinox. Due to a convergence of other cosmic and astrological factors, I have heard it described as the most important and powerful equinox since the beginning of human existence!

Keep calm, and trust that the Universe is creating a benevolent energy template with the motion of planets and stars–divinely designed and orchestrated to move you forward and into alignment with your highest path. The eclipse energies are still at work to clear anything that is blocking you, so that you can step into a new era of spiritual growth, expansion, and blessings triggered by the upcoming equinox. Now is the perfect time to work in tandem with the cosmic energies to consciously release the old and focus on manifesting new, wonderful things. Luckily, there are four perfect crystals to help you gain the most traction and make quantum leaps during these shifting times.

Find out which four crystals you need during the eclipse/equinox window! To continue reading this article, CLICK HERE!!



Mar 05

10 Reasons Why Kyanite is an Essential Stone for Healing and Spiritual Growth













Do you ever wish you had a magic wand? Personally, I’d like one that can poof away unpleasant things, such as bills, anxiety, and cellulite. My ideal magic wand would also bestow metaphysical superpowers and beam me onto friendly starships. Though I have yet to find a magic wand like in the storybooks, the crystal kingdom has a version that comes close–the Kyanite wand.

Kyanite is a high vibration stone that has a striated structure, which means that it has parallel grooves or recesses down the length of the stone. These striations act as amplifying channels that transmit higher frequencies of light into the human auric field. Kyanite literally acts like a wand that can deliver refined, spiritual energy for clearing, healing, balance, activation, and upgrade. If you could only have one healing crystal in your collection, Kyanite would be an excellent, versatile choice. Here are ten reasons why:


  1. Kyanite clears blockages and corrects misalignments in all chakras, meridians, and subtle bodies. If you want to be healthy, vital, and spiritually connected, it all starts with your bio-energetic system. Blockages in the chakras and meridians can lead to health issues and stagnation on all levels. Luckily, Kyanite is versatile and can be used over any chakra or meridian point to clear it. Kyanite also moves the energy centers into proper alignment, as well as the different layers of the auric field. Working with it can ensure that your entire energy system is flowing and functioning properly.
  2. Kyanite seals and protects your auric field. Energetic protection is especially important right now, because a lot of negativity is coming up for humanity to face and heal. Kyanite seals your aura, mending any cracks and fissures. This ensures that you are not leaking energy or allowing in unwanted influences. Wearing Kyanite jewelry or keeping it nearby will establish a strong protective field around you.
  3. Kyanite can replenish your life-force energy or qi. A lot of people are feeling exhausted and drained lately, due to the powerful ascension energies that keep increasing. You can work with Kyanite over specific chakras that are depleted to quickly replenish the energy. You could also experiment with placing Kyanite blades at the thyroid and adrenal glands to give them a boost. Just keeping Kyanite in your energy field will help to restore your general energy levels and stamina.
  4. Kyanite helps you to release and heal deeply engrained emotional and mental patterns that keep you stuck. Do you find yourself in a repeating loop of negative thoughts, emotions, or beliefs? See if you can determine where they are located in your body, and work with Kyanite there to initiate a deep energetic purification. After the clearing is accomplished, Kyanite creates an energetic pathway to higher ways of thinking and feeling, so that you create a positive, lasting shift. It helps to rewire your subtle energetic circuitry so that you can maintain the new outlook and state of being.
  5. Kyanite is a mechanism for higher dimensional connection and spiritual upgrade. Kyanite is often described as a bridge to the higher realms. When you work with it above the head, it creates a channel or pathway for higher frequencies and light codes to be delivered into your bio-system. It is even known to expand your subtle energetic circuitry and to strengthen the nervous system so that you can receive and integrate increasing levels of light. Being able hold and process this light catalyzes an upgrade process for your psychic senses and spiritual gifts.
  6. Kyanite activates the third eye and crown chakras. It is perfect for awakening the higher chakras and bringing your psychic senses to a greater level of functioning. Regular work with Kyanite will increase your clairvoyance, clairaudience, intuition, and telepathy. You will have an easier time connecting with your spirit team and soul to receive guidance.
  7. Kyanite is one of the best stones for meditation, because it activates the causal chakra. When I was studying at Katrina Raphaell’s Crystal Academy for Advanced Healing Arts, we learned that Kyanite was the best stone for activating the causal chakra. The causal chakra is located right behind the crown chakra, at the place where your hair can create a spiral and where a baby’s soft spot is located. This is the area where you receive higher mental impressions from spiritual sources. When the causal chakra is fully activated, it is easier to move into higher meditative states and to hold onto the fleeting visions and information you receive.
  8. Kyanite has a calming and soothing effect on the emotions. Anxiety and stress are on the rise lately, as the planetary energy and pace of life continues to accelerate. Kyanite emits a peaceful energy that counteracts worry, panic, fear, and turbulent emotions. Stroking Kyanite’s striations can send a calming transmission through your being, helping to bring you back into a centered space.
  9. Kyanite enhances dreamwork. It is a wonderful practice to sleep with Kyanite under your pillow or on your bedside table. Not only will Kyanite help you fall asleep faster, it can also stimulate productive dreams that bring in solutions to your problems. It also assists you with lucid dreaming and astral travel. If you have problems remembering your dreams, Kyanite will help you to hold onto them upon awakening.
  10. Kyanite helps with channeling and communication. For those who channel spiritual messages and healing energy, Kyanite can take your abilities to the next level. It can turn up the volume on your radio to spirit so that you can hear, receive, and transmit more. Kyanite powerfully activates the throat chakra, your center of communication. It promotes heart-felt communication that helps to bridge different points of view.

As you can see, Kyanite is a multitasking stone that can help you on multiple levels of the being. It’s a beautiful channel for the light, helping you to clear, heal, and evolve yourself so that you can become the same–no magic wand required!

(Adrienne’s note: I wrote this article for crystalsbynature.com, a great online source for purchasing crystals! If you are interested in buying Kyanite, CLICK HERE!!)



Feb 05

Crystals for Valentine’s Day: From “In Love” to “All Alone” and Everything in Between

(Adrienne’s note: I wrote this article for crystalsbynature.com, a great online source for purchasing crystals!)

The grocery store aisles are now a sea of red and pink; cascading with heart-shaped chocolate boxes, gushy teddy bears, rosy sentiments, and other plastic tokens of this grand concept called love. Depending on your personal circumstances, Valentine’s Day can bring about feelings of blissful elation or abysmal dread. The crystal kingdom has got your back, no matter where you are in the relationship cycle—and especially if you are off the wheel for now. Remember, this day is all about love, and there is a perfect crystal to support your unique situation and needs on Valentine’s Day and beyond. So skip the red wine and cheap drug store chocolate. Give yourself the gift of beautiful crystals instead–zero calories, a natural buzz, satisfaction guaranteed! Need some shopping guidance? We’ve got you covered:

Find out which crystals are best for you on Valentine’s Day! To continue reading this article, CLICK HERE!

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