adrienne-goffAdrienne Goff is an author, healer and teacher who enthusiastically embraces the role of cheerleader and spokeswoman for the healing crystalline kingdom. Her resume is a colorful palette of internationally- known instructors and eclectic studies. She earned her Advanced Crystal Healing Certification from Katrina Raphaell, founder of the Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts on Kauai, and author of The Crystal Trilogy. Adrienne studied about new high-vibration crystals and stones with Robert Simmons, author of Stones of the New Consciousness, who is credited with popularizing Moldavite. She also completed crystal healing coursework through Gemisphere, founded by the author of Gemstone Energy Medicine, Michael Katz. Adrienne was attuned to the Master level of ARCH (Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing) directly from the founder, Laurie Grant. She is also a Reiki Master and teacher, and has completed coursework in sound healing, essential oils, auric body coning, and other vibrational modalities. She is a registered massage therapist, and she received her Bachelor degree in Advertising from the University of Texas.

“I love listening to Adrienne talk about crystals, her knowledge is amazing, her enthusiasm is unbounded. She is so inspirational and practical in her advice and she is always motivated to find new and exciting ways to work with crystals. A very tuned in lady.”
Eleanor Hughes
England U.K.

Adrienne’s book, Crystal Healing for the Whole Being, 10 Practical Techniques for Personal Transformation, is a must-read for anyone who is an aspiring crystal healer. Full of beautiful photos, diagrams, techniques, crystal layouts, and crystal grids; it gives you all of the essential information to work with crystals to change your life. She has been a featured speaker and healer at the Earth- Keeper gatherings hosted by James Tyberonn, the prolific author, geologist, and Metatron channel (www.earth-keeper.com). These transformative events gather together light-workers from all stretches of the globe to align with personal and planetary ascension. Her articles on crystal healing have been featured in Natural Awakenings magazine and her workshops have taught hundreds of people how to connect with crystals and gems to affect healing, self-discovery, and spiritual advancement. Adrienne makes a conscious effort to channel the colorful energy and spirit of the beautiful mineral kingdom when she teaches, enriching the experience and creating a vibrant and lively experience for all.

Hi Adrienne! The first time I met you I noticed how much in tune you are with our crystal friends. You were lying on the floor in the middle of a hundred people with a quartz crystal, deep in trance communication! You are a very dynamic and knowledgeable speaker, and I enjoy your unpretentious presentations!
Bruce Durward
Ashland, Wisconsin