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Crystal Healing 101: Crystal Tips for Common Issues
Presented by Adrienne Goff

Abundance Exchange:  $20.00
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Crystals and gemstones can enhance your power to create beautiful realities for yourself.  Come meet Crystal Energy Expert, Adrienne Goff, as she shares some of her best simple tips for healing common issues with crystals.  These techniques are easy to do, fast-acting, and effective.  If you are somebody who is attracted to crystals and would like to know more about how they work and what you can do with them, then this introductory class is for you!


  • How to select healing jewelry to support your goals
  • How to clear old emotions from your heart
  • How to speed up the healing of a physical issue
  • How to awaken your psychic and intuitive abilities
  • And more!

Adrienne will tap into the group energy to build a beautiful crystal grid, designed to bring in the highest good for all.  Come soak up the good energy!


Crystal Healing for the Whole Being, Level 1,   Presented by Adrienne Goff

Abundance exchange:  $111.00

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Crystal Healing is the ancient healing treatment of placing crystals on the energy centers, chakras, or areas of the body in need of healing. Working with crystals can greatly assist in releasing past traumas and emotions, clearing away negative energy, vitalizing areas of the body, achieving higher states of consciousness and relaxation, and bringing about a greater sense of well-being and wholeness. Crystals can also be worked with to elevate the energy of your home, office, or any space through the creation of crystal grids. This class is designed to give you all of the tools you need to begin working with crystals in your healing practice or in self-healing. It is perfect for true beginners or seasoned metaphysical seekers. If you want to learn how to work with the crystalline kingdom to light up your life, give crystal healing sessions, and build crystal grids, then this class is for you!

Learn how to program Quartz crystals so that you can manifest your intentions with more accuracy and in record time.  You will be provided with a Quartz crystal and led through a programming exercise so that your Quartz will help attract to you whatever it is you desire most.

Learn how to build crystal grids to enhance the energy of any space.  You will be taught how to design and create your own crystal grids for whatever purpose you desire.  Adrienne will demonstrate building and activating a crystal grid designed to bring about the highest good of all, and she’ll lead a healing group meditation. 

Learn how to connect with crystalline consciousness. Adrienne will share with you how crystals communicate and lead you through a guided meditation, so that you can get direct messages about their special properties, uses, and energies.

Learn how to perform crystal healing sessions.  A guided tour of the chakras will be given, along with the key crystals that resonate with each.  Adrienne will demonstrate how to do a basic chakra balancing and how to remove energy blockages.

Crystal Healing for the Whole Being, Level 2, Presented by Adrienne Goff

Abundance exchange:  $111.00

DISCOUNTS APPLY if registering for more than one Chicago workshop. Discount info & registration links are below all Chicago event descriptions. Please scroll down.

In this class you will learn valuable crystal healing techniques for adjusting to and thriving in the ascension times.  We are now in a new energetic landscape full of possibilities, if we are open, aware, and willing to shift. The new energies are beckoning us to release the old ways and embrace higher dimensional living.  If we resist, we may find these times challenging, as energy blockages and unhealthy patterns manifest in our lives as loss, lack, or disease.  But if we are willing to do the inner work, we can align with our true soul plan and awaken our mastery.  In this class, we will explore techniques for working with the mineral kingdom to align with our higher flow.

Topics Covered:

Auric Maintenance 101: Auric fissuring and disturbance is prevalent in these times due to EMF’s from our technologies, solar flares, air travel, and disharmonious energies that are clearing from the collective consciousness. Adrienne will share some crystal techniques for maintaining your energy, including how to create the Magic Multidimensional Cleansing Bath. These techniques will clear and seal your energy, repair auric damage, and open the chakras.

Heart & Core Clearing Technique:  As the planetary energies accelerate, old patterns and hurts that reside in the heart and solar plexus chakras come up for release. We are being told to live more in our hearts, yet few tell us that the solar plexus is the guard. This technique allows us to release from very deep levels and to integrate and express more of our true soul essence.

Spiritual Acceleration layout: This crystal layout is designed to activate the pineal, pituitary, and thyroid glands so that we can begin a rejuvenation process in our bodies.  With these glands activated, we can allow in and integrate higher levels of light for our spiritual growth and advancement.

Advanced Crystal Grids:  Adrienne will share how to build advanced grids for raising our vibration.  She will build one in class and lead a guided group meditation for spiritual activation, growth, and highest good. 

And more!

This class is designed as a continuation of our level 1 class, but everyone is welcome who has a working knowledge of crystals and the chakra system.

DISCOUNT INFORMATION:  Sign up for both Crystal Healing classes (Level 1 & 2) for only $210.00 or for all three classes for just $220.00.  A great value!  Space is limited, so enroll here today.