Learning the Language of the Crystalline Kingdom:

How to Read the Energy of Your Crystals and Identify Master & Special Quartz Formations

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Thursday, August 4th
7-9 PM
Nature’s Treasures Studio: 4103 North Interstate 35, Austin, TX 78722
Early Bird Discount: $37 if paid by July 25th ~ After July 25th: $47

Did you know that the crystalline kingdom is alive and sentient, and that it is possible to learn the language of crystals? They can speak to us in many ways– through visions, colors, sounds, sensations, or even a direct download of information into your mind!  You can also gather a lot of information about the special properties of Quartz by simply observing their physical attributes and formations. For instance, the specific geometries and shapes that form on a Quartz crystal all mean something and tell us how to best work with that crystal.  In this eye-opening class, Adrienne Goff is going to share with you exactly how to tune into any crystal or stone in your collection and better understand its unique powers and energy transmission. Empowered with this information, you won’t need to rely on your crystal books anymore! The stones themselves will tell you everything you need to know.
Topics covered:
  • How to tune into your crystals and stones to receive messages about their special energies and properties. You will learn about the four most common ways that crystals communicate with us and how to recognize and decipher their messages. We will do a meditation to practice receiving information and energy from one of your own crystals. After this exercise, you will have a deeper connection with your crystal and a much better understanding of how to best work with it for healing results. You can apply this technique to read all of the crystals and stones in your collection!
  • How to identify and work with the top Master Quartz Crystals.  Adrienne’s teacher, Katrina Raphaell, was the first to recognize, identify, and teach about the energies of the twelve Master Quartz Crystals. Each Master Crystal is defined by specific geometry found on the faces or by their special physical formations. Adrienne will share with you how to identify and use the most important ones for spiritual growth: Channelling, Transmitter, Dow, Window, Isis, Timelink, and more!
  • How to Identify and work with other specialty Quartz formations.  In addition to the Master Crystals, there are many other powerful Quartz crystal formations that can take your energy, healing, and consciousness to a whole new level. Adrienne will cover how to identify and work with ET, Manifestation, Record-Keeper, and more!
Please bring with you at least one crystal or stone from home that you would like to connect with on a deeper level. It can be any kind–even a special stone that you find out in nature. You are welcome to bring more, if you’d like! Also, please bring a pillow and blanket for meditation.

Amethyst gem stone


Earth-Keeper Star-Gate Conference in Denver, Colorado
November 18th-20th
Speaker and Healer

The Earth-Keeper conferences gather light family from all over the world to create personal and planetary change.  This event includes an impressive lineup of speakers, such as James Tyberonn, Graham Hancock, William Henry, Giorgio Tsoukalos, Dr Robert Schoch, John Van Auken, and more! Plus, you won’t want to miss a special opportunity to sit with ancient crystal skulls, Max & Sha-Na-Ra.  I will be giving a crystal presentation and offering crystal healing sessions.

For more information and to register,  CLICK HERE!