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Partnering with Crystals to Shift Your Energy & Your Life!
An Experiential Workshop by Adrienne Goff

Saturday, October 3rd

10 AM-6 PM
Nature’s Treasures
4103 North IH-35 Austin, TX 78722

$120 if registered and paid in full before September 26th
$144 after September 26th

**If you have a crystal skull (of any size) please bring it!

We are living in a new and constantly fluctuating energetic landscape full of possibilities that we can maximize–if we are open, aware, and willing to shift!  The rules of the game of Earth are in flux, as the old and rigid patterns dissolve to make room for a new way and expanded way of being.  We are in the midst of a system upgrade, and new abilities and potentials are coming online constantly.  To navigate this, we each have to learn how to tune into the transmission of our own soul.  Your higher self knows exactly what you need in each moment to move you forward–whether it is clearing, healing, or transforming some aspect of your life.  Your job is to listen and then to direct your energy and actions in a way that is in alignment with your highest path.  This is where the crystal kingdom can help!

In this experiential crystal class, you will learn how to partner with crystals to shift your energy and your life to a higher level.   This class is a self-healing journey–an opportunity to work with crystals to clear and balance your energy, to gain more clarity about your highest path, and to experience and align with your soul.  You’ll also have an opportunity to receive downloads, codes, healing, and upgrades via the crystal skulls and your own Higher Self.

Topics Covered:

Connecting with Crystalline Consciousness:  Learn how to tune in and receive messages from individual crystals about their healing properties and special energies.  Plus, we’ll practice putting the knowledge you gain to use!  (meditation/healing exercise)

Becoming Crystal Clear:  Learn which crystals are best for clearing your chakras, and how to detect and remove energy blockages.  (self-healing exercise)

Infusing Light and Perfection into the Chakras with Quartz:  Learn a simple technique for balancing and activating all of your chakras. (self-healing exercise)

Awakening Intuition & Higher Connection:  Learn which crystals are best for activating your psychic senses and how to best work with them to connect with the higher planes.

Meditative Soul Journey:  We will do a guided group crystal meditation to connect with the soul plane.  You will have the opportunity to communicate with your soul to determine your top priorities, highest path, and next steps.  

Programming Quartz for Manifesting:  Learn how to place your intentions, thought-forms, and spiritual goals into Quartz crystals to accelerate the manifestation of your highest good. (programming exercise) 

Crystal Skull Activation Experience:  Learn about the legend and theories of the ancient crystal skulls, and how to work with modern crystal skulls for healing and spiritual activation.  Receive a healing infusion and energetic upgrade from Adrienne and her amazing crystal skulls.  Her skulls have received codes and energy from several activated and ancient skulls, as well as from multiple power spots on the planet.

Reasons to take this class:

  1. You will learn about the different ways you can receive intuitive and psychic messages and how to use your intuition to receive information about the special healing properties of individual crystals.   This technique can also be applied to tune in to people, plants, animals, spirit guides, or any sentient being.
  2. You will learn how to detect energy blockages in the chakras and how to easily remove them in just moments. This is a technique that you can do for yourself or incorporate into any healing modality that you currently offer.
  3. You will learn a simple and effective way to heal, balance, vitalize, and activate all of your chakras—only one Quartz crystal required! This is a technique that you can do for yourself or incorporate into any healing modality that you currently offer.
  4. You will learn which crystals can best sharpen your psychic senses and tune you into the higher realms.  You will get to experience the expanded states that these crystals offer.
  5. You will have the opportunity to communicate with your soul during a meditation process to learn more about your top priorities and the next steps to take.
  6. You will learn how to program Quartz crystals to speed up the manifestation process.  You will leave with a crystal you have programmed to bring a new and specific blessing into your life.
  7. You will learn more about the crystal skulls and how to connect with their energies, personalities, and records.  You will learn how to incorporate crystal skulls in to your healing or spiritual practice.
  8. You will get to participate in a crystal skull activation and meditation process.  Adrienne will bring all of her special crystal skulls, which carry the codes of the ancient skulls and many power spots on the planet.  You will have the opportunity to receive an infusion of light perfectly calibrated for your highest good and spiritual growth.  
  9. You will have fun and come away with tools you can put to work in your daily life.


Earth-Keeper Arkansas Crystal Vortex Event in Hot Springs
November 20th-23rd
Speaker and Healer

The Earth-Keeper conferences gather light family from all over the world to create personal and planetary change.  This event includes an impressive lineup of speakers, such as James Tyberonn, William Henry, Dr Semir Osmanagich, Dr Andrew Collins, John Van Auken , Hugh Newman, and more! Plus, you won’t want to miss a special opportunity to sit with ancient crystal skulls, Max & Sha-Na-Ra.  I will be giving a crystal presentation and offering crystal healing sessions.  

For more information and to register,  CLICK HERE!

You asked for it, and so I am finally teaching myself the art of hosting webinars!  I will offer at least one a month on a different crystal topic. I am still learning how to do this, so stay tuned!  I hope to start offering these sometime in the fall. The first webinar that I will offer will be FREE!


Crystal Healing for Anxiety ~ Connecting with Inner Peace
Date & time:  to be determined

Stress and anxiety is a pervasive issue, as the pace of life continues to speed up in our already over-scheduled realities. The planetary energy continues to accelerate, which can be a lot for our nervous systems to process.  Sometimes we just need a little help to tune into the higher realms, where all is well.  In my first webinar, I will share my top crystal recommendations for relieving anxiety and how to work with them to get results.  I will also give instructions for building a crystal grid to bring in the peace and calm of the higher planes.

Registration link coming soon!

Crystals for ET Connection
Date & time: to be determined


The star brothers and sisters are just a vibrational step away, available to help you on your spiritual journey. In this webinar, I will share the best crystals for connecting with positive ET’s, and how to build a crystal grid to bring in their healing and activating frequencies.  I will also share a meditation you can do to initiate contact.

Registration link coming soon!

Creating Abundance with Crystals
Date & time: to be determined


We are all worthy of living a lifestyle of abundance and freedom, and it is our birthright.  I will share my top crystal recommendations for attracting prosperity and how to work with them.  I will also teach you how to build a crystal grid for magnetizing abundance, blessings, and new opportunities.  

Registration link coming soon!