Expo & Conference Appearances, & More!

NLE-180x150-bannerNew Living Expo in San Mateo, CA
Speaker & Exhibitor 
Presentation:  “Crystals for Spiritual Activation”
Friday, April 24th at 9 PM in Room 4
Booth #205

This is an expo that you don’t want to miss!  Headline Speakers include Neale Donald Walsch, David Wilcock, Eric Pearl, George Noory, and more! I will be offering crystals, stones, and healing sessions at booth 205.  Stop by for a quick chakra tune-up or an advanced crystal session.

I plan to rock my lecture on Friday night! Crystals are the embodiment of light and geometric perfection, and they can help you to become the same. I will share how to upgrade your bio-energetic system with crystals, so that you can activate your spiritual gifts and psychic senses. I will pass around my favorite stones and explain how to work with them to get results. A crystal grid will be built to bring in light codes and highest good for the group.

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Earth-Keeper Colorado Star-Gate Event in Denver
May 29-30
Speaker and Healer

The Earth-Keeper conferences gather light family from all over the world to create personal and planetary change.  This event includes an impressive lineup of speakers, such as James Tyberonn, Graham Hancock, John Major Jenkins, John Van Aucken, and more! Plus, you won’t want to miss a special opportunity to sit with ancient crystal skulls, Max & Sha-Na-Ra.  I will be giving a crystal presentation and offering crystal healing sessions.  

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You asked for it, and so I am finally teaching myself the art of hosting webinars!  I will offer a new one each month on a different crystal topic, starting in May.  The webinar on May 17th is free!


Crystal Healing for Anxiety ~ Connecting with Inner Peace
Sunday, May 17th ~ 5:00-6:15 PM CT

Stress and anxiety is a pervasive issue, as the pace of life continues to speed up in our already over-scheduled realities. The planetary energy continues to accelerate, which can be a lot for our nervous systems to process.  Sometimes we just need a little help to tune into the higher realms, where all is well.  In my first webinar, I will share my top crystal recommendations for relieving anxiety and how to work with them to get results.  I will also give instructions for building a crystal grid to bring in the peace and calm of the higher planes.

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Crystals for ET Connection
Sunday, June 28th ~ 5:00-6:15 PM CT

The star brothers and sisters are just a vibrational step away, available to help you on your spiritual journey. In this webinar, I will share the best crystals for connecting with positive ET’s, and how to build a crystal grid to bring in their healing and activating frequencies.  I will also share a meditation you can do to initiate contact.

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Creating Abundance with Crystals
Sunday, July 26th ~ 5:00-6:15 PM CT

We are all worthy of living a lifestyle of abundance and freedom, and it is our birthright.  I will share my top crystal recommendations for attracting prosperity and how to work with them.  I will also teach you how to build a crystal grid for magnetizing abundance, blessings, and new opportunities.  

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