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Becoming Crystal Clear, Working with Crystals to Remove Energy Blockages in Just Minutes!

Becoming Crystal Clear, eBook coverIf you are ready to express the full radiance and sparkle of your soul, it might require some housekeeping in your chakras. When your energy centers are crystal clear, this clarity reflects into every facet of your life! Luckily, clearing out energy blockages is so much easier, faster, and more fun than doing the dishes or scrubbing the floor. All you need are the right crystal tools and a little know-how. Allow Crystal Expert, Adrienne Goff to teach you how to easily detect and remove energy blockages from your chakras in less time than it takes to fold the laundry.

This is a 51 page PDF file. You will receive download link upon purchase.

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Even if you are brand new to the world of energy healing, you will be clearing chakras like a professional after reading this eBook. To effectively remove an energy blockage, it is helpful to know a few things:

  • Where is the blockage located in the chakra system?

  • What is the nature or cause of the blockage? (Is it caused by unprocessed emotional energy, a limiting thought or belief, etc.?)

  • Which stones are best suited to clear that kind of blockage?

  • And finally, what steps do you take to actually clear it?

With the help of this eBook, you will have all of the answers! Adrienne shares detailed descriptions and beautiful photos of the top clearing stones for each kind of blockage. Clear, step-by-step instructions are given to help you pinpoint exactly which chakras have a blockage, and also what caused each blockage. Armed with this information, you can choose the best possible stone to clear it. A simple and specific process is then given to remove the blockage using that stone. You will find that it works like a charm!

What’s inside:

  • A guided tour of the human energy system: the aura, the meridians, and the chakras
  • The four most common types of energy blockages
  • Two classes of stones that rock for clearing blocks
  • The top 19 recommended clearing stones
  • How to cleanse your stones
  • How to work with a pendulum
  • How to diagnose which chakras are blocked
  • How to determine the nature and cause of an energy blockage
  • How to choose the right stone and clear the chakra in minutes


  • Stunning photos of the clearing stones to help you identify them
  • Helpful charts and guides to keep you on track