Healing Sessions

Experience the healing and transformative power of crystals and energy work directly! I have spent almost twenty years practicing and perfecting my abilities as a crystal healer, energy channel, and intuitive. I am delighted to offer in-person and remote healing sessions, as well as personalized crystal grid services.

Healing Sessions: Healing and energy work is a very personal journey, so each session is completely unique and dependent upon where you are and what your soul wants to accomplish.  We always start with a quick consultation to gain clarity about your highest personal and healing goals, and to determine if there are any specific areas you would like to address in the session. After a powerful invocation, I will tune in to see who is helping us from the realms of light. Then the magic begins! I will follow the beautiful guidance coming in and allow the energy to flow.  I help channel to you the highest energies and frequencies of light that you can easily integrate to assist you with healing, clearing, spiritual activation, and highest good. Each session will include several of the following modalities:

Crystal Layouts: Crystals are my number one love and specialty! I have a beautiful and powerful collection of healing stones, and I have the ability to tune in and to see which ones are perfect for you. I will read your energy and place the right stones at the right energy centers to help create clearing, activation, and upgrade. It is like building a beautiful crystalline mandala over your chakras to bring them into a state of energetic perfection.

Reiki, ARCH, & Universal Energies: I am a natural energy channel, and I help to bring through the best symphony of energies for your healing and highest good. I am a Reiki Master and an ARCH Master. Reiki is a pure healing energy form, which is channeled through the practitioner to speed up the natural healing process of any physical or emotional disease. ARCH stands for Ancient Rainbow Consciousness Healing and is an amazing form of vibrational medicine that has the capacity to heal instantaneously.  Its roots are in Hawaiian mysticism, and it heals on the subconscious, conscious, physical, etheric, mental, and emotional levels, thus treating disorders at their energetic roots.  When appropriate, I also bring in light codes, light language, and other healing and galactic frequencies to help upgrade your system.

Intuitive Messages: As I work, I am connecting with your higher self and spirit team. They often give me messages about your life and information about you other incarnations and soul gifts. After the session, I will share with you who came in to help and what messages they have for you.

Sound and Aromatherapy: I am certified in Holographic Sound Healing and I have taken coursework in Aromatherapy. I am sometimes guided to use crystal bowls, vocal toning, and therapeutic grade essential oils to compliment the session.

Healing Session Formats: 

In-Person: I offer in-person healing sessions in Austin, TX. The total appointment time is an hour and 15 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on how many questions you have and how much information comes through.

Remote: Crystal energy works multi-dimensionally. You don’t even have to be physically present to feel the effects and to receive the full benefits. In fact, you can be on the other side of the world. At the appointment time, you should plan on lying down and meditating for about an hour. I invite in your higher self and visualize you on my massage table. I place the right crystals and stones over the chakras and other areas in need of healing. Next, I send the crystal energies to you, along with Reiki, ARCH, and other higher dimensional frequencies. If you are sensitive, you will probably feel all of this happening! When the session is complete, I will contact you and share any messages, impression, and insights that I received during the work. The phone call take approximately 30 minutes. I will also email photos of the crystals I used in the healing work, and I will label them so that you can identify them.

Crystal Grid Services: One of my favorite things to do is to build crystal grids! A crystal grid is a network of crystals or stones placed into a beautiful pattern to help fulfill a specific purpose. They are exquisite works of art, vibrational medicine, and energetic templates that can help bring in healing, clearing, and higher energies. Let me build one just for you to help support you on your path! When I build a personalized crystal grid, I call in your higher self and spirit team to assist me. I am guided to pull certain divination cards to reveal the important energetic themes, messages, and patterns that are relevant to your soul journey. Then I use my intuition to create a gorgeous mandala of crystals. I do a special activation process to amplify the grid and to send you the energies. I will then email you a photo of your grid, along with a description of the energetic themes and crystals used. It is like receiving a mini healing and reading all in one, and you can tap into the energy of the grid via the photograph for years to come! It is especially powerful to combine a personalized crystal grid with a healing session, as it adds an extra layer of crystalline structure and support to the energy work.


Healing Session (in person or remote): $165.00

Crystal Grid: $111.00

Healing Session + crystal grid: $255.00

troyerAdrienne’s knowledge of crystals and minerals is immense and profound.But, even more impressive than her training is her innate sense of their usage and her loving and gentle way of sharing her passion with others.

She, herself, is a true gem.

Jeannine Jackson Lehman
Sarasota, Florida

“Through Adrienne Goff’s crystal healing methods, not only did she know I was pregnant before me, but the crystals said it was a girl!”
Renee Rudloff Baker
“Thank you for such an amazing and magical session! Your energy, love, and vibration are so high since you returned from Egypt! I did not tell you about my thyroid, but you picked up on it right away! I have never felt better, and the grid that you built with those amazing 1.8 BILLION year old Auralite crystals was so healing and powerful!! I can’t thank you enough, Adrienne! I am so grateful for your gift of insight and healing energy. I have felt wonderful and slept so well since the session. If there is anyone out there who needs direction and insight, blocked energy cleared, and love, they need to come see you. You are a master, and I am honored to know you and to work with you!”
–Kathleen Lake
Austin, TX

Adrienne gives from the heart 150% all the time!  During a healing session, her presentations, her dedication to Mother Earth and the Crystal Kingdom she is always upbeat, sparkly and full of love.  If you haven’t been able to spend time with Adrienne I highly recommend that you do!

–Denise Troyer
San Antonio, TX

“There are so many wonderful things to say about Adrienne, to start, Adrienne is such a kind-hearted, genuine, warm, loving and caring spirit and a healer in all senses of the word. She is so down-to-earth and incredibly knowledgeable about different healing modalities and is so open to sharing this beautiful wisdom with those around her, always answering a question or providing encouragement and a kind word. I have been fortunate to receive not only an amazing crystal healing and Reiki session, but also a new teacher full of grace, wisdom, compassion and a great sense of humor. She really takes time to learn about you and what your needs are before you begin a treatment with her and it comes across in how you feel during the treatment and after you’re done. Anyone that has an opportunity to study with or receive a healing treatment session with Adrienne is incredibly lucky and will benefit from that interaction in so many ways. I already have!”
~ S.S., Austin, TX
“I have shared the wonder of watching Adrienne Goff unfold her beautiful wings and fly beyond the boundaries of this reality. Her innate expertise of understanding the mineral world have taken her from student to teacher to master. Steeped in integrity and mysticism, Adrienne guides us on a journey deep within ourselves, with the help of crystals and geometric grids, so that healing on a quantum level may occur. I’ve had the privilege of knowing Adrienne for many years and feel blessed to have been a small part of helping her to discover her gifts.”
–Kim Brennan, Vibrational Therapist
Aztec, New Mexico