Healing Sessions

Healing and energy work is a very personal journey, so each session is completely unique and dependent upon where the client is and what the soul wants to accomplish.  A session normally includes consulting with the client to help gain clarity about what he or she would like to create or focus on; calling in Divine Source, high spiritual beings, and the highest self to guide and assist in the session; and will typically include several of the following vibrational modalities:

Crystal layouts Crystal Healing is Adrienne’s specialty and love.  The laying on of stones is the ancient healing treatment of placing crystals on the energy centers, chakras, or areas of the body in need of healing.  Working with crystals can greatly assist in releasing past traumas and emotions, clearing away negative energy, vitalizing areas of the body, achieving higher states of consciousness and relaxation, and bringing about a greater sense of well-being and wholeness.  Our human vehicles are run by an intricate energy system consisting of rivers of energy called meridians, which nourish our physicality.  Also, the chakras are major power points or gateways into the energy system, and they mark the place where many of our specific issues exist and can be treated.  When an energy blockage occurs in this system, a deficiency in energy results in that area, which can lead to physical, emotional, or mental dis-ease.  It is in this scenario where applying the right crystals can help.  Because of the perfect geometries expressed in their atomic forms, crystals contain constant, pure, and concentrated energy which makes them ideal energy supplements that we can apply for healing and uplifting the human aura, body, and psyche.  In addition to holding and radiating high energies that help us tune up our own energy systems, quartz crystal has the ability to be programmed with our intentions for healing or manifesting.  Adrienne loves helping clients get clear about what they want to create in their lives and programming crystals to bring about their desired manifestations in record time and in their highest forms.  Also, all of her energy sessions incorporate crystal grids, and she find that placing crystals in an intentional network in the healing space enhances and amplifies the healing.
troyerAdrienne’s knowledge of crystals and minerals is immense and profound.But, even more impressive than her training is her innate sense of their usage and her loving and gentle way of sharing her passion with others. She, herself, is a true gem. Jeannine Jackson Lehman Sarasota, Florida
Reiki energy Reiki translates as universal life force energy, and it has its roots in ancient Tibet.  Reiki is a pure healing energy form, which is channeled through the practitioner to speed up the natural healing process of any physical or emotional disease.  It is often tangibly felt as soothing heat or a tingling sensation emanating from the healer’s hands.  It is an intelligent, self-regulating energy that travels wherever it is most needed in the client’s body and energy system to clear out stuck energy or blockages, to nourish depleted areas, and to bring balance and harmony to the entire system.  Instantaneous and miraculous healings have occurred with Reiki.  Adrienne is a Reiki Master and teacher.
“Through Adrienne Goff’s crystal healing methods, not only did she know I was pregnant before me, but the crystals said it was a girl!” Renee Rudloff Baker
ARCH energy ARCH stands for Ancient Rainbow Consciousness Healing and is an amazing form of vibrational medicine that has the capacity to heal instantaneously.  It is so powerful that there have been a few reports of clients actually levitating and there are accounts of serious or stubborn conditions healing after just one or a handful of treatments.  Its roots are in Hawaiian mysticism, and it heals on the subconscious, conscious, physical, etheric, mental, and emotional levels, thus treating disorders at their energetic roots.  ARCH energy is channeled directly from Source to the client via the practitioner and delivers the full rainbow spectrum of color, which is what makes it such a complete modality that powerfully treats all levels of the being.  Adrienne received her Master level ARCH training directly from the founder, Laurie Grant.

Channeled Messages Adrienne makes a point to tune into any spirit helpers that come in to assist with the work, which might include angels, spirit guides, animal totems, ancestors, members of the devic kingdom, or star beings. She may receive specific guidance or messages for you, which she will share at the end of the session.
“Thank you for such an amazing and magical session! Your energy, love, and vibration are so high since you returned from Egypt! I did not tell you about my thyroid, but you picked up on it right away! I have never felt better, and the grid that you built with those amazing 1.8 BILLION year old Auralite crystals was so healing and powerful!! I can’t thank you enough, Adrienne! I am so grateful for your gift of insight and healing energy. I have felt wonderful and slept so well since the session. If there is anyone out there who needs direction and insight, blocked energy cleared, and love, they need to come see you. You are a master, and I am honored to know you and to work with you!” –Kathleen Lake Austin, TX
Tuning forks Applying the sound and vibration of tuning forks opens, aligns, and balances the chakras.  Once this initial chakra aligning and opening is accomplished, Adrienne psychically scans the body and meridians with her inner vision for any areas of imbalance and receives guidance about which additional tuning forks to use to correct and uplift these areas.
Adrienne gives from the heart 150% all the time!  During a healing session, her presentations, her dedication to Mother Earth and the Crystal Kingdom she is always upbeat, sparkly and full of love.  If you haven’t been able to spend time with Adrienne I highly recommend that you do! –Denise Troyer San Antonio, TX
Aromatherapy The bodily application and inhalation of aromatic plant essences has been used throughout the ages to relax, rejuvenate, and balance the body and emotions.  Adrienne works intuitively with high-grade essential oils from Young Living and doTERRA. She also works with Aura-Soma, which is a line of high vibrational oils that incorporate color therapy and crystal energies.
“There are so many wonderful things to say about Adrienne, to start, Adrienne is such a kind-hearted, genuine, warm, loving and caring spirit and a healer in all senses of the word. She is so down-to-earth and incredibly knowledgeable about different healing modalities and is so open to sharing this beautiful wisdom with those around her, always answering a question or providing encouragement and a kind word. I have been fortunate to receive not only an amazing crystal healing and Reiki session, but also a new teacher full of grace, wisdom, compassion and a great sense of humor. She really takes time to learn about you and what your needs are before you begin a treatment with her and it comes across in how you feel during the treatment and after you’re done. Anyone that has an opportunity to study with or receive a healing treatment session with Adrienne is incredibly lucky and will benefit from that interaction in so many ways. I already have!” ~ S.S., Austin, TX
Auric body cones Auric body cones are cone-shaped vibrational tools that are infused with Reiki energy and essential oils by their powerful creator, Kim Brennan.  They draw upon fire energy of transmutation, as they are lit on the end and then placed over chakras or other areas to remove energy blockages and then infuse that area with vibrant healing energy as needed.  They also are a form of color therapy, as the different colored cones deliver different healing energies and properties.
“I have shared the wonder of watching Adrienne Goff unfold her beautiful wings and fly beyond the boundaries of this reality. Her innate expertise of understanding the mineral world have taken her from student to teacher to master. Steeped in integrity and mysticism, Adrienne guides us on a journey deep within ourselves, with the help of crystals and geometric grids, so that healing on a quantum level may occur. I’ve had the privilege of knowing Adrienne for many years and feel blessed to have been a small part of helping her to discover her gifts.” –Kim Brennan, Vibrational Therapist Aztec, New Mexico
Session rates:  $100 per hour.