Jun 05

Are there any crystals that can help support my son with learning issues?

“Dear Adrienne,

My eleven year old has some serious issues with learning, which I believe causes him to act up in class, probably from frustration.  He is getting quite far behind in class, and we have major problems trying to get him to do school work at home.  It ends up in some pretty major tantrums.  The school feels he does not have any learning problems, even though at eleven he writes some letters and numbers back to front, and he struggles with spelling and math.  They just feel like he can’t be bothered.  Are there any crystals we could try to help him along?  Thank you for any help you might be able to offer.


I have a feeling that your son is very bright and gifted, with many beautiful abilities.  The children that have been coming in are a special breed, here on a mission to make the world a better place.  They are ahead of their time, and they may have different ways of learning, processing information, or expressing their gifts.  Sometimes it can be challenging when they are expected to fit into a box or structure that is limiting, or that calls for things to be done in a certain way and at a certain pace.  I would love to see the educational system evolve to really serve and support these advanced souls.  But in the meantime, there are some crystals and stones that will beautifully assist your son in learning and thriving in the current school system.

The first one that comes to mind to assist with focus, concentration, and absorbing information is Fluorite.  Fluorite naturally forms into the sacred geometry shapes of the octahedron and the cube, and this gives it a natural ability to lend structure and coherency to mental energy.  Fluorite has many outstanding benefits, such as activating the higher energy centers, bringing chaos into order, protection, and healing.  However, one of Fluorite’s qualities that I value the most is its brain-boosting power.  It has been known to actually raise your IQ a few points when it is in your energy field.  It makes your mind feel very sharp and clear, and it helps you to organize all of the information that floats around in your mind and to put it into accessible files.  It’s great for studying and test-taking, and it might help with dyslexic tendencies.  Fluorite will also help on the level of clearing any subconscious patterns or beliefs that might be standing in his way of achieving.  And it can also stabilize emotional energy that might be interfering.  

You might also consider adding Pyrite to the mix.  Pyrite, also known as Fool’s Gold, also expresses in sacred geometry shapes:  the cube and the dodecahedron.  This gives it a solid and structured energy that helps with mental clarity and focus.  Pyrite has an iron content, and stones with iron tend to connect one to the core of the Earth and assist with being grounded and present.  It instills a can-do, empowered attitude, bringing an increased sense of confidence.  And Pyrite is known to specifically assist in the areas of math, science, and language.  If outside influences are distracting your son, Pyrite will create a powerful protective shield to keep these away.  

Sugilite is a wonderful stone for sensitive, old souls in young bodies, who might be experiencing difficulty adjusting to the constructs of Earth institutions.  It helps anyone with learning difficulties.  It inspires you to want to learn, assists in retaining information and in memory, and it helps with comprehension.  Sugilite helps you to have more inner harmony and to adjust to the energy of groups.  It helps you to feel good about yourself and to boost confidence and positive action.  
 And, like Pyrite and Fluorite, it offers exceptional protection from negative distractions and energies.  

I would suggest that he carry these stones in his pockets or have them in his desk at home and at school.  He is very lucky to have such a caring and open mother who obviously supports and loves him.  That’s the most important thing! I wish him all the success in the world, and I have a feeling he will have it.