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Apr 10

4 Lucky Stones for St. Patrick’s Day

  I always wake up on St. Patrick’s Day with a big, mischievous smile on my face, as I anticipate a day infused with extra magic. I am 42-percent Irish, and green has been my favorite color since childhood. I even own a leprechaun costume that I wear almost every year on March 17th, which certainly turns heads at …

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Aug 01

Peridot–Stone of the Week (August 4-10, 2014)

Peridot, the birthstone for August, is a gemstone of warmth and positive energy that is associated with abundance, health, joy, emotional well-being, and Earth magic.  That is why I wear a Peridot ring almost every single day–even though my birthday is in July!   I agree with crystal expert, Naisha Ahsian:  Peridot generates the frequency of …

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Sep 01

I’m having money troubles. What are the best crystals to help attract abundance and prosperity?

“Dear Adrienne, Money is getting tight in my household. Due to this economy, my company is laying off people. Luckily I still have a job, but my pay is now less than it was.  I am open to working with energy and spiritual concepts to create more abundance and new opportunities.  What crystals do you …

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