Sep 01

I’m having money troubles. What are the best crystals to help attract abundance and prosperity?

“Dear Adrienne,

Money is getting tight in my household. Due to this economy, my company is laying off people. Luckily I still have a job, but my pay is now less than it was.  I am open to working with energy and spiritual concepts to create more abundance and new opportunities.  What crystals do you recommend to help me draw in more prosperity?”-L.M.

I am so happy that you recognize your power to align with higher spiritual laws to open the doors to more abundance and prosperity.  Yes, there might be economic factors that can create a seemingly plausible belief around the difficulty of acquiring money.  But even in a challenging economy, there are always those who are thriving and creating wealth.  You can create your own financial destiny, no matter what outer circumstances exist.  What I believe is happening now is that old business structures and practices that are not aligned with highest good of all are beginning to break down.  Though the transitions may be uncomfortable, ultimately it is a gift.  It is an opportunity to reevaluate your path and to see if there is a way to come into higher alignment with your soul’s goals and abilities.  As the energy shifts on the planet, more people are awakening and searching for truth, for products and companies that are in integrity and in harmony with the Earth, and for services that will support their well-being.  Perhaps this is an opportunity to shift into a higher vibration profession, as I believe that the Universe supports us in beautiful ways when we dedicate ourselves to our highest calling.  Or perhaps you are being called to help transform your current work environment into a better place to support the highest good of all.  Whatever the case may be, know that abundance is your birthright.  You can absolutely have it, you deserve it, and it begins with you.  Creating prosperity can be done with ease and grace, and it is a natural result of the the manner in which you think, believe, and act.  Gratitude and positive thinking, backed by action, is a big key!  A book that has been invaluable to me in creating big money blessings and aligning my energy with prosperity  is Creating Money by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. Certain crystals and stones have greatly assisted me in creating significant money miracles and new opportunities, and so I am happy that you have given me this opportunity to share my top crystal suggestions for abundance:  Uvarovite Garnet, Peridot, and Citrine.  

Uvarovite Garnet is a top choice if you feel overcome by the concepts of lack, scarcity, or that there is not enough to go around.  When we go into fear around not having our needs met, whether they be financial or emotional, we can create the pattern of poverty consciousness. We may have grown up in an environment where our parents were financially stressed, and we picked up their subconscious belief patterns as sensitive children. We may have had other lifetimes in which we lived in insurmountable poverty, or maybe we were holy people who believed that having money interfered with spiritual attainment.  These kinds of experiences and beliefs can block our ability to receive abundance now. According to crystal experts, Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian, Uvarovite Garnet can heal these deeply ingrained patterns and clear the channels of receiving from the Universe.  When I meditate with Uvarovite Garnet, I easily feel strong energy currents flowing into my heart, having a pronounced clearing and opening effect.  The emotional body is where poverty consciousness usually originates, and the heart is the gateway to abundance.  When we can come into a higher feeling space of peace and gratitude, and when we can embrace the inner knowing that we always have what we really need in each moment, then we enter into the space of allowing the Universe to bring us more.  Uvarovite Garnet moves us into this space of recognizing, allowing, and attracting blessings and good things.  

Peridot is a delightful charm of warmth and positive energy that, according to Naisha Ahsian, generates the frequency of increase–increasing wealth, health, and all things good. Since this translucent gemstone contains the yellow and green color rays, Peridot naturally clears blockages in the solar plexus and heart chakras, especially those that relate to manifestation, self-esteem, and self-love. It aligns and connects these two centers, expanding your ability to manifest your heart’s truest desires.  Its positive vibration helps you feel worthy of good, which opens the doors to receiving. Peridot is a stone that attunes us to the frequency of Earth energies and the Earth plane, and Mother Earth is the source of all of our abundance and material possessions.  In my experience, meditating with Peridot can bring you into vibrational alignment with the entirety of Mother Earth and all that is and exists on this planet.  It has helped me to shift my perspective to see and feel the higher truth that all is one. Every person, place, or thing that exists here is connected and is one big ball of energy, when viewed from the highest levels of reality.  If everything you see and everything you want is actually already a part of you, then there is nothing you cannot have!  In meditation, it is just a matter of clearly focusing on the energy signature of what it is that you want, understanding that it already is a part of you, and visualizing with confidence that you are drawing it closer to you and into your field so that you can have a direct experience of it in your 3-D life.  This establishes the energetic blueprint of manifestation, then it is just a matter of acting on intuitive guidance and opportunities that will come in as a result.  Peridot will accelerate the process of making it so!

Citrine shines brightly as the premier stone for manifesting great wealth, success, new opportunities, and all things good.  Of all of the crystals I have worked with, Citrine’s energy has the greatest vibrational match to all of the qualities it takes to achieve great success and prosperity.  Its radiant energy is like the sun: life-giving, warm, happy, powerful, and positive. A natural antidepressant, it is perfect for busting a cloudy disposition or depressed haze you might find yourself experiencing, since it has the ability to burn through and transmute negativity.   So one of the ways Citrine can amplify our manifestation powers is by eradicating those lower attitudes, patterns, and thoughts that would block our connection to our inherent flow of manifestation. Citrine is the top crystal for activating the solar plexus chakra. It is aligned with optimism, and its can-do, empowered attitude will naturally rub off on you until you find yourself beaming a wide and genuine smile.  Feeling confident, capable, and excited is the best vibrational space to be in for conscious reality-crafting, and Citrine will move you there. I have had tremendous personal success bringing in large, unexpected money blessings with Citrine.  And all I did was simply hold a Citrine crystal and focus all of my energy on the money I required and all of the wonderful things I would do with it to further my education and to be of service to humanity.  Within a month, I had more money come to me than I had asked for! What’s even better is that Citrine can be programmed to manifest abundance or anything you’d like. It has the proper molecular structure to hold your specific intentions for prosperity, and to amplify them.   Here are the simple steps for programming:


1.  Develop a present tense affirmation that describes what you would like to create.  Some examples that have worked for me:  
“All possible income streams open for me now.”

“I always have more than enough money for all of my needs and desires.”

“I am in the perfect profession that allows me to use my highest spiritual gifts to add more beauty, love, light, harmony, healing, and order to the world, and I receive a salary of at least  ________.” 

“More money and abundance flows to me than I ever imagined possible, as I do what I love.”

2.  Clear your energy, get into a good-feeling state, and call in spirit and your higher self to guide the process.

3.  Ask the Citrine for permission.  Crystals are alive, so it is good manners to respect them as the conscious beings that they are and to express the essence of the energy that you would like to program.  Then be open to a response from the crystal.  If it is on board, you will likely feel positive emotions or you will hear it say “yes” in your mind.  If you get any sense of resistance, then you might ask another crystal for permission.

4.  Cleanse your Citrine using whatever method you desire.  (Sage, running water, burying in salt, sunlight or moonlight, sound, with your energy and intention, etc.)

5.  Place the Citrine in your dominant hand, and then speak or mentally project your affirmation into the crystal.  You may also want to simultaneously hold a vision in your mind of what you are creating.  Repeat several times until you feel a click or shift, or get the message that the crystal has taken the program.  Normally, a crystal will be successfully programmed after you repeat the affirmation between eight and twelve times. You can always check with a pendulum to make sure the crystal has taken the program.  

Once you have programmed your Citrine, you can carry it with you in your purse, pocket, or medicine pouch, allowing it to work continuously to affect your energy and consciousness.  Also, place it on your bedside table while you are sleeping.  Perhaps the most powerful way to benefit is to spend some regular time meditating with your crystal on your third eye.  Focus on your chosen affirmation, and then spend some time making your thoughts as positive and beautiful as possible.  Think about all of the blessings and good things that you have in your life, and this will reinforce a positive mental state and attract in more good.  Once your manifestation wish has come to pass, you might want to remove the program from your crystal.  Simply revisit the last step and, instead of repeating your intention, say: “The program is now removed.”   

Working with one or all of these beautiful stones will be a great support in moving you into vibrational alignment with more prosperity.  Remember, you are the source of abundance, and it starts with the vibration that you offer.  In closing, here is a helpful quote from Abraham Hicks, “When you are thinking of money in the way that will make it come to you, you always feel good.  When you are thinking of money in the way that keeps it from coming to you, you always feel bad.  That is how you know the difference.”  Happy Manifesting!