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Sep 02

What is your recommendation for a large and powerful crystal to support healing work?

“Dear Adrienne, I am A Reiki Master and a healer who does massage, energy work, aromatherapy, past life healing, and other vibrational techniques.  Lately I’ve been getting this vision of placing a large crystal underneath my massage table.  Ideally, I’d like for it to bring in higher energies for healing and spiritual influence.  I’d also like …

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Aug 01

What is the best way to combine crystals and sound for chakra balancing?

“Dear Adrienne, I practice balancing my chakras with music, but I am considering adding crystals to make it more effective.  Normally I concentrate my attention on the chakra as the music for that chakra plays. Is it OK to place a crystal for each chakra on the chakras while I am doing my normal chakra …

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Jun 28

The fires are threatening sacred land! How can I help with crystals?

“Dear Adrienne, is there anything that can be done to help with this crazy fire that is threatening a power place in Colorado?  The fire is just west of the Garden of the Gods, and it’s at the mercy of the wind.  I didn’t think about it until my son said he thought we should …

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Jun 01

Do you have any crystal advice for dealing with a negative work environment?

“Dear Adrienne, I work for a company that is having lots of problems right now, and the energy is practically unbearable.  There’s so much stress and negativity floating around.  What can I do to block this from affecting me, or to uplift the energy so that work conditions improve for all of us?”  — M.L. …

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May 01

What crystal should I give my mom for Mother’s Day?

“Dear Adrienne, Mother’s Day is coming up, and I was thinking about getting my mom a piece of jewelry as a gift.  Can you recommend a good stone for Mother’s Day? I’d like something that will honor her. Thanks! ” –J.P. The gift of gemstone jewelry is a perfect way to show your mom how special …

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Apr 05

How can I create a crystal grid to treat insomnia and sleep disturbances?

“Dear Adrienne, I am interested in making a crystal grid to help me with terrible insomnia and would appreciate any guidance you can give as far as particularly useful crystals and grid shape/placement for that.”  –D.M.  Thank you for this important question–you are not alone. I’m noticing in my practice that sleep disturbances are on …

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Mar 02

Which crystals do you recommend for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

“Dear Adrienne, I may be working with veterans soon, as I’m finishing up my first round of college. What do you think would be the best stone/crystal for a veteran with extreme disharmony (that they call PTSD) to carry with them? Is there something that could be made into a necklace or for them to …

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Jan 27

Why do crystals change or lose color?

“Hi Adrienne, I have a small (3 1/2″) Amethyst crystal wand.  I just noticed that it’s starting to lose color on the thick end.  What causes that? Does it signify anything?” –P.S. Great Question!  I believe that when crystals lose or change color, it is likely the result of an energy source being applied to …

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Jan 04

How can I regain my life force and energy with crystals?

“Hi Adrienne!  I have been feeling very drained lately, and my energy levels are really low and depleted.  Are there any crystals you would recommend for reenergizing myself?  I have a lot on my plate, and I need my life force back.”  –A.N. I think so many of us can relate to this feeling!  The …

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Dec 01

How do I attract my soul mate with crystals?

 “Hi Adrienne, I am ready to attract my soul mate now.  Are there any crystals you would recommend working with to help me do that? Thank you!” –L.E. I am happy for your readiness to invite in the right romantic relationship!  I get this question often, and I am delighted to share what has worked …

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