Mar 02

Which crystals do you recommend for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

“Dear Adrienne, I may be working with veterans soon, as I’m finishing up my first round of college. What do you think would be the best stone/crystal for a veteran with extreme disharmony (that they call PTSD) to carry with them? Is there something that could be made into a necklace or for them to carry in their pocket, so they could grab or rub it whenever they start becoming anxious? Keep in mind that this is not being used to keep away intrusive thoughts, but to help convert the negative energy into positive energy or even dampen the negative energy enough to digest it. I appreciate your thoughts!”  –K.S.

Thank you so much for this very important question, and many blessings to you for the honorable work you have signed up to do!  The veterans you will work with are blessed to have you as a caring and enlightened source of healing. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a serious anxiety disorder resulting from exposure to severe psychological trauma, such as war, rape, or other forms of abuse. My heart goes out to those who suffer from PTSD, as it can cause flashbacks, anxiety, emotional numbing, aggressive behaviors, avoidance of life, and interruption in sleep.  I would like to suggest three stones that I believe will be a great healing support for those with PTSD.

The first one that comes to mind is Nuummite, an ancient stone from Greenland that is dark with flashes of iridescent color.  One of the many gifts of Nuummite is that it can help us with soul-retrieval and clearing our etheric blueprint of injuries or traumas.  What I believe happens when we find ourselves in a serious traumatic experience, is that parts of our soul can splinter off due to the impact of the event.  We can actually lose parts of our soul energy to the trauma.  Perhaps this contributes to the flashbacks that people with PTSD experience, since part of them is literally still there, reliving the nightmare. Nuummite will help to bring those lost parts back so that they can be healed and reintegrated. Also, Nuummite does have a small lithium content, so this energy can help bring a calming effect to their emotional body. Just having the veterans carry Nuummite in their pockets will have a positive effect, and it will do this work on a sub tle, subconscious level.

The other stone that comes immediately to mind is Black Tourmaline.  Known as the etheric vacuum cleaner, this powerful stone will send its cleansing vibration throughout the entire energy system, transmuting any negative energy into positive and usable light.  It can also work to remove negative energy attachments that could have been picked up in during dark events. Having the veterans keep this stone on them will help them remain consistently clear and protected. 

One more suggestion seems appropriate for healing the heart and calming the emotions: Kunzite.  Kunzite is a beautiful, striated pink stone that has a high lithium content.  Stones with lithium in them are the best options for calming anxiety.  I know that when I start to feel anxious, placing Kunzite around my head and heart causes an immediate internal sigh and starts to bring me back down to a centered state.  Kunzite is perfect for helping those who have closed down their hearts to protect themselves from pain.  Its nourishing energies fill the heart with higher, divine love, while it gives you the message that it is safe to feel and to love again.  

 If you are working with a veteran who is open to alternative healing methods and who seems stable enough and ready to clear these traumas, here’s what I would suggest. Have them place a Nuummite on their forehead, a Kunzite on their heart, and a Black Tourmaline on their root chakra. Encourage them to relax and breathe. Call in God, Divine Source, or even Archangel Michael, who clears negative energy.  Tell them that they have all of the support from God and the power within to heal, and have them state out loud, “I now call back to me all of the pieces of my soul and all of my energy that has been lost.  I am healed, I am whole.”  The Nuummite will act as a magnet for bringing in lost soul fragments, clearing the trauma, and integrating the pieces.  Black Tourmaline will do its job to cleanse any negativity coming into the field.  And Kunzite will work to heal the heart and the emotional shock, bringing a calming and loving energy.   Keep the stones in place for at least fifteen minutes, and hold loving space for them.  Their higher self, the stones, and Divine spirit will do the work that they are ready to accomplish.  

If they respond well to this and are open to doing even more work, you might send them to a shamanistic practitioner or a healer who specializes in soul retrieval work.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for doing this incredibly important work!