Sep 21

Aquamarine–Stone of the Week (September 22nd-28th)

dreamstime_179886441-300x200A shift is in the air, and the weather is showing signs of changing, heralding the arrival of the autumn equinox on Tuesday, September 23rd.  On the equinox, the days and nights are of equal length, establishing a natural energy pattern of balance.  Another major theme of the autumn equinox is letting go.  The trees begin demonstrating this, as they release their leaves.  This season encourages us to do the same–to let go of all that has been burdening us so that spirit can come through and create miracles.  Some sensitive people report feeling tired or coming down with a cold or flu around this time, because the equinox can clear and release residue from the cellular level.  The autumn equinox means that cooler weather is coming; and it can be a time of introspection and reflecting on the impermanent nature of life.  The veils are thinner, and it is a good time to meditate and gain deep, personal insights.  Aquamarine is sparkling, semi-precious gemstone that can help align us with all of these energetic themes of the fall equinox.  

Aquamarine embodies the cool, cleansing energy of water.  Perhaps that is why crystal expert, Naisha Ahsian, calls Aquamarine the stone of release.  This is the first stone I turn to when a client needs to let go of something; whether it is a relationship, an unhealthy repeating pattern, heavy emotional energy, or even physical clutter.  Many times we hold on to these things, because the familiarity feels safer than the unknown.  Aquamarine helps us to loosen our grip on the old, outdated patterns so that fresh, new experiences and energies can flow into our lives.  This powerful purification can also extend to the physical body level.  If the equinox is kicking up any junk on the cellular level (resulting in a cold, flu, sore throat, or any form of inflammation or infection) Aquamarine can help soothe the uncomfortable symptoms and release the illness.  

Aquamarine can also help us to create balance in our bodies and in our emotions.  Crystal expert, Melody, says that Aquamarine is an ideal choice for balancing and fortifying the endocrine system and all of our glands.  You can work with Aquamarine over the third eye to strengthen the pineal and pituitary glands.  The pituitary gland is the master gland, which 

which secretes hormones and regulates many biological processes. Placing Aquamarine over the thyroid can boost its functioning and balance your metabolism.  I have personally worked with Aquamarine for my under-active thyroid, and I was eventually able to cut my medication in half! It is great medicine for the throat chakra, assisting you in speaking your higher truth. Aquamarine also has a calming and balancing effect on emotions such as anger, jealousy, fear, and anxiety.  Working with it can bring you back into your emotional center.  

Aquamarine is also a perfect meditation stone, helping you to tune in and receive insights.  Its calming and clearing energy helps to dissipate mental chatter that would block your ability to access your higher self.  Working with it over the third eye will also stimulate the pineal and pituitary glands, and this activates your psychic ability and intuition.  Since Aquamarine connects with water energy, it also unlocks the subconscious and brings light to our deeper emotional undercurrents.  The fall equinox is the perfect time to meditate with Aquamarine, so that you can explore your inner self and receive higher guidance and personal breakthroughs.  So why not give yourself the gift of Aquamarine this week, while it is ten percent off at Nature’s Treasures?