Sep 26

Serpentine–Stone of the Week (September 29th-October 5th)

dreamstime_xs_19133454The snake is a primordial creature that has naturally elicited respect in many ancient cultures.  It is related to Earth energies and primal life force, connecting us with our basic physical drives, raw power, and aliveness.  Snakes also symbolize spiritual awakening and evolution. Kundalini energy is represented by a serpent, coiled at the base of the spine.  When it awakens, this energy rises up the spine, enlivening the chakras and expanding consciousness.  The shedding of their skin is associated with transformation, cellular regeneration, and dropping the old, outdated ways in order to move into higher spiritual energy.  All of these themes are key to maximizing your Earth journey and spiritual experience, and Serpentine is a vital stone that awakens the power and mysteries of the snake within you.

Serpentine is like a record-keeper for the planet, holding within its matrix the stories of the natural world.  Meditating with it can open the book of Earth, so that you can access information about the evolution of the various kingdoms–such as the plants, animals, minerals, and natures spirits.  The appearance of Magnetite in Serpentine may be a function of how it stores the memory of the Earth, since Magnetite naturally records energy and information.  It might also be a key in how we can retrieve it, since our brains are literally full of millions of Magnetite crystals.  Thus, Serpentine fosters a connection with nature, opening a line of multi-dimensional communication with representatives of these kingdoms.  This assists us in understanding how to work with nature for healing and balance, and how to decipher the special energies made available at certain vortexes and power spots on the planet.  With the help of Serpentine, we can understand how to be in harmony with our natural environment, how we fit into the bigger picture, and how we can serve a positive role in planetary evolution.  

Serpentine can help to strengthen, clear, and activate our energetic system in many ways.  Serpentine has a clearing effect, so it is perfect to place over any chakra or meridian point where the energy is blocked or congested.  It encourages flow in the subtle energetic systems.  This is the reason that Serpentine is one of the main stones associated with Kundalini awakening.  It clears the chakras and pathways along the spine so that the kundalini can rise with more ease.  It is also known to ease physical discomfort that can occur when the kundalini rises.  Placing a Serpentine at the crown chakra is one way to initiate the rise of kundalini energy, since it creates a magnetic force to draw the energy up.  When the kundalini is activated in this way, it is as if a vital force is unleashed that energizes the body and awakens higher spiritual understanding. It is the ultimate transformation process, helping us to let go of the old and align with the enlightenment of our higher selves.

Another noteworthy property of Serpentine is its ability to help us rewire lower brain patterns.  It can help us to heal imbalances associated with coming from our reptilian brain, and it can help move the reptilian brain into harmony with the higher brain.  The reptilian brain, also known as the brain stem or lower brain, is the oldest and smallest region of our brain. It serves an important role in keeping us alive–governing our fight/flight response, territorial tendencies, social dominance, and reproduction.  But sometimes we can get stuck in operating from this mode at the expense of tapping into our neo-cortex.  This area is the evolved section of our brain that aligns with higher thought and unlimited potential.  

20140926_082719_Richtone(HDR)I’d like to share a simple Serpentine exercise to assist you in integrating your reptilian brain with your higher brain.  Cleanse two pieces of Serpentine, lie down, and then place one at the base of your skull and one over your third eye. Tune into and merge with your higher self, and then ask for the consciousness of your reptilian brain to come forward. You can ask for a symbol to represent this level of your consciousness. Send it love and express gratitude for its work to keep you safe and functioning in the world, and be open to receiving a message from it. Ask it if it is willing to come into better alignment with your higher mind and soul plan. If the answer is yes, then ask your higher self to form a greater connection with the reptilian brain. You may feel the two Serpentines communicating with each other, forming new pathways and unifying the parts of your brain. The Magnetite in Serpentine helps to create this effect. See your entire brain flooded with green Serpentine light, and allow the synthesis to occur! This week, Serpentine is ten percent off at Nature’s Treasures.  So if you are ready to create profound transformation in your life, now is the time to get your hands on some Serpentine.