Sep 13

Black Tourmaline–Stone of the Week (September 15th-21st)

Black TourmalineHave you noticed that we have been experiencing some negativity on a personal and planetary level lately? The higher truth is that the light is increasing, and a lot of cosmic factors are creating a shake-up to clear any remaining lower energies that will no longer fit into the new paradigm.  We have had three supermoons in a row, increased solar flare activity, and asteroids; and coming soon we will have the Fall Equinox, a lunar eclipse, and a solar eclipse.  All of these serve to bring up old issues and patterns in an amplified way so that we can release and move through them.  Energetic forecasters are saying that this will continue through the end of October.  So now is the perfect time to stock up on Black Tourmaline, which will keep you protected and help transmute any emerging lower energies.

Crystal Expert, Robert Simmons, refers to Black Tourmaline as an etheric vacuum cleaner due to its ability to transform negative energy into pure light.  Black Tourmaline has a striated structure, meaning that it has parallel lines or grooves recessed down the length of the stone.  The striations form amplifying channels or pathways for energy to quickly pass through the stone, where they are powerfully cleared and purified.  It can create a vortex effect that whooshes through your energetic matrix, cleansing all in its path!

Black Tourmaline can address many different forms of unhealthy energy.  Those of us who are sensitive can inadvertently pick up energy from other people, such as lower thought-forms or emotional states resulting from their personal distress.  Sometimes we deal with psychic attack, which can feel like a wave of aggressive, negative energy sent from a person who is either consciously or unconsciously projecting bad thoughts our way.  In extreme cases, we can pick up entities or energetic attachments from others.  They latch onto our field and can cause pronounced emotional disturbance and energy drain.  Black Tourmaline can assist in all of these cases. If you are affected by a negative entity or attachment, it is important to consciously work with Divine energies and to step into your power to remove them.  You can call upon Archangel Michael and ask for him to intervene and move them to an appropriate place for their highest good.  The key is to keep your energy field clear and fortified to begin with, so that there are no weak spots for an entity to gain a foothold. Regular use of Black Tourmaline will be a big help in this!

Another concern that we face doesn’t come from people, but from our technology.  Cell phones, computers, and televisions have become an ingrained part of our lifestyle, and they emit EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies).  Absorbing excessive amounts of this energy can disrupt our bioenergetic system and diminish our health.  Wearing Black Tourmaline can shield you from absorbing too much of this energy.  It is also a good idea to place Black Tourmaline between you and the technology you are using when possible.  

And let’s not forget that we, ourselves, are sometimes the source of the negative energy we experience.  Life on planet Earth can bring up many challenging circumstances, and so we can get caught up in lower vibration responses to it.  It is part of the learning process to find higher ways to react, to see the higher lessons and to be the best person you can be even when life is hard.  So if you find that you have given into negativity, start by loving and forgiving yourself. Then you can work with Black Tourmaline to clear any lower energy that you may have generated.  

A simple way to help clear any lower energy is to place a Black Tourmaline over your solar plexus chakra in a vertical position, so that the striations are pointing up and down.  Place your hands over the Black Tourmaline on your body, and hold this intention in mind: “I now transmute any negative energy I have picked up–lower thought-forms and emotional states of others, harmful emissions from technology I have been exposed to, any and all destructive energy from my surroundings, any entities or energetic attachments, and general lower patterns from the collective consciousness. I also transmute with love and light any lower energies that I am personally generating.” Now visualize yourself inside of a vortex of Black Tourmaline energy. Send it through your entire body, allowing it to spiral from your head to your feet, clearing each chakra and your entire aura.  Stay with it for fifteen minutes or longer, and repeat this as often as needed.  Nature’s Treasures has a wide array of Black Tourmaline right now, and it is ten percent off this week!  Be sure to step outside and check out the bulk selection they have at the Rock Depot, too.  You can never have too much Black Tourmaline.