Feb 13

Stellar Beam Calcite–Featured Stone (February 16th-March 1st)

Have you noticed a recent shift in energy?  There’s a sense of greater acceleration and flow, a push from spirit to move forward now that Mercury is direct.  In the past few weeks, it feels like the Universe has graced us with more big waves of higher dimensional frequencies designed to open up new possibilities.  Stellar Beam Calcite is the stone to work with to maximize these incoming energies and to manifest a higher vision.  

Stellar Beam CalciteThe crystalline formation of Stellar Beam Calcite models for us a grand spiritual potential–the possibility of making big shifts and changing your outer reality to a more refined and spiritually focused expression.  As Katrina Raphaell explains, most Calcite manifests in the shape of a rhomboid or parallelogram, internally and externally. Stellar Beam Calcite has an internal structure that is a rhomboid, but its outer shape (and energy) resembles a spaceship.  The sharply pointed terminations give it an added intensity, focus, and energetic range.  Since Stellar Beam is the Calcite that has evolved the rhomboid to an entirely different shape, it represents the manifestation of the new reality

Stellar Beam Calcite has a noticeably high and fast vibration that produces a quickening effect on the cellular and atomic levels.  Used with conscious intention, it can deliver higher frequencies and light codes into the crown and third eye chakras. This helps to awaken more of your psychic senses and spiritual gifts.  It can also assist with DNA and light body activation. Stellar Beam Calcite is normally yellow or golden, which is the ideal color vibration for activating the solar plexus chakra, your manifestation center.  With the crown, third eye, and solar plexus chakras open, it is easier to tune into your higher soul mission and to make it manifest in your life.  Meditating with Stellar Beam Calcite can assist you viewing potential future realities and consciously aligning with the highest one.

According to Naisha Ahsian and Robert Simmons, Stellar Beam Calcite can be used as a meditation tool or in crystal grids to create inter-dimensional doorways.  You can access past lives and the hidden history of this planet, and it is possible to tune into the advanced spiritual practices and methodologies used in Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt, and other civilizations.  In my healing work, I have found that Stellar Beam Calcite can bring in the guidance and energy of our Star Families, especially the Pleiadians and the Arcturians.  I have used it to help me access healing frequencies from advanced ET technologies, causing instant healing in some cases.  For best results, hold a clear intention that you want to access positive dimensional places and beings who resonate with one hundred percent pure light, for the purpose of spiritual growth, healing, and highest good.

Stellar Beam Calcite is useful as an energy healing tool in many ways. According to Naisha Ahsian, you can use it for removing entities and lower energies that have attached to your auric field.  It is especially helpful for clearing ingrained habits and patterns that you are ready to release.  If your etheric blueprint has been damaged or distorted, you can work with Stellar Beam Calcite to repair and restore it for optimum health and well-being.  If you are ready to move forward and to align with your highest path, now is the time to buy Stellar Beam Calcite.  It is on sale at Nature’s Treasures from February 16th through March 1st.