Jan 30

Rhodochrosite–Featured Stone (February 2nd-15th)

February perfumes the air with roses and turns our attention to matters of the heart.  No matter what your relationship status says on Facebook, I like to think of Valentine’s Day as an inclusive celebration of love, in all of its beautiful forms and expressions.  This Valentine’s Day, be sure to honor the most important relationship in your life–your relationship with yourself. Rhodochrosite is the perfect stone for freeing the heart chakra of past hurts, opening you to deeper and greater experiences of love.  

Rhodochrosite-200x300-1Rhodochrosite looks like a Valentine, with its whimsical swirls and banded patterns that express in varying shades of pink.  It can also contain yellow, orange, brown, and gray color rays, and it can be partially or completely translucent.  Its beautiful appearance gives us a lot of insight into its energetic and healing functions.  Most Rhodochrosite stones have distinct layers; and encapsulated inside of these bands, you can often find sections of beautiful, circular patterns.  You may have heard the analogy that an emotional injury is like a layered onion; and you have to peel off the layers, one by one, to reach and heal the core pattern. The primary color, pink, resonates with the vibration of love and the heart chakra.  Notice in the photo that the deeper shades of pink in Rhodochrosite have a more transparent quality.  This reflects the clarity that exists when you are in the deeper levels of love, and it symbolizes the ability of this stone to clear the heart chakra. Most Rhodochrosite also has a yellow-orange tint to it, which (according to crystal expert, Katrina Raphaell) brings in the energy of the solar plexus chakra and bridges the heart and the will centers.  This is key to Rhodochrosite’s functioning, because the solar plexus can be thought of as the guard of the heart chakra.  If this area is blocked by old fears and hurts, then the heart chakra is not supported in staying open and expressive.  Once the solar plexus is clear, it can blend with the heart and bring in the energy of empowerment and manifestation to the emotional body. So to summarize, Rhodochrosite helps us get through the layers and into the root patterns of the heart chakra. It can clear on these deep levels, and it can empower the expression of emotions. 

Rhodochrosite touches you on very deep and pure levels, reminding you how precious you truly are.  It adores you so that you can remember how to adore yourself.  It sheds its sweet light into any densities in the heart, cutting through old, pent-up emotions.  As Rhodochrosite helps to surface these, it holds your hand and brings in the forgiveness vibration.  This helps you to see the higher love and lessons in each situation, which is the key to healing and releasing.  Rhodochrosite then helps to gently mend any holes or damage to the energetic areas where the release occurred, normally in region of the heart through the solar plexus chakras. Upon releasing in this way, it is common to feel an exuberant rush of joy that is a symptom of newly liberated emotional energy.  Rhodochrosite then supports you in feeling safe to express this energy in beautiful ways. It gets you in touch with your higher self and your authentic feeling nature, and it helps to bring the love vibration of your soul into every aspect of your life. You might find that you are more spontaneous with your expression, sharing your feelings with ease and trusting that you will be cherished, just like a child does.  This Valentine’s Day, consider giving yourself the gift that nobody else can–a heart healed and cleared by Rhodochrosite.  It is on sale at Nature’s Treasures right now through Valentine’s Day.