Jan 02

Crocoite–Featured Stone (January 19th-February 1st)

January should be named self-improvement month.  Lots of us are trying to make positive life changes, and to pull that off requires energy, focus, and a new way of thinking.  Crocoite is a vitalizing stone that lights the inner fire necessary to create personal breakthroughs and passionate living.

Crocoite-lw97aCrocoite is like a neon-orange magic wand for directing power into the body and psyche.  It is striated, meaning that there are parallel grooves recessed down the length of the stone.  The striations act as channels for light to be amplified and delivered through the stone and into your bio-energetic system.   If you are someone who often feels like your energy is low, sluggish, or depleted, this is the stone for you.  Work with it over the lower chakras to receive an infusion of life force energy.  It has a strong resonance with the root chakra, which helps you to be present, energized, and highly functional in your daily endeavors. Crocoite strengthens overall health, and it is especially nourishing to the immune, reproductive, and endocrine systems.  It also activates the sacral chakra, which boosts your creativity, passion, and sexual energy.  

Crocoite1Crocoite’s energetic benefits do extend beyond the lower chakras.  It is a stone known for spiritual illumination and breakthroughs for many reasons.  You can work with it over any chakra where you sense an energy blockage that is holding you back.  It has a pronounced clearing effect that is like applying a flame of transmutation.   This is especially useful over the higher chakras when a self-defeating belief pattern is sabotaging your progress.  It can also help to clear a heart that is heavy with past emotional hurts.  

Another way that Crocoite assists us spiritually is that it activates the kundalini at the base of the spine.  When it awakens, this energy rises up the spine, enlivening the chakras and expanding consciousness.  It brings a greater sense of enlightenment and helps you to access higher levels of spiritual insight.  This shift in consciousness can translate into a shift in all areas of your life, bringing you to the next level of self-mastery.  Crocoite is on sale right now at Nature’s Treasures, so get yours today and start 2015 off with a bang!