Dec 26

Fulgurite–Stone of the Week (December 29th-January 4th)

The start of a new year has a magical way of focusing us and hitting the reset button. January marks the time when the masses are meditating on new beginnings, self-improvement, and personal goal setting.  This is reflected in the act of writing New Year’s resolutions. Creating positive and lasting life changes becomes effortless when you can access and align with more of your soul essence and spiritual mission. Fulgurite fosters a higher connection that will quicken your spiritual gifts and manifestation power, taking you to the next level in 2015.  


Fulgurite is known as petrified lightening, because it is created when lightening strikes sand and fuses it into an entirely new structure–a glass tube.  Since sand is basically quartz, this intense electrical energy is recorded and even amplified inside of the molecular structure of Fulgurite. Perhaps that is why people who can feel energy report that it has a vibration that is fast, pulsing, and hot.  It is both a container and a channel of high-frequency energy that can clear, transform, and upshift almost every aspect of your life.  

Fulgurite creates a miniature, handheld vortex that allows energy to be infused or extracted at any point of the body, depending upon your intention.  You can place it over areas where the energy feels dense or stuck and direct the Fulgurite to pull out any energy blockages that are holding you back.  Or if you would like to activate certain chakras or direct higher energies into an area, you can place Fulgurite there and hold this intention.

Perhaps the most potent placement for Fulgurite is above the head at the crown chakra, where it creates a pipeline to higher spiritual realms.  It essentially acts as a portal for inter-dimensional communication and energy transference.  As spiritual seekers, we are working on raising our light quotients so that we can expand our consciousness and access other dimensions. Working with Fulgurite can give you a download of the next vibratory level of energy, causing your psychic and healing gifts to rapidly advance.  It’s the same concept as receiving your Reiki attunements, which gives you immediate access to a higher ray of healing energy.  Whether you channel intuitive messages through your voice or healing energy through your hands, Fulgurite can quicken your abilities.  And you become the Fulgurite–the channel through which higher dimensional energies flow and manifest on the Earth plane! 

Speaking of manifestation, Fulgurite has traditionally been used to actualize your prayers.  I love what Crystal Expert, Robert Simmons, has to say about it: “The lightning energy, long believed to be the touch of the Divine, still resides in them, and they can act as magnifiers of one’s clear intention, building a powerful resonance between oneself and the latent powers of the higher worlds.”  If you are someone who writes New Year’s resolutions, here is how you can make that practice more powerful with Fulgurite.  Spend some time formulating your resolutions and visualizing all of the good that will come once they manifest.  Call in your higher self, and then blow each resolution through the Fulgurite and into the higher planes. Visualize the energy of each resolution moving at lightening speed into the heavens, where they will be received and then later showered down upon you as answered prayers. Reputable metaphysical sources predict that 2015 will be a powerful year of transformation, and there is no better stone to help you keep up with all of the shifts than Fulgurite.  Get yours on sale this week at Nature’s Treasures, and set the stage for an electrifying new year!