Jan 04

January: Citrine–Programming Mastery in 2012

New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. I raise my vibration by decreasing energy spent on the following activities: watching any TV series with “Housewives” in the title, consuming packaged food with ingredients that look like they could blow up a chemistry lab, examining my face for newly appearing lines or flaws, and caring what other people think of me.
  2. I raise my vibration by increasing energy spent on the following activities:  physical movement done outside that feels like play, putting myself in as many situations as possible that cause uncontrollable laughter, verbally acknowledging the beauty in the people and places I encounter, and listening to my higher guidance and following through with it.
  3. I honor myself as the Master that I AM, and I live consistently from the space of authenticity, love, wisdom, ease, and compassion.  (And when I “mess up,” I let myself off the hook and realize that we’re all doing the best that we can, and that all is perfect and going according to divine plan.)

It’s that time of year again when we can expect a barrage of commercials for weight loss and smoking cessation products. January is the reset button for the collective consciousness.  It marks the time when the masses are focused on new beginnings, self-improvement, and personal goal setting, which is reflected in the activity of writing New Year’s resolutions.  Working on ourselves is always a worthwhile pursuit, but it can be challenging to release an old habit or adopt a new one.  I know I’ve certainly had the experience of starting up a Jillian Michaels workout routine in January, which felt like boot camp and lasted all of two weeks before I lost steam.  So this year, I’m trying a different approach.  I’ll only make resolutions that feel fun and possible to achieve, and I will program my resolutions into Quartz crystals so that they manifest with much more ease, speed, and accuracy.  Hands-down, my absolute favorite member of the Quartz family for all programming and manifestation pursuits is Citrine.

Citrine is the sunshine stone:  radiant, life-giving, and positive.  A natural antidepressant, it is perfect for busting a cloudy disposition or depressed haze you might find yourself experiencing, since it has the ability to burn through and transmute negativity.   So one of the ways Citrine can amplify our manifestation powers is by eradicating those lower attitudes, patterns, and thoughts that would block our connection to our inherent flow of creation and manifestation. Citrine is aligned with optimism, and its can-do, empowered attitude will naturally rub off on you until you find yourself beaming a wide and genuine smile.  Feeling confident, capable, and excited is the best vibrational space to be in for conscious reality-crafting, and Citrine will move you there.

Citrine helps us to achieve the status of creator gods and goddesses by strongly activating the second and third chakras, our centers for creativity, will power, and manifestation.  It has the dual action of removing blockages from these chakras while boosting their functioning.  I’ve also noticed that most Citrine works well with the third eye and crown chakras.  Perhaps its golden color ray helps us to connect with higher dimensional realms, like the Angelic and the Golden Dolphin/Sirian Star realms.  Also, much of the Citrine you find on the market is actually Amethyst that has been heat-treated, and you can identify these as the darker orange specimens (compared to the paler yellow color of natural Citrine).  Perhaps their former incarnation as Amethyst still lingers, giving them the power to awaken the higher chakras.  Including the higher chakras in your manifestation party is definitely a good plan.  Having an activated third eye will strengthen your mental imagining powers and allow you to tap into the highest forms and possible futures that you can draw into your 3-D reality.  And having your sacral and solar plexus chakras cleared and activated will give you the power, focus, and resources to make it happen in your physical life.

One reason Citrine is a perfect match for New Year’s Resolution projects is because its properties are naturally aligned with some of our most common self-improvement goals.  Many people are trying to change a habit or adopt a new one, such as quitting smoking or drinking, or eating a healthier diet.  Since Citrine strongly activates the solar plexus, which boosts our will power, our ability to stay on course and resist temptations is increased.  A top ten resolution is to lose weight and improve the figure, and Citrine can assist by energizing us so we can get more out of our exercise program, while also boosting the metabolism and endocrine system for weight loss.  Improving our financial situation is also high on the list of common resolutions, and Citrine is like a money magnet that attracts great abundance and new opportunities.

But perhaps the top reason I will work with Citrine to manifest my resolutions this year is its ability to be programmed with my intentions.  All members of the Quartz family, including Citrine, have the ability to hold thought-forms or intentions that you place in them, to amplify them, and to constantly transmit a magnetic energy for bringing those things into your life.  Programming your Citrine crystals will amplify your power to actualize your resolutions with more ease and in record time.  They are also a beautiful symbol and physical reminder that you can carry with you for energetic support and to keep you on track.

What is so special about Quartz that gives it this power to be programmed?  James Tyberonn, geologist, channel, and one of my dearest spiritual mentors, explains that it is due to the Missing Lattice Theory, which was discovered by the accomplished scientist, Marcel Vogel.  Vogel recognized that the structure of Quartz crystal occasionally has a missing silicate atom, and that space acts like a black hole, holding and storing the energy of your intent.

I would like to share with you now a simple method for programming your Citrine crystals with your New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Become crystal clear about what you want to create.
  2. Write your New Year’s Resolutions in the form of present-tense affirmations.  For example, if you want to attract more prosperity into your life, a good affirmation is “All possible income streams open for me now.”
  3. Clear your energy, get into a space of good feelings, and call in your higher self and spirit to guide the process.
  4. Ask the Citrine for permission.  Crystals are alive, so it is good manners to respect them as the conscious beings they are and to express the essence of the energy you would like to program.  Then be open to a response from the Citrine.  If it is “on board,” you will likely feel positive emotions or you will hear a “yes” in your mind.  If you get any sense of resistance, then you might ask another crystal for permission.
  5. Cleanse the crystals, using sage, running water, burying in salt for 30 minutes, or with your intention and energy.
  6. Place the Citrine in your dominant hand, and then speak or mentally project your resolution into the crystal.  You may also want to simultaneously hold a vision in your mind of what you are creating.  Repeat several times until you feel a click or shift, or get the message that the crystal has taken the program.  Normally, a crystal will be successfully programmed after you repeat the affirmation between eight and twelve times.  Repeat this process for each resolution affirmation that you have.

Once you have programmed your Citrine crystals, you can carry them with you in your purse, pocket, or medicine pouch, allowing them to work continuously to affect your energy and consciousness.  Also, place it on your bedside table while you are sleeping.  Perhaps the most powerful way to benefit is to spend some regular time meditating with each crystal.  You can place them on your third eye or solar plexus chakra and visualize, with as much detail and positive emotion possible, your resolutions coming true.  To remove a program once your resolution has manifested, simply revisit step 6 and, instead of repeating your intention, say: “The program is now removed.”

2012 is here now, and the entire Universe is aligned and conspiring to bring out your inner Master.  It is filled with cosmic gifts and opportunities to realize that you are powerful, and there is absolutely nothing you cannot have, do, or be.  What I have discovered is the trick to manifesting miracles is to embody a calm attitude of certainty, to really own the fact that you are the Divine Master of your own reality.  When you really know this on all levels of your being, your reality will quickly shift to reflect this truth.  So when you are making your resolutions this year, remember to dream big and without limits.  Once you have written down the most wondrous thing you can imagine, challenge yourself to make it even better and juicier.  If you notice any thoughts or feelings surfacing that say you cannot have what you want, replace them with reasons why you can.  Remember that one positive thought cancels out hundreds of lower ones.  Allow radiant Citrine to put you in the perfect space to manifest excellence with bright confidence in 2012.  More than a container for your dreams, it is an energetic elevator that can raise you to the floor where your higher self resides and makes things happen. Happy Manifesting!