Sep 05

3 Ascension Crystals for These Transformative Times

Buckle up, and open your heart! This entire year has felt like a lesson in energetic acceleration and intensity, as our physical bodies are adjusting to progressively higher frequencies of light. And we are just getting started. September brings us two eclipses (one on September 1st and the other on the 16th), the equinox on September 22nd, and the 9-9-9 portal–not to mention that we are in Mercury retrograde for most of the month. Eclipses are always times of big shake-up, reset, and expanded dimensional receptivity. The fall equinox imprints us with the energetic theme of balance and encourages us to clear and release the old. It is also a time in which the veils are thinner and our psychic senses are heightened. September 9th is a power date that marks a major personal and planetary completion–a time of wrapping up old business and aligning with a brand new cycle.


So if you are waiting for things to calm down, you might be out of luck. We are in the midst of the ascension process, and it looks like the beautiful Universe will continue to move us along by showering us with ever-increasing levels of light. Welcome to the new normal! Take a deep breath, and feel this truth in your heart: You came here to rock this cosmic opportunity and to be a part of the change–and you are doing better than you might think! You are growing and contributing to the collective in beautiful ways through all of your experiences. The key to navigating this intense month is to stay in your heart, to be as loving and gentle as possible with yourself and with others. Take time out to meditate and tune in to your higher self, and make an effort to support your body as it adjusts to all of the energetic shifts. There are three crystals that are perfect to work with in September and beyond to keep your vibration high, clear, balanced, loving, and aligned with ascension.


1. Pietersite:

Pietersite cab

Pietersite is one of the best stones for supporting and upgrading your entire bio-system during big cosmic events, such as eclipses and equinoxes. It is a beautiful stone with flashing color rays of deep blue, gold, brown, and grey that can activate the higher chakras and the solar plexus. Pietersite can ground higher frequencies of light into the body, and it helps to expand the spectrum of light that you can successfully integrate. It does so by strengthening the nervous system and brain, so that you can safely process more energetic input. Considering the big influxes of cosmic energy we keep getting, I highly recommend this stone to help your system keep up.


Pietersite is also known to activate the higher glands, the pituitary and pineal, to create balance in the entire endocrine system. On a physical level, this helps to regulate hormones that affect metabolism, the reproductive system, blood pressure, and other biological processes. On an energetic level, it awakens and sharpens your intuition and psychic senses. Working with Pietersite at the third eye will enhance meditation, visionary experiences, telepathy, and higher dimensional connection. Since it simultaneously activates the solar plexus (your center of will power and manifestation), it can help you to more consciously direct your psychic experiences and journeys. September gives us many windows of time in which the veils are thinner, making it a good time to meditate with Pieteresite to manifest healing, enlightenment, and positive breakthroughs.


According to Naisha Ahsian, co-author of The Book of Stones, Pietersite resonates with storm energy. It has a powerful cleansing effect on the chakra system, the meridians, and entire auric field. It is especially useful for clearing out pent-up, emotional energy that has been trapped in your system. The fall equinox marks a time of letting go, and the 9-9-9 portal is about completion. Pietersite will help you to release all types of stagnant energy, old patterns, and blockages that you don’t want to carry forward into the next phase.


2. Watermelon Tourmaline

watermelon tourmaline

Healing and refining your emotional body is the fastest ticket to higher dimensional living, and Watermelon Tourmaline is a beautiful choice for all matters of the heart. It is an elevating, striated gemstone that aligns with joy and Divine love, and it contains both the green and pink rays. Watermelon Tourmaline helps us to balance and integrate polarities, especially masculine and feminine energies; and balance is a big theme of the upcoming equinox. Pink Tourmaline is a pure carrier of the feminine ray. It enhances the feminine qualities inherent in all of us: nurturing, receptivity, intuition, allowing, flowing, and cooperation. Green Tourmaline is a pure bearer of the masculine ray. It fortifies our masculine qualities, such as ambition, action, passion, stimulation, analytical thinking, and providing.  Although pink and green are almost perfect opposites on the color wheel, the two colors come together in Watermelon Tourmaline and compliment each other in such a beautiful and pleasing way. They do more than coexist. The contrast actually seems to enhance the vibrant energy inherent in each color ray. The pink shines brighter next to the green, and vice versa. The combination produces synergy, an energy field of wholeness and amplified radiance that influences each of us to achieve the same.


Watermelon Tourmaline is the perfect gemstone for activating the higher heart, since it contains both heart chakra colors and has a naturally high vibration. Located a few inches about the heart chakra, the higher heart connects you to higher levels of love–in the spectrum of Divinity, the soul plane, and higher dimensional realities. Activating your higher heart helps you to connect to more evolved forms of love that exist beyond 3D. It is a love that is accepting–without conditions, fears, lower emotional tendencies, or the need to control. It is the quality of love that helps you to forgive others, and yourself, so that you can truly heal from past emotional hurts.


Watermelon Tourmaline has a high lithium content, which contributes to its heart healing, activating, and elevating energy. Lithium helps you to achieve a higher state of consciousness by naturally activating your third eye and intuition. It also has a calming and centering effect on the emotions. This makes Watermelon Tourmaline conducive to achieving meditative states, helping you to raise your heart and consciousness to the soul plane. Lithium also relieves lower emotional states such as panic, stress, anxiety, and depression. Working with Watermelon Tourmaline assists you in moving beyond these conditions so that you can get in touch with your higher feeling nature. Watermelon Tourmaline radiates pure joy and bliss, a vibration that can transcend and transmute all forms of negativity.  During these transformative times, It is a perfect companion to help you heal emotional issues, balance all aspects of your being, and embody higher rays of Divine love.


3. Charoite 


Charoite is one of the best stones to turn to when you are going through a major transformation process, since it can assist you on multiple levels of the being. It is a beautiful stone to behold, with undulating shades of purple punctuated by black, white, and grey inclusions. The purple ray works with the higher chakras to bring in higher dimensional light for spiritual and psychic activation, and the black manganese inclusions have a grounding and balancing effect on the physical and emotional bodies.


Like Pietersite, Charoite can help you adjust to higher energies, assisting your body to safely process, regulate, and ground them. This helps you to not get overloaded or overwhelmed by big influxes of light, which are prevalent in these times. If these higher energies are not properly processed by the physical body, uncomfortable physical ascension symptoms can result, such as headaches, digestive imbalances, dizziness, and fatigue. Charoite can help to prevent and relieve these symptoms. Charoite strengthens and heals multiple systems of the body and can even help to transform illnesses into wellness.


The key to Charoite’s healing and transformative power is its ability to highlight the underlying causes and patterns that lead to imbalance. It brings the root causes into your conscious awareness, so that you can make necessary changes to correct them. It works with the heart to expand your love and self-acceptance, which is a catalyst for healing. It also lends the purple ray to help you clear and transmute them on a energetic level. Charoite has a powerful cleansing effect on the auric field, the chakras, and the emotions.  It especially helps to release fear patterns that prevent forward movement. Now is the perfect time to do this deep-level healing and clearing, while the eclipses, equinox, and 9-9-9 portal are providing supportive energy.


Energy reports keep coming out that say the final months of 2016 will be our most powerful yet. Remember, you’ve got this! Slow down, breathe, and practice good self care. Reach for love, and for these three crystals, to help carry you through it all with ease and grace.