Nov 21

Hiddenite–Stone of the Week (November 24th-30th)

crystal_gratitude200Get out the stretchy pants, because Thanksgiving is upon us!  It is a time of embracing your family and friends, getting stuffed full of stuffing, and truly counting your blessings. You may be familiar with the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, who wrote various words and ideas on paper and taped them to glasses of water.  He found a way to photograph frozen water crystals that formed on the molecular level as a result of the vibration of these words.  When asked which words and concepts created the most beautiful crystals and powerful healing effects, here is his answer: “There is a special combination that seems to be perfect for this, which is love plus the combination of thanks and appreciation reflected in the English word ‘gratitude.’ Just one of these is not enough. Love needs to be based in gratitude, and gratitude needs to be based in love. These two words together create the most important vibration.” Hiddenite is a lovely green to greenish-yellow stone that embodies and radiates the combined qualities of love and gratitude. 

images-28Hiddenite emits a high vibrational energy that clears and heals the heart, opening you to receiving blessings.  In this photo, you will notice that it has a striated structure, meaning that you can see parallel grooves or lines recessed down the length of the stone.  These striations act as pathways for higher energies to be amplified and channeled through the stone.  This creates a pronounced clearing effect, and it also infuses the area with love and healing. Many times we block the flow of abundance, love, and blessings due to self-worth issues, past disappointments, and limiting beliefs.  Hiddenite will cleanse the emotional and mental bodies, opening the flood gates to allow in all of the good that the Universe wants to give you. The specimens that contain a hint of yellow are especially useful for those of us who might require just a little extra boost to open a heart that is closed due to past emotional traumas.  The overall effect is like a burst of refreshing energy that brings in more hope, light, and appreciation.  

Hiddenite is a lithium-bearing stone, which gives it the ability to calm the emotions and awaken the higher mind.  It activates the third eye, which eases meditation and moves you into a higher state of consciousness.  When you look at your life from a higher perspective, it is much easier to see all of the higher lessons beneath challenging situations you have experienced. This naturally brings forward a sense of greater understanding and gratitude for your own journey and growth.  When your higher mind is activated, it is also easier to mentally access all of the ways in which you are blessed.  Then you can literally count your blessings, which triggers the associated feelings of joy and appreciation.  The state of gratitude is the synergistic result of your mental and emotional bodies, in harmonic co-operation. An open mind allows higher truths and interpretations of your life to be received and understood, while an open heart allows you to feel it and to allow in even more love and good. Hiddenite will open and harmonize both centers. 

So after you overindulge on the turkey this Thursday, here’s a little Hiddenite meditation that you can do to increase the gratitude vibration and open yourself to receiving even more blessings.  With medical tape, secure a piece of Hiddenite directly over your third eye. Then take some relaxing breaths and come into a meditative state.  Call in spirit and your higher self, and then make a list of at least 50 things in your life that you are grateful for, big or small.  The Hiddenite will activate your psychic and mental centers, assisting you in becoming more aware of all of the good things in your life.  Once you have completed your list, lie down and remove the Hiddenite from your third eye.  Place it over your heart chakra, and then read your list aloud.  Pause after each blessing and really allow yourself to feel the joy, appreciation, and gratitude for each thing.  The Hiddenite will provide greater heart opening and an amplification of the positive emotions you are feeling.  You can put your list in a place of honor, such as on an altar, with the Hiddenite on top of it to continue amplifying your gratitude vibration. Hiddenite is on sale at Nature’s Treasures for ten percent off this week, right in time for Thanksgiving.  So be sure to put it on your shopping list!