Mar 28

How can I consciously reprogram the negative mind with crystals?

“Dear Adrienne,

Which crystals do you recommend to help with consciously reprogramming the negative mind?”


Receiving a question like this makes me so happy, because achieving this can significantly improve our quality of life.  The reality we experience is a result of our dominant thought  patterns.  They form a blueprint for what we draw into our experience, acting as energetic magnets that attract life situations of the same vibration.  So there is great power in discovering which thought patterns are creating negative results in our lives, which ones bring us down.  It is best to be gentle when we catch ourselves in negative mental states, because many times these patterns aren’t even ours.  We absorb so much from the collective consciousness, society, the media, authority figures, and family units.  The good news is that, once we are able to become aware of the negative thought patterns and catch ourselves running these programs, we are in a place of power to shift these into something more beneficial.  We can work with our mental energies to project thoughts and ideas that resonate with beautiful higher qualities, which is a key to creating a higher dimensional lifestyle full of love, joy, and expansion.  In fact, I believe that this is one of the main reasons we have incarnated at this time:  to take our power as creator beings and to help shift the entire reality of Earth to a kind and loving space that honors all.  I’d like to suggest three members of the mineral kingdom that can assist us in reprogramming the negative mind, moving us into a brighter existence.   

Black Tourmaline in Quartz is my favorite option for transmuting lower thought patterns.  Anytime you find Quartz that has Black Tourmaline inside of it, you have found a powerful combination stone for clearing out lower energies of any kind from the aura and chakras, while making repairs to your energy body.  Crystal expert, Robert Simmons, calls Black Tourmaline “the etheric vacuum cleaner.” It can actually transmute negative thought forms, lower vibrating emotional states, EMF’s from technology, psychic attack, or any destructive energetic debris or vibrations.  It can clear every layer of your auric field and bio-energetic body, transforming lower energy into positive and pure light.  Clear Quartz also brings in pure white light, and it has an amplifying effect that strengthens Black Tourmaline’s clearing and transmuting abilities.  Black Tourmaline in Quartz has a grounding effect that brings you back into balance and helps to rid you of outside influences.  It moves you back into your inherent, centered state of well-being.  From this space, it is much easier to tune into your own higher voice and establish it as the dominant program that runs your life.  The Quartz can then be deliberately programmed with your conscious intentions, and it will naturally amplify them to assist in more rapid manifestation of joyful living.  Instructions to follow!

 Citrine, the sunshine crystal, is another radiant option for clearing out the negative and adopting a positive and empowered frame of mind.  Like the sun, Citrine beams out happy, life-giving energy that can burn away and transmute clouds of negativity that affect our mental and emotional bodies.  It is especially effective for self-destructive tendencies, depression, anger, and fear, and it can make us less sensitive to negative influences in our environment.  Citrine is a stone of optimism and confidence, empowering a “can-do” attitude and your ability manifest wonderful things.  It naturally resonates with abundance, and it focuses our mind in a way to bring in blessings, success, and good things.  Since it is in the Quartz family, it also has the ability to amplify energies and to hold programs.

Photo credit: Photolitherland, Wikipedia

Apophyllite is purifying stone with sparkling qualities that works with the higher mental and spiritual centers. Beautiful to behold, Apophyllite often expresses in pyramid or cube shapes, in clear or green colors, and has a high water content.  It connects us with higher spiritual dimensions, thoughts, and energies and grounds these into the physical body so that we can work with them here.  Perhaps partially due to the water content, Apophyllite is cleansing to the mind, helping us to let go of lower thought patterns and mental blocks. It is especially good at assisting us in releasing busy mind chatter or judgmental thoughts from our ego that would otherwise block us from connecting with higher mind activity originating from the soul level. It has this same cleansing effect on the emotional body, assisting in the release of anxiety, worry, and suppressed feelings.   Once this clearing is done, Apophyllite gives us an infusion of higher energies, bringing in a fresh and bright outlook from an expanded perspective.  

All of these suggested crystals can be programmed with your intentions for releasing negative mental patterns and establishing a healthier mental body.  They have the proper molecular structure to hold whatever thought forms you place in them, and to amplify these.  I suggest programming your stones to assist you in releasing the mental programs that no longer serve you, and also in adopting new ones that enliven you.  Or you could program specific thought patterns that you would like to embrace directly into the stones.  For instance, if you catch yourself having a specific negative thought that you don’t like, you could program the exact opposite thought into your crystal. Here are the simple steps for programming:

1.  Develop a present tense affirmation that describes the desired state.  Some examples:  
“I have established new, positive, healthy thought patterns and have released all of those that no longer serve my highest good.”
“I see the positive in all situations and people, and I respond in the highest possible ways.”
“My mind is aligned with my heart and soul, and my good attitude shines through in all of my actions.” 
“I am a beautiful person, inside and out.” 

2.  Clear your energy, get into a good-feeling state, and call in spirit and your higher self to guide the process.

3.  Ask the crystal for permission.  Crystals are alive, so it is good manners to respect them as the conscious beings that they are and to express the essence of the energy that you would like to program.  Then be open to a response from the crystal.  If it is on board, you will likely feel positive emotions or you will hear it say “yes” in your mind.  If you get any sense of resistance, then you might ask another crystal for permission.

4.  Cleanse your crystal using whatever method you desire.  (Sage, running water, burying in salt, sunlight or moonlight, sound, with your energy and intention, etc.) 

5.  Place the crystal in your dominant hand, and then speak or mentally project your affirmation into the crystal.  You may also want to simultaneously hold a vision in your mind of what you are creating.  Repeat several times until you feel a click or shift, or get the message that the crystal has taken the program.  Normally, a crystal will be successfully programmed after you repeat the affirmation between eight and twelve times. You can always check with a pendulum to make sure the crystal has taken the program.  

Once you have programmed your crystal, you can carry it with you in your purse, pocket, or medicine pouch, allowing it to work continuously to affect your energy and consciousness.  Also, place it on your bedside table while you are sleeping.  Perhaps the most powerful way to benefit is to spend some regular time meditating with your crystal on your third eye.  Focus on your chosen affirmation, and then spend some time making your thoughts as positive and beautiful as possible.  Think about all of the blessings and good things that you have in your life, and this will reinforce a positive mental state and attract in more good.  Once you feel like you are fully embodying a healthy mental state, you might want to remove the program from your crystal.  Simply revisit the last step and, instead of repeating your intention, say: “The program is now removed.”  Thank you again for this very important question, and may your thoughts create beauty in you and all around you.