Oct 03

October–Ajoite: Embodying Your Radiant Paradise Self

It’s already October, and we are now in the final months leading to the heralded Shift of the Ages.  December 2012 is when the intricate crystalline grid system that is emerging around the planet is scheduled to come fully online, giving us access to a much greater range of dimensional realities.  I enjoy daydreaming about all of the new possibilities that are becoming available to us.  And I believe that doing so is our way of placing our vote, of being active architects in designing the newly emerging reality we will experience. What does yours look like?  I am envisioning a world where we have learned to value and live in harmony with a completely restored Mother Nature.  We eat and nourish our physicality in a way that values ourselves and the land, thus our bodies are an expression of radiant health and true beauty.  So much of the old negative programming and emotional hurt has been lifted and healed, so that we can now truly feel safe exploring and expressing the depths of our hearts. Since our thoughts and emotions are tuned into a higher place, we can manifest all that we need in a quick and masterful way.  In essence, I am envisioning a fifth dimensional version of paradise, where we experience the best version of ourselves, living in the most resplendent Earth scenery we can imagine.  And the crystal that I believe resonates most closely with these concepts and can lead us most masterfully up the vibrational scale to this place is Ajoite.  This Caribbean colored treasure has such a high, sweet, transformative energy that it can clear all of your energy centers, activate every chakra and your light body, nurture the heart back to wholeness, and connect you to the true beauty of who you really are on a soul level.  The positive shift can be so big that you become unrecognizable, in the most wonderful way!  That is exactly what happened to me once I began working with Ajoite consistently.

It seems fitting that I first began to work with Ajoite right after I spent a month in the paradise reality of Hawaii.  One beautiful day in paradise, I remember sitting beneath a tree on the beach of Waikiki and tuning into the elemental realm.  I was writing in my journal, when I got the message that I should make a wish.  And if I wanted it to come true, it had to be a wish that came from my inner child, not a responsible, grown-up wish.  The first thing that came to mind is that I wanted to be more beautiful.  At that point, I didn’t like the image of the person in the mirror.  I was not happy with my face or my body, and I felt like it wasn’t a reflection of the real me.  It seemed like a vain wish to me, but that is what I wrote down.  

When I got back to Austin and made it to my favorite crystal shop, I encountered Ajoite for the first time and instantly fell in love.  I ended up buying three very special Ajoite crystals, and spending regular time in meditation with them.  What I noticed right away is that they connected me back to the good feeling space that I had in Hawaii.  I felt light, happy, and free, as if the paradise energy of ancient Lemuria was channeling through Ajoite. It was like being in the presence of playful dolphins.  I could feel the Ajoite lifting my sense of heaviness, especially in the emotional realm.  When I placed it on different chakras, I felt a strong sense of clearing.  And there was this sweet, inherent crystalline consciousness that helped me to focus on all of the good in myself. I noticed that when I held my Ajoite crystals, my thoughts would naturally drift to my positive attributes.  I felt the Ajoite loving me so unconditionally, like a beloved parent inspiring me to be kinder to myself.  So my sense of self love began to grow.

It is still amazing to me how quickly I was able to start honoring myself more.  I became more aware of situations and people in my life that were keeping me down, and so I changed those relationships, in some cases overnight.  And I also noticed that I was beginning to have more energy in my body.  I started taking regular walks in the forest, nothing strenuous, but just an enjoyable thirty minute stroll. And then something amazing started happening.  Weight just started falling off!  In about four or five months, I lost thirty pounds with hardly any effort.  This was a miracle to me, since I had struggled for years with a thyroid condition that made weight loss more challenging. I had always wanted to be blonde, so I decided to take the plunge and dye my hair.  And I noticed something else startling.  My facial features seemed to shift a little! I swear that my nose slightly changed shape, and I saw a change in my eyes.  When I looked in the mirror, I finally really liked who I saw.  And here’s the most amazing part of this story.  It was time for me to get a new driver’s license.  I went in to take the photo, and when the computer compared the new photo to the old photo, it said that I wasn’t the same person!  I had to show additional ID to convince the agent that I was really me.  

Ajoite has some special physical attributes that nurture you and powerfully help  you in bringing out your most radiant self.  It is a rare copper silicate mineral that is usually found inside of Quartz.  Copper-based stones are crystal healing treasures, because they conduct energy and get things flowing again.  When energy is blocked, placing a copper-based stone over the blockage can pull out the stuck energy.  What I’ve noticed is that when the copper-based stone happens to be the hue of water, light-blue or turquoise-colored, they are especially cleansing and very versatile in treating any chakra with an energy blockage, from the root to the crown. In my case, I had significant blockage in my throat chakra, which was manifesting as a thyroid imbalance.  Once I started working with Ajoite, I was able to cut my thyroid medication in half.  Copper is also an element that resonates with the Divine Feminine and Goddess energies.  The copper content gets us in touch with the higher feminine qualities of nurturing, intuition, tenderness, and wholesome loving expression.  In hind site, it makes perfect sense that I felt such a loving and supportive presence in my Ajoite crystals.   

When Ajoite is found as an inclusion in Quartz, it is even more powerful.  Quartz is a natural energy amplifier, and therefore it will increase all of Ajoite’s inherent properties. Quartz is also an activator, awakening the chakras and dormant energetic structures.  
The combination of Quartz and Ajoite is particularly effective at activating the heart through the etheric chakras.  I have noticed that Ajoite in Quartz can help you to access energies from the highest levels and spiritual realms, such as the Ascended Master, ET, and Angelic realms.  It then steps the energy down so that it can be perceived through the third eye, channeled and expressed through the throat, and felt in the heart.  I believe that this is how Ajoite can cause such a complete healing and transformation.  It helps you perceive your lessons and life experiences from these higher perspectives, while opening your heart so that you can have compassion and forgiveness.  And through the copper content, it also provides the energy needed to clear the lower patterns and emotions.  

If you are ready to work with Ajoite to upshift an area of your life, here is how I would do it.  Obtain an Ajoite in Quartz. Then begin like I did, by creating a space where you can tune into spirit, and then write down a wish that comes from the heart of your inner child.  Once you have your wish, formulate it into a present-tense affirmation, as if you already have what you desire.  For example, “I now embody radiant beauty.”  Quartz crystals are programmable, meaning that they have the ability to store and amplify the energy of thought forms that you deliberately place inside of them.  So you can program your affirmation inside of your Ajoite in Quartz to assist you in more quickly manifesting it.

Cleanse your crystal, then hold it in your dominant hand.  Repeat your affirmation multiple times, as you visualize your intention flowing into the crystal.  You will often feel a click or a shift or some sort once the crystal takes the program.  Often it is accomplished after repeating it somewhere between eight to twelve times.  If in doubt, you can consult a pendulum and ask if the crystal has taken the program.  And once it is programmed, the program will remain in place until you remove it.  (To remove the program, simply hold the crystal and repeat “the program is now removed,” about eight to twelve times.)

Now you can do a clearing and manifesting meditation.  Lie down and place the crystal over your heart chakra, and call in your spirit helpers to guide in this work.  Allow your heart to open, and allow yourself to feel the loving transmission of the Ajoite.  Mentally ask the Ajoite in Quartz to help remove any energies that are blocking your wish from coming true.  If you feel guided to move the crystal to different chakras or areas of the body, follow your guidance.  But the heart is a good place to start.  Allow about eleven minutes for the clearing to happen, and feel free to continue tuning into the crystal to receive its loving energies during the clearing process.  Next, with the Ajoite in Quartz over the heart, visualize with as much detail as possible your wish coming true, and allow yourself to feel all of the good feelings associated with its manifestation.  The Ajoite in Quartz will connect with the potential reality where your wish comes to pass, and it will assist in bringing in all of the higher energies, synchronicities, and connections necessary to make it so.  When you feel complete with the visualization, close by recognizing and verbalizing at least ten good things about yourself. I would suggest repeating this meditation twice a week until the magic happens. May Ajoite help you to transform your life into your personal version of paradise.