Nov 05


How do you feel about Selenite, and how do you recommend using it?
-Catherine Petit

I absolutely love Selenite, and I use it for so many things! Selenite resonates with some of the highest and purest energies available and can serve as a connecting channel to the higher dimensions and the beings who reside there. Selenite energy is very calming, clearing, activating, and elevating. In my healing sessions, I am often guided to run a Selenite wand through various layers of the auric field to smooth it out, clear it, and seal it in light. Oftentimes, it ends up at the crown chakra and serves as an amplifying platform upon which I place other key stones so that they are delivered into the body on a wave of high and soft spiritual energies.

I would also suggest placing it on any chakra that seems like it requires an extra boost of pure white light. Selenite will clear out the cobwebs, infuse higher energies, repair any damage, and nurse the chakra back to its higher vibrating state. If you ever find yourself in a difficult emotional place–such as panic, anxiety, stress, anger, or intense sorrow–try gently stroking a Selenite. Allow the calming vibrations to bring you back to peace and center. I’ve had some extraordinary meditation experiences with Selenite.

I’d suggest making a grid of at least 6 Selenites in a Star of David pattern, then sitting inside for spiritual journeying. Relax, breathe, and set an intention for healing, connecting higher, or whatever is for your highest good. When I’ve done this, I have found myself connecting with groups of higher dimensional beings and doing important energy work to uplift the planet. Selenite is a super-star crystal, and it is definitely the flashlight of the Angels.