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Aug 22

Ocean Jasper–Stone of the Week (August 25-31st)

Ocean Jasper is a whimsical stone that expresses in a wide range of colors and funĀ patterns–like polka dots, concentric orbs, straight or diagonal stripes, and even wavy lines–sometimes all in the same stone. ItĀ is mined by hand at low tide off of the North West coast of Madagascar, and it captures the positive and rejuvenating …

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Apr 05

April: Ocean Jasper–The Bright-Side Stone

A wise person in my life once put it to me this way, “With all of the stress, the constant go-go-go mentality of the modern lifestyle, and literally thousands of negative messages broadcasting at us from all angles, to maintain a feeling of genuine happiness or even contentment is truly an achievement.” And for those …

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