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May 09

Four Crystals for Empaths and Sensitive Souls

Being an empath is a beautiful gift and a spiritual superpower, although it might not always feel like it. An empath is somebody who is able to feel the emotions, the energy, and even the physical pain of others. They tend to have a heart of gold and a highly developed intuitive sense. This heightened level …

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Jul 12

Tuning in: Accessing Your Higher Guidance with Crystals

My Spirit Team: “So you want to go on mission to Planet Earth during the Shift of the Ages?”  Me (with stars in my eyes):  “Yes, I really think I can make a difference and help people.” My Spirit Team:  “Now you realize you will be going in blind, with total amnesia about who you …

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Aug 08

Which crystals can help me discover my life purpose?

“Dear Adrienne, I’m in a space of soul-searching and trying to discover my life purpose.  I am just not happy at my current job, and I feel like I need to change so that I am doing something more aligned with who I really am.  I want to do something that helps people and brings …

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Dec 02

Is there a crystal for resisting the temptation of unhealthy holiday food?

“Dear Adrienne, My sister and I were chatting about how we always feel sick and gross after returning from our parents house for the holidays. Our parents (divorced, so, 2 sets of houses) always have tables full of pies and desserts, a ton of carbs from stuffing to sugary sweet potatoes and all kinds of festive …

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