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Apr 07

Four Crystals to Help with Ascension Symptoms

Have you been feeling out of sorts lately? Ascension symptoms are on the rise again as a result of increasingly intense energies. The good news is that we are integrating these higher frequencies as a mechanism for self-transformation. Doing so allows us to embody more of our soul essence and to activate more of our spiritual gifts. …

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Sep 01

Crystals for Navigating the Transformative September Energies

Multiple sources are all saying the same thing about September–hold on to your hats! An array of powerful energetic influences will sweep through this month, potentially changing the game for us on personal and planetary levels. There’s a lot of buzz around Wave X. According to Dr. Simon Atkins, Wave X is an influx of …

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Apr 29

Kunzite–Featured Stone (May 1st-14th)

There are so many gifted people who write planetary energy updates, keeping us all informed about general trends that humanity is experiencing.  A common thread that people are reporting about now is a sense of anxiety, worry, and overwhelm.  This is in part due to Earth changes and unrest in several areas of the world, …

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Oct 28

How can I treat anxiety with crystals?

“Dear Adrienne, I have always considered myself to be somewhat prone to anxiety, and lately it seems to be getting worse.  My thoughts and my heart race a lot, and I can’t stop worrying about a number of things going on in my life and also in the world. It seems like there’s just not …

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Mar 02

Which crystals do you recommend for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

“Dear Adrienne, I may be working with veterans soon, as I’m finishing up my first round of college. What do you think would be the best stone/crystal for a veteran with extreme disharmony (that they call PTSD) to carry with them? Is there something that could be made into a necklace or for them to …

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