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Mar 05

10 Reasons Why Kyanite is an Essential Stone for Healing and Spiritual Growth

                        Do you ever wish you had a magic wand? Personally, I’d like one that can poof away unpleasant things, such as bills, anxiety, and cellulite. My ideal magic wand would also bestow metaphysical superpowers and beam me onto friendly starships. Though I have yet …

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Sep 02

What is your recommendation for a large and powerful crystal to support healing work?

“Dear Adrienne, I am A Reiki Master and a healer who does massage, energy work, aromatherapy, past life healing, and other vibrational techniques.  Lately I’ve been getting this vision of placing a large crystal underneath my massage table.  Ideally, I’d like for it to bring in higher energies for healing and spiritual influence.  I’d also like …

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Aug 01

August: Sanda Rosa Azeztulite–Crystalline Rx for the Physical Body

Congratulations are in order! We have made it fifty-eight percent of the way through the 2012 ascension energies.  It may not have been easy, as anything that has been standing in the way of our movement into the light has been up for us to heal, clear, and resolve.  So take a moment to honor …

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