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Oct 10

How to Open, Clear, and Balance the Chakras with Crystals

If you want to be healthy, happy, and spiritually connected, it all starts with your¬†chakras and bio-energetic system. Your chakras are power points or gateways into the human energy system. They receive energy from the environment, which is circulated through the entire energy system via the meridians. The seven major chakras are located in a …

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Aug 01

What is the best way to combine crystals and sound for chakra balancing?

“Dear Adrienne, I practice balancing my chakras with music, but I am considering adding crystals to make it more effective. ¬†Normally I concentrate my attention on the chakra as the music for that chakra plays. Is it OK to place a crystal for each chakra on the chakras while I am doing my normal chakra …

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