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Oct 03

October–Ajoite: Embodying Your Radiant Paradise Self

It’s already October, and we are now in the final months leading to the heralded Shift of the Ages.  December 2012 is when the intricate crystalline grid system that is emerging around the planet is scheduled to come fully online, giving us access to a much greater range of dimensional realities.  I enjoy daydreaming about …

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Sep 01

September: Moonstone–Warm Milk for the Intuitive Self

Mother moon is a benevolent force in the sky, beaming down her gossamer waves of amplification to assist us all in moving forward.  Her beautiful face is always the same, yet she is expanding and contracting from our point of view.  Through her waxing and waning, she is modeling for us the cyclical nature of …

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Aug 01

August: Sanda Rosa Azeztulite–Crystalline Rx for the Physical Body

Congratulations are in order! We have made it fifty-eight percent of the way through the 2012 ascension energies.  It may not have been easy, as anything that has been standing in the way of our movement into the light has been up for us to heal, clear, and resolve.  So take a moment to honor …

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Jul 02

July: Zincite–Igniting Your Life Force

“A man can be short and dumpy and getting bald but if he has fire, women will like him.”–Mae West. I am a person who naturally gravitates toward the heat.  Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I have five planets in Leo.  To me, being on fire about life and enthusiastically …

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Jun 01

June: Watermelon Tourmaline–Marriage of the Feminine & Masculine

Photo by: R. Weller/Cochise College All eyes are rightfully on Venus this month due to her alluring dance patterns in the sky. The entire month of June is saturated in Venus retrograde energies, as she gives us the optical illusion that she is moving backwards in the cosmos.  We may experience this as energetic ripples …

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May 01

May: Fulgurite–The Quickening Portal

May 2012 could very well be a turning point for the evolution of the planet.  Reputable metaphysical sources are all singing the same song: “Hold on to your hats! The cosmic forecast calls for intense astrological and numerological alignments that are sure to instigate major personal and planetary changes.” To kick off the month, we …

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Apr 05

April: Ocean Jasper–The Bright-Side Stone

A wise person in my life once put it to me this way, “With all of the stress, the constant go-go-go mentality of the modern lifestyle, and literally thousands of negative messages broadcasting at us from all angles, to maintain a feeling of genuine happiness or even contentment is truly an achievement.” And for those …

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Mar 02

March: Aquamarine–Wellspring of Renewal

The world comes back to life and vibrancy when March brings us the spring equinox.  Here in the Texas Hill Country, the Devic realm plays its shining role, painting the hills with sapphire colored bluebonnets, ruby-red Indian paintbrushes, and other colorful varieties of wildflowers.  The weather is pristine, and the crystalline springs that flow through …

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Jan 27

February: Dioptase–Medicine for the Heart

The grocery store aisles are now a sea of red and pink; cascading with heart-shaped chocolate boxes, gushy teddy bears, rosy sentiments, and other plastic tokens of this grand concept called love.  I always loved Valentine’s Day as a child.  In class, we got to decorate little bags that our classmates would fill to the …

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Jan 04

January: Citrine–Programming Mastery in 2012

New Year’s Resolutions: I raise my vibration by decreasing energy spent on the following activities: watching any TV series with “Housewives” in the title, consuming packaged food with ingredients that look like they could blow up a chemistry lab, examining my face for newly appearing lines or flaws, and caring what other people think of …

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