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Jun 19

Crystals for the Summer Solstice: Shining Your Light!

Can you believe that half of the year is already gone, and summertime is basically here?  The summer solstice is right around the corner, on June 21st.  It marks the longest day of the year, a time when we are at maximum light.  The progress of the sun throughout the year represents our journey of …

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Oct 03

October 2013: Blue Kyanite–Becoming Calm, Clear, and Connected to Your Source

If you were to imagine living in a higher dimensional reality, what would that look like?  I envision flowing through a world of beauty, wearing my heart and soul on my sleeve.  In this place, we can put our masks and defenses down and be authentic, because we are safe, cherished, and honored by all …

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Sep 02

September: Vesuvianite–Sweet Support Stone for Self-Refinement

Life has been a process of refinement for many of us on the spiritual path. At the onset of spiritual awakening, it is common to feel a jolt of euphoric readiness to dive deep into the mystery.  If you are like me, you wanted to read every book on every facet of metaphysics ever written, …

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Aug 07

August: Quantum Quattro–Quantum Leap Into Spiritual Mastery

One thing is clear: we now find ourselves living in a world that is undergoing a major clearing, healing, and transformation.  The good news is that underlying corruption of those in power is being exposed.  Politicians, governmental agencies, and CEO’s can’t get away with business as usual, as the light shines upon and reveals their …

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Jun 05

June: Carnelian–Creating Radiance in your Body and Life

Carnelian, a sunshine stone of positivity and vitality, is a common stone that you can buy with change you find at the bottom of your purse; but its regenerative power is not to be underestimated!  I gained a great respect for the humble Carnelian when I was attending a Gemisphere crystal healing workshop, and I …

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Apr 01

April: Lithium Quartz–Floating Above Life’s Stressors

Did you know that April has been officially named “Stress Awareness Month?”  It seems appropriate, as millions of Americans tackle their taxes this month.  Stress is certainly an issue that we deal with, as the pace of life continues to accelerate in our already over-scheduled realities.  Being stressed not only affects our mental and emotional …

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Feb 28

March: Covellite–Spring Cleaning for Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

I think I have an energetic allergy to brooms, mops, Mr. Clean, and SOS pads.  Just the thought of my cleaning supplies makes me dizzy and weak, and I find that I just can’t seem to get off the couch.  But once I move through the resistance and actually put these things to use in …

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Feb 01

February 2013: Rhodochrosite–Set Your Heart Free!

February perfumes the air with roses and turns our attention to matters of the heart.  No matter what your relationship status says on Facebook, I like to think of Valentine’s Day as an inclusive celebration of love, in all of its beautiful forms and expressions. Love is the highest vibration in existence.  If there is …

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Dec 03

December 2012: Elestial Quartz–The Multidimensional Switchboard

Smoky Elestial Enydro We are just days away from the completion of the 144 Crystalline Grid, which is the “Merkaba of the Earthstar.”  According to James Tyberonn, the power date of 12-12-12 finalizes the full activation of the nine Master Atlantean Crystals that have been placed in dimensional lock, the Sun Discs that are the …

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Oct 27

November 2012: Manifestation Quartz–Magnetizing Your Ideal Future Timeline

My Miracle Manifestation Quartz Cluster! There are multiple crystals growing inside of the points. You know you’ve got a real case of the Mondays when your car breaks down underneath the freeway, and you have to call a tow truck to get it to the shop.  Then you get the message that your engine is …

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