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Oct 02

Are there any crystals that can help with healing my pets?

“Dear Adrienne, I have two cats and they are both senior citizens.  One cat has kidney problems, and the other has stiff joints and issues getting around. Of course I take them to the vet and follow their treatment protocols, but I was wondering if there was anything else I could do to help them …

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Sep 01

I’m having money troubles. What are the best crystals to help attract abundance and prosperity?

“Dear Adrienne, Money is getting tight in my household. Due to this economy, my company is laying off people. Luckily I still have a job, but my pay is now less than it was.  I am open to working with energy and spiritual concepts to create more abundance and new opportunities.  What crystals do you …

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Aug 08

Which crystals can help me discover my life purpose?

“Dear Adrienne, I’m in a space of soul-searching and trying to discover my life purpose.  I am just not happy at my current job, and I feel like I need to change so that I am doing something more aligned with who I really am.  I want to do something that helps people and brings …

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Jun 05

Are there any crystals that can help support my son with learning issues?

“Dear Adrienne, My eleven year old has some serious issues with learning, which I believe causes him to act up in class, probably from frustration.  He is getting quite far behind in class, and we have major problems trying to get him to do school work at home.  It ends up in some pretty major …

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Mar 28

How can I consciously reprogram the negative mind with crystals?

“Dear Adrienne, Which crystals do you recommend to help with consciously reprogramming the negative mind?” T.G. Receiving a question like this makes me so happy, because achieving this can significantly improve our quality of life.  The reality we experience is a result of our dominant thought  patterns.  They form a blueprint for what we draw …

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Feb 27

Are there any crystals I can wear to enhance beauty?

“Dear Adrienne, I am really ready to find a romantic partner.  I know that men are visual creatures, so I was wondering if there are any crystals that can bring out my inner beauty or help me to be more attractive to the opposite sex?  I couldn’t find much when I tried to look this …

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Jan 29

Are there any crystals that can help me stay healthy during this terrible flu season?

“Dear Adrienne, All I have been hearing about lately is how bad the flu is right now.  Several people at work have already come down with it, and I really don’t need that in my life!  I’ve been sanitizing my hands like crazy and taking good supplements, because I don’t fully trust flu shots.  I’m …

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Dec 02

Is there a crystal for resisting the temptation of unhealthy holiday food?

“Dear Adrienne, My sister and I were chatting about how we always feel sick and gross after returning from our parents house for the holidays. Our parents (divorced, so, 2 sets of houses) always have tables full of pies and desserts, a ton of carbs from stuffing to sugary sweet potatoes and all kinds of festive …

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Oct 28

How can I treat anxiety with crystals?

“Dear Adrienne, I have always considered myself to be somewhat prone to anxiety, and lately it seems to be getting worse.  My thoughts and my heart race a lot, and I can’t stop worrying about a number of things going on in my life and also in the world. It seems like there’s just not …

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Oct 02

What purpose do crystal skulls serve in healing?

“Dear Adrienne, I’ve been noticing that a lot of people are feeling drawn to the crystal skulls lately, and I am one of them.  I am considering purchasing one, and so I wanted to hear your take on their significance, especially in regard to healing work.  How would having a crystal skull serve me?  Thank …

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