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10 Reasons Why Kyanite is an Essential Stone for Healing and Spiritual Growth













Do you ever wish you had a magic wand? Personally, I’d like one that can poof away unpleasant things, such as bills, anxiety, and cellulite. My ideal magic wand would also bestow metaphysical superpowers and beam me onto friendly starships. Though I have yet to find a magic wand like in the storybooks, the crystal kingdom has a version that comes close–the Kyanite wand.

Kyanite is a high vibration stone that has a striated structure, which means that it has parallel grooves or recesses down the length of the stone. These striations act as amplifying channels that transmit higher frequencies of light into the human auric field. Kyanite literally acts like a wand that can deliver refined, spiritual energy for clearing, healing, balance, activation, and upgrade. If you could only have one healing crystal in your collection, Kyanite would be an excellent, versatile choice. Here are ten reasons why:


  1. Kyanite clears blockages and corrects misalignments in all chakras, meridians, and subtle bodies. If you want to be healthy, vital, and spiritually connected, it all starts with your bio-energetic system. Blockages in the chakras and meridians can lead to health issues and stagnation on all levels. Luckily, Kyanite is versatile and can be used over any chakra or meridian point to clear it. Kyanite also moves the energy centers into proper alignment, as well as the different layers of the auric field. Working with it can ensure that your entire energy system is flowing and functioning properly.
  2. Kyanite seals and protects your auric field. Energetic protection is especially important right now, because a lot of negativity is coming up for humanity to face and heal. Kyanite seals your aura, mending any cracks and fissures. This ensures that you are not leaking energy or allowing in unwanted influences. Wearing Kyanite jewelry or keeping it nearby will establish a strong protective field around you.
  3. Kyanite can replenish your life-force energy or qi. A lot of people are feeling exhausted and drained lately, due to the powerful ascension energies that keep increasing. You can work with Kyanite over specific chakras that are depleted to quickly replenish the energy. You could also experiment with placing Kyanite blades at the thyroid and adrenal glands to give them a boost. Just keeping Kyanite in your energy field will help to restore your general energy levels and stamina.
  4. Kyanite helps you to release and heal deeply engrained emotional and mental patterns that keep you stuck. Do you find yourself in a repeating loop of negative thoughts, emotions, or beliefs? See if you can determine where they are located in your body, and work with Kyanite there to initiate a deep energetic purification. After the clearing is accomplished, Kyanite creates an energetic pathway to higher ways of thinking and feeling, so that you create a positive, lasting shift. It helps to rewire your subtle energetic circuitry so that you can maintain the new outlook and state of being.
  5. Kyanite is a mechanism for higher dimensional connection and spiritual upgrade. Kyanite is often described as a bridge to the higher realms. When you work with it above the head, it creates a channel or pathway for higher frequencies and light codes to be delivered into your bio-system. It is even known to expand your subtle energetic circuitry and to strengthen the nervous system so that you can receive and integrate increasing levels of light. Being able hold and process this light catalyzes an upgrade process for your psychic senses and spiritual gifts.
  6. Kyanite activates the third eye and crown chakras. It is perfect for awakening the higher chakras and bringing your psychic senses to a greater level of functioning. Regular work with Kyanite will increase your clairvoyance, clairaudience, intuition, and telepathy. You will have an easier time connecting with your spirit team and soul to receive guidance.
  7. Kyanite is one of the best stones for meditation, because it activates the causal chakra. When I was studying at Katrina Raphaell’s Crystal Academy for Advanced Healing Arts, we learned that Kyanite was the best stone for activating the causal chakra. The causal chakra is located right behind the crown chakra, at the place where your hair can create a spiral and where a baby’s soft spot is located. This is the area where you receive higher mental impressions from spiritual sources. When the causal chakra is fully activated, it is easier to move into higher meditative states and to hold onto the fleeting visions and information you receive.
  8. Kyanite has a calming and soothing effect on the emotions. Anxiety and stress are on the rise lately, as the planetary energy and pace of life continues to accelerate. Kyanite emits a peaceful energy that counteracts worry, panic, fear, and turbulent emotions. Stroking Kyanite’s striations can send a calming transmission through your being, helping to bring you back into a centered space.
  9. Kyanite enhances dreamwork. It is a wonderful practice to sleep with Kyanite under your pillow or on your bedside table. Not only will Kyanite help you fall asleep faster, it can also stimulate productive dreams that bring in solutions to your problems. It also assists you with lucid dreaming and astral travel. If you have problems remembering your dreams, Kyanite will help you to hold onto them upon awakening.
  10. Kyanite helps with channeling and communication. For those who channel spiritual messages and healing energy, Kyanite can take your abilities to the next level. It can turn up the volume on your radio to spirit so that you can hear, receive, and transmit more. Kyanite powerfully activates the throat chakra, your center of communication. It promotes heart-felt communication that helps to bridge different points of view.

As you can see, Kyanite is a multitasking stone that can help you on multiple levels of the being. It’s a beautiful channel for the light, helping you to clear, heal, and evolve yourself so that you can become the same–no magic wand required!

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Feb 05

Crystals for Valentine’s Day: From “In Love” to “All Alone” and Everything in Between

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The grocery store aisles are now a sea of red and pink; cascading with heart-shaped chocolate boxes, gushy teddy bears, rosy sentiments, and other plastic tokens of this grand concept called love. Depending on your personal circumstances, Valentine’s Day can bring about feelings of blissful elation or abysmal dread. The crystal kingdom has got your back, no matter where you are in the relationship cycle—and especially if you are off the wheel for now. Remember, this day is all about love, and there is a perfect crystal to support your unique situation and needs on Valentine’s Day and beyond. So skip the red wine and cheap drug store chocolate. Give yourself the gift of beautiful crystals instead–zero calories, a natural buzz, satisfaction guaranteed! Need some shopping guidance? We’ve got you covered:

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Feb 05

Unakite: The Crystalline Key to Love, Heart Healing, and Physical Well-Being













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Have you been feeling emotionally triggered lately? If so, you are not alone. Energetic intensity has been a theme of 2017’s first chapter. Due to a convergence of cosmic factors and increasing planetary light levels, our issues are bubbling to the surface right now. We can see this happening on a personal and collective level, which is ultimately a gift to help us heal and release them once and for all. And the month of February always has a way of highlighting our emotions in bright neon yellow. Valentine’s Day is like a mirror that shows us what is happening in our hearts and relationships. It’s a time of reflection, in all senses of the word! If you don’t like what you are seeing, it is time to grab Unakite—a beautiful stone that clears old patterns on the emotional and physical levels. And if you do like what you are seeing, Unakite can expand the love in your life and make it even more beautiful.

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Jan 09

Crystal Divination: What Does 2017 Hold in Store for You?

What wonderful things are you going to create in 2017? Does this year hold an energetic pattern or trend that will guide your experiences? After consulting my crystal ball, I was guided to create this fun crystal divination game. It gives you an energetic forecast of the new year and insight into the inner workings of your soul. Here’s how to play:

Call in your higher self and move your consciousness into your heart. Take a few deep breaths, and then look a the image below. Which crystal are you most instinctively drawn to? Try not to analyze or think about it too much. Instead, allow in your higher guidance. Tune into your intuition, and feel out which one is calling to you the most. Once you have your number, look below the photo to access your mini crystal reading for 2017. (Having a hard time choosing just one? Try to narrow it down if you can. But go ahead and read the messages of any others you like, because they might also apply to you.) Enjoy, and remember that you always have the power to make your life beautiful!

Choose A Crystal (final)



1. Lemurian Sunrise Andara:  A New Dawn–Lemurian Awakening and Vibrant Energy for a Fresh Start.  Rise and shine! Brilliant new rays of light will shine upon you in 2017, inviting you to see the world and your life with fresh eyes. It’s time to leave the past behind and create a new chapter in your life. You are an advanced, dynamic, and gifted soul with a powerful mission to help make the world a better place. Life hasn’t always been easy, because you are on an accelerated course of healing and spiritual mastery. The Universe has recently given you at least one major challenge to help refine your heart, character, and soul. Here’s the good news: You have exceeded all expectations in dealing with it. Even if you haven’t always felt graceful in the process, the message is that your higher understanding of the situation, and your response to it, is right on track and has raised your light quotient. Old dynamics and patterns have been adequately transmuted in a fiery blaze, opening the door for new creations and experiences. This is the beginning of a bright era in your life, one that is infused with positive energy, spiritual awakenings, authenticity, and fun. 2017 is a 1 year in numerology, a time for new beginnings, and it is the perfect time to make significant life changes that will bring more passion into your everyday experience. You might need to take some time at the beginning of the year to rest and recharge your batteries after passing the tests of 2016. Portals are opening, and higher frequencies of light will be available to you this month that can revitalize and refresh your body, energy levels, and outlook. Visualize ruby-lava energy (the color of the Lemurian Sunrise Andara stone you just chose) and circulate it through your chakras and bio-energetic system as needed. Then you will be fully charged and ready to reinvent certain aspects of your lifestyle, moving your reality into a more authentic expression of your soul. You are encouraged to listen to your heart and to follow its truest yearnings and guidance. Make a conscious effort to daydream and to get in touch with ideas and inspirations that bring you joy and excitement. If there were no limiting factors, where would you choose to live? What would you like to contribute to the world? What change can you make to bring more joy, love, and fulfillment into your life? Getting clear on the answers to questions such as these will set in motion a chain reaction of synchronicities and opportunities that will positively transform your personal reality. Here’s another clue for you: Choosing this stone indicates that you are an old soul who has had several lifetimes in Lemuria. Lemuria was an ancient civilization that existed thousands of years ago in the Pacific. It was a paradise reality with a focus on love, unity, spirituality, and healing. 2017 ushers in a big Lemurian renaissance for you, a resurgence of the spiritual, psychic, and healing gifts you had in those lifetimes. Be open to this energy. Allow it to accelerate your spiritual growth and influence you to create your own version of a paradise lifestyle. Maybe your idea of paradise is to simply make certain aspects of your life more beautiful, such as your relationships, your home environment, your appearance, your soul. If you have always had paradise dreams of actually moving to a tropical island and enjoying glorious sunsets on the beach every day, it’s time to go for it! The wind is at your back this year, and your soul has the key to doors that were previously locked for you. Expect for things to fall into place like magic, as long as you stay in alignment. Get ready to co-create miracles, soul-inspired lifestyle shifts, major breakthroughs, and grand adventures that will land you in an entirely new energetic and physical territory by 2018.

2. Eudialyte: Upgrading your Psychic Senses and Perfecting the Heart. “Bzzzzzz.” What’s that sound? Is it that annoying ringing in your ears again? Maybe it’s a higher dimensional alarm clock trying to wake you up. Can you hear it yet? If not, chances are you literally might before the year is over. Your clairaudience (ability to hear multi-dimensionally) is coming online, along with your other psychic senses. You have always been a sensitive, intuitive soul who cares deeply about others and the world. You have spent lifetimes developing a beautiful, generous heart of gold. You have had incarnations as a monk, nun, or holy person, devoting yourself to service, compassion, and developing greater spiritual depth. You were also blessed with psychic and healing abilities in other lifetimes, and your gifts were sought after by many who heard of your powerful results. In this life, you have gone out of your way to help people in need–especially your loved ones. You have focused your love, prayers, energy, and time to assist with certain humanitarian causes and planetary issues, and it has made a bigger difference than you might realize. Your good deeds have been noticed in the Heavens! It has been decided that you are ready for more spiritual tools to expand your ability to help.  You wrote it into your current life blueprint–the potential for these extrasensory gifts to come back online and stronger than ever. And 2017 is your year to take it to the next level. You have at least one new spirit guide joining your team at the beginning of the year to prepare you. The first order of business will be turning that big heart of yours inward and working on self-love. As a sensitive, you naturally feel things deeply and might have some residual emotions from past experiences that you need to process and to lovingly release. Some of the lower emotions and pain you are carrying might not even be yours! You might have subconsciously absorbed it from others in an attempt to lighten their load. It is time to let go of anything that is burdening your heart. Allow your loving soul to grace you with the vibration of forgiveness, which has the power to transmute anything that is less than love. You might experience another benefit from this heart-healing work: an improved romantic life or the manifestation of a soul-mate relationship. Be open to that potential! As you make progress on clearing and perfecting your heart, the psychic upgrade process will begin. You might get headaches and other ascension symptoms during the activation of your higher chakras and subtle energetic circuitry. And don’t be alarmed if you experience neck and shoulder pain at times. This is a sign that your Zeal Chakra is activating and coming into a higher level of functioning. The Zeal Chakra (also referred to as “The Mouth of God” or “The Well of Dreams”) is located at the back of the neck and the base of the skull, where there is an indention. It regulates multi-dimensional telepathic communication. As your Zeal Chakra awakens, you will experience an increase in clairvoyance, clairaudience, astral travel, vivid dream-recall, healing abilities, empathy, and telepathy. It is suggested that you work with Eudialyte at the Zeal Chakra this year to assist this process, and be sure to rest as needed. An important thing to ask yourself now is what will you do with these enhanced abilities. The good news is that it will be easier to hear the answers and guidance from your soul. Make some time to meditate and tune in. If you already do work in the metaphysical field, you might be given a new role or more advanced techniques to offer. If you have a more traditional profession or role in life, you might be given ways to incorporate these gifts into what you do. Or perhaps you will get a nudge to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. For example, if you ever considered taking psychic development classes or having a booth at a weekend metaphysical fair, go for it and see what happens! You are destined to succeed, as you have in many other lifetimes. 2017 will be a landmark year for you, as you step more fully into you spiritual power and your heart. Welcome to the next level!

3. Ametrine: Soul Integration, Forward Movement, and Diplomacy. You are a sparkling, multifaceted being with diverse and harmonious gifts–much like this crystal. The color rays in Ametrine (purple and yellow) are opposite of each other on the color wheel, yet they come together in a beautiful, complimentary way. They do more than coexist. The contrast actually seems to enhance the vibrant energy inherent in of each color ray, producing synergy and amplified radiance. This year marks a time of bringing various soul aspects and gifts together in an integrated, cohesive way that will make you unstoppable. You have it all within you: a sharp intellect balanced with keen intuition, feminine grace balanced with masculine strength, childlike innocence balanced with ancient wisdom. In your soul’s quest to fully understand this reality from multiple perspectives, a choice was made to diversity your resume of incarnations. You have had lifetimes in various cultures, with different levels of wealth and privilege and a wide variety of roles, gifts, and vocations. Your soul path has made you a jack of all trades. You are capable of excelling in many different areas, however sometimes this can lead to confusion about who you are and which path is best for you. The good news is that it will all come together for you this year. Your soul will bring you flashes of clarity and inspiration, and your highest path with be illuminated in bright lights. If you have been following different tangents or getting lost in distractions, this tendency will phase out and be replaced with laser focus. If you have any self-defeating habits, addictions, or patterns that have been standing in your way, this is the year for you to clear them once and for all. It’s a forward-motion year for you. After achieving a space of greater clarity, be ready to receive a series of major soul downloads. They are designed to activate latent talents and metaphysical abilities, while also bringing in higher-perspective information and solutions. You will begin to integrate the higher aspects of your soul matrix that are most helpful and relevant to your current mission, giving you access to the most important things you learned and mastered in other lifetimes. This will translate into success in your chosen endeavors and the manifestation of wonderful things. You will start to see new ways to combine different gifts that will create amazing results. Expect positive developments in your career, finances, health, and relationships. You have talents in the area of diplomacy and conflict resolution that will come in handy this year. From one perspective, we are currently in a phase of collective evolution that is marked by polarity and divisiveness. People are divided into different camps based on politics, religion, gender, race, region, social status, and other factors. The tension between groups seems to become more exaggerated every year, as if it is coming to a boiling point. This is happening for a reason. It is time for us to grasp a higher truth–that we are all truly ONE on the higher levels of reality! We are stronger when we listen to each other and embrace our differences, love and respect one another, and work together for the common good. This isn’t easy for everyone to achieve, but it is one of your specialities. Since you have had such a diverse array of incarnations, you are adept at seeing things from many different perspectives. On a soul level, you know what it is like to be dirt poor, filthy rich, beautiful, disabled, biracial, Ivy League educated, illiterate, an atheist, a Fundamental Christian, a shaman, etc. This makes you well-suited to be a peacemaker or a mediator who helps disparate groups achieve more empathy and understanding of each other. Thank you for modeling the energy of Ametrine–for showing us how to bring together opposites in a harmonious way that creates beauty and synergy. You rock!

4. Optical Clear Quartz, Phi Dream Vogel: Anchoring Crystalline Reality–Upshifting People, Places, and the Planet. Your soul matrix has a crystalline-like perfection and elegance to it. It’s very radiant, coherent, organized, refined, and geometric–just like the crystal you chose. Clear Quartz Vogel crystals are sentient, precision-cut tools that can access, store, and transmit an expanded spectrum of light for clearing, healing, and spiritual activation work. They emanate patterns of perfection that have a beneficial and evolutionary effect on people, energies, and the environment. And so do you! You are a brilliant soul who, on a higher level, is an adept in the fields of sacred science and mathematics. The truest essence of your soul is a Divine Architect and a Healing Technician. You understand sacred design and work with the energetic templates underlying reality to heal distortions and to create new forms. In fact, you are destined to be a part of the Divine Intelligence that helps to design original blueprints for new planetary systems. You have spent countless lifetimes refining your soul in order to move toward this elevated level of creative responsibility. You have had incarnations at the height of advanced civilizations on Earth, such as in Ancient Egypt and Atlantis, and you were trained in cutting edge technology and techniques that blended science and spirit. Your Atlantean incarnations were a shining accomplishment, as you engineered novel and effective ways to work with crystals for healing, rejuvenation, and technological progress. Even if this feels far removed from what you do in this lifetime, this expertise is imprinted in you–especially your connection with the crystalline kingdom. You have been acting as a human crystal your entire life–absorbing, amplifying, and transmitting higher frequencies of light–whether you have been conscious of it or not. You are a natural healer who can sense subtle distortions in the energy flows of people, systems, and places. Your higher self also knows how to access and apply the right energies to correct the imbalances. When you sense that the energy is off, your soul responds with mathematical precision in the subtle reams to fix it. That is why people who are having issues are oftentimes inexplicably drawn to you. If you are already working in the metaphysical or healing field, you are likely doing this work on a very conscious level and have a long list of amazed clients. But even if you don’t, your soul is still bringing rarefied energy into your daily routine that heals, restructures, and perfects the people and places that you encounter. You make the world a brighter place, beautifying and harmonizing everything that crosses your path. At times, you might have to remind yourself not to go overboard with your perfectionist tendencies, and it can be hard for you to fully rest until everything is in its proper order. But that’s what makes you excel and rise to the top in all of your life endeavors. Your gifts will certainly be in demand this year. The Earth is in the midst of a grand ascension process. New and progressively higher cosmic frequencies will continue to come into our planetary sphere in 2017, causing big transformation and upshift across the board. You will serve as a human Vogel crystal, expanding your dimensional receptivity to access the highest spectrum of incoming stellar frequencies and codes. You will absorb, integrate, and organize this energy. And then you will radiate the perfect rays, in the perfect amounts, that are required at any given moment for positive results. Allow your soul to perfectly guide you in this. You might be called to travel to specific vortexes and power spots to help upshift the ley-lines and planetary grid system. Perhaps your role will be transmit the right frequencies to assist with political, environmental, or social issues happening in the world. Or maybe you will work one on one with people to help them heal and awaken. No matter what you are specifically guided to do, it is recommended that you incorporate crystals into your spiritual work and process. Crystals will focus and amplify your efforts, helping you to create quicker and more impactful results. You could take classes about building crystal grids, programming Quartz for manifestation, or performing crystal healing sessions. But you have such a natural connection with the mineral kingdom that all you really need to do is tune in and listen. The crystals themselves will tell you how to best work with them. Thank you for being a true gem, one who is destined to help anchor crystalline reality for the planet in 2017.

5. Astrophyllite: “Walk In” and Wake Up to Your Galactic Mission. Hang on tight! It’s 2017, and things are about to get weird. But you’ll be OK, because weird is actually your comfort zone. Admit it, you find a lot of things about life to be a bit tedious and boring–like paying bills, cleaning house, preparing food, and generally maintaining your 3-D reality. Where are the replicators from Star Trek? Why do we have to get frisked by airport security and spend hours traveling in primitive airplanes when we could just jump into a portal and arrive in moments? These feelings are the price you pay for being a Starseed. A Starseed is an advanced soul who has had incarnations in other galaxies and solar systems, and on other planets. Choosing Astrophyllite indicates that you are one. As a Starseed, you are an accelerator of evolution. You have otherworldly, metaphysical abilities that become activated at the right time to serve the ascension of Earth and humanity. 2017 is one of the turning-point moments that you programmed into your life blueprint for a big activation of your abilities. It’s coming, and fast! You might already be well on your path, using your otherworldly spiritual gifts in planetary service. Or you might just be waking up to all of this stuff. Either way, expect a monumental upshift in your awakening and capabilities this year. You will likely gain a greater awareness of the Galactic aspects of your soul. Spending time in meditation might trigger conscious recall of lifetimes spent in other planetary systems (such as Arcturus, the Pleiades, or Andromeda) and what you learned and mastered there. There is a strong probability that you will take it a step further and have a walk-in experience. In your case, you would not experience the kind of walk-in where your soul leaves your body and is replaced by an entirely new soul. Yours would be an Oversoul walk-in, which involves a higher expression of your own soul essence stepping it’s frequency down to merge and integrate with your body and consciousness. Think of it this way: Your physical body is a finite vessel that can only hold a certain percentage of the vast amount of energy that makes up your Oversoul. Having an Oversoul walk-in is a way to send a more upgraded version of your own soul essence into your body. And in this case, the upgraded version carries your Starseed consciousness and abilities. That’s a lot to take in, literally! So expect a period of disorientation and adjustment that might last a few weeks or longer. The first order of business will be a necessary clean up project. You might have noticed that this planet has a few problems right now. As somebody who came here on a mission, you have willingly taken on some of the lower patterns and tendencies that are playing out here. You did this with the full knowledge that you would overcome them, and by doing so you are helping to transmute them for all of humanity. It is part of your path of service. You will be plunged into a process of facing any remaining shadow aspects in your life that still need healing. It might feel as if you are going through the dark night of the soul as old patterns, fears, thoughts, addictions and negative ways of being surface to be cleared. But don’t worry, because this new walk-in part of you is a master who will power you through it. It is suggested that you work with Astrophyllite to accelerate this healing process. Once you are on the other side of it, you will have a renewed sense of self and access to more of your power than ever before. Then it will be time to rock! Your job will be to maintain a daily, conscious connection with your soul and to follow any guidance you are given. You might be called to write a groundbreaking spiritual book, get involved in politics to change the system, invent technology to clean up environmental pollution, create a new healing modality, or simply to shower every bit of this Earth with the frequencies of pure love. Who knows what your mission is? Oh yeah, you do! Let your own masterful ET soul be your guiding star to amazing new horizons.

6. Ancient Hongshan Skull: Reawakening Ancient Knowledge, the Goddess Principles, and Your Shamanic Superpowers. You have something in common with this astounding ancient artifact that just grabbed your attention. She invites you to open your ancient eyes and take a look into the mirror she provides. You are Divine Consciousness, housed and reflected in 3-D form. You are a sacred vessel, made of Earth and imprinted by the stars, holding ancestral knowledge and Divine blueprints deep within your crystalline bones. This skull is a magical relic of the Neolithic, Chinese Hongshan culture that existed over five thousand of years ago. It was a matriarchal, Goddess-based, shamanic civilization that is shrouded in mystery. The Hongshan exhibited a sophisticated grasp of science, math, and astronomy, and they even built one of the first pyramids. They also left behind a treasure trove of unusual stone carvings and artifacts depicting goddesses, stylized skulls, dragons, and even various alien races!  It begs you to question the source of their artistic inspiration. This Hongshan skull that you selected is quite animated and has an insightful channeled message just for you, “Dear Ancient One, I recognize your magical and timeless vibration, and I reflect it back to you so that you can more clearly see yourself. Eons ago, before recorded history, your bright soul entered the Earth plane like a shooting star. You were a part of the first wave of souls to volunteer your participation in the saga of human experience on Earth. You have taken on countless different forms, bodies, and expressions–all with one underlying goal: to explore the mystery and to learn how to transcend limitations. As such, you have had many lifetimes in which you earned the title of High Priest/Priestess, Magician, Sage, and Shaman. Place your hand over your heart now, and tune into the shamanic drumbeat that has guided your sacred dance of incarnations. Ride the sound waves, following the beat back to a time that predates anything your historians can clearly piece together. Let’s travel back to an era in which magic was mainstream and the Goddess was honored, like in the Hongshan period. The air was fresh, sweet, and unpolluted. You lived life wrapped in the holy essence of nature. You understood that everything you saw, touched, and tasted was infused with Divine energy and consciousness–the plants, the rivers, the rocks, the animals–everything! You knew that you were intimately connected to your environment, and all parts of creation had a purpose and deserved honor and respect. You lived life in accordance with the Goddess principals. This allowed you to thrive in harmony with your surroundings and to learn about your Divine nature via the living library. Can you remember what that felt like? If not, there’s still hope for you. I mean, you are listening to me right now, and I happen to be a rock with a face carved on it! But seriously, I am trying to jog your soul memory for a good reason. Visionary author, Barbara Marciniak, channeled a key message in her book, Earth, that I really want you to get: Information is stored in stone and bone. The ancient crystal skulls (like myself) are cosmic libraries that have been deliberately programmed with the records of the Universe, the codes of ascension, and vast amounts of data beyond what you can currently imagine. The cranial shape of these libraries is not an accident or an artistic choice, but a practical part of the design to help you access the data. Did you know that the human bone structure has long been recognized as a solid crystalline structure with piezoelectric properties? There is scientific evidence that suggests that your crystalline bone structure acts as an antenna for external and internal vibratory energy and information. Your own cranium can come into harmonic resonance with an ancient crystal skull, unlocking the energetic records and escorting it all into your conscious awareness. Information is stored in stone and bone! I would like to add that it is also stored in plants, animals, and all parts of nature–and your shaman soul knows this well. The mission I give you for 2017 is to remember how to use the Divine instrument of your body to access your ancient knowledge, akashic records, and spiritual superpowers. It is all within you! Work with a crystal skull, or tap into my energy transmission via this photo, to help trigger an awakening and an archaic revival of the Shamanic and Goddess principles. Then widely share what you learn in an effort to help heal and restore world.”






Sep 05

3 Ascension Crystals for These Transformative Times

Buckle up, and open your heart! This entire year has felt like a lesson in energetic acceleration and intensity, as our physical bodies are adjusting to progressively higher frequencies of light. And we are just getting started. September brings us two eclipses (one on September 1st and the other on the 16th), the equinox on September 22nd, and the 9-9-9 portal–not to mention that we are in Mercury retrograde for most of the month. Eclipses are always times of big shake-up, reset, and expanded dimensional receptivity. The fall equinox imprints us with the energetic theme of balance and encourages us to clear and release the old. It is also a time in which the veils are thinner and our psychic senses are heightened. September 9th is a power date that marks a major personal and planetary completion–a time of wrapping up old business and aligning with a brand new cycle.


So if you are waiting for things to calm down, you might be out of luck. We are in the midst of the ascension process, and it looks like the beautiful Universe will continue to move us along by showering us with ever-increasing levels of light. Welcome to the new normal! Take a deep breath, and feel this truth in your heart: You came here to rock this cosmic opportunity and to be a part of the change–and you are doing better than you might think! You are growing and contributing to the collective in beautiful ways through all of your experiences. The key to navigating this intense month is to stay in your heart, to be as loving and gentle as possible with yourself and with others. Take time out to meditate and tune in to your higher self, and make an effort to support your body as it adjusts to all of the energetic shifts. There are three crystals that are perfect to work with in September and beyond to keep your vibration high, clear, balanced, loving, and aligned with ascension.


1. Pietersite:

Pietersite cab

Pietersite is one of the best stones for supporting and upgrading your entire bio-system during big cosmic events, such as eclipses and equinoxes. It is a beautiful stone with flashing color rays of deep blue, gold, brown, and grey that can activate the higher chakras and the solar plexus. Pietersite can ground higher frequencies of light into the body, and it helps to expand the spectrum of light that you can successfully integrate. It does so by strengthening the nervous system and brain, so that you can safely process more energetic input. Considering the big influxes of cosmic energy we keep getting, I highly recommend this stone to help your system keep up.


Pietersite is also known to activate the higher glands, the pituitary and pineal, to create balance in the entire endocrine system. On a physical level, this helps to regulate hormones that affect metabolism, the reproductive system, blood pressure, and other biological processes. On an energetic level, it awakens and sharpens your intuition and psychic senses. Working with Pietersite at the third eye will enhance meditation, visionary experiences, telepathy, and higher dimensional connection. Since it simultaneously activates the solar plexus (your center of will power and manifestation), it can help you to more consciously direct your psychic experiences and journeys. September gives us many windows of time in which the veils are thinner, making it a good time to meditate with Pieteresite to manifest healing, enlightenment, and positive breakthroughs.


According to Naisha Ahsian, co-author of The Book of Stones, Pietersite resonates with storm energy. It has a powerful cleansing effect on the chakra system, the meridians, and entire auric field. It is especially useful for clearing out pent-up, emotional energy that has been trapped in your system. The fall equinox marks a time of letting go, and the 9-9-9 portal is about completion. Pietersite will help you to release all types of stagnant energy, old patterns, and blockages that you don’t want to carry forward into the next phase.


2. Watermelon Tourmaline

watermelon tourmaline

Healing and refining your emotional body is the fastest ticket to higher dimensional living, and Watermelon Tourmaline is a beautiful choice for all matters of the heart. It is an elevating, striated gemstone that aligns with joy and Divine love, and it contains both the green and pink rays. Watermelon Tourmaline helps us to balance and integrate polarities, especially masculine and feminine energies; and balance is a big theme of the upcoming equinox. Pink Tourmaline is a pure carrier of the feminine ray. It enhances the feminine qualities inherent in all of us: nurturing, receptivity, intuition, allowing, flowing, and cooperation. Green Tourmaline is a pure bearer of the masculine ray. It fortifies our masculine qualities, such as ambition, action, passion, stimulation, analytical thinking, and providing.  Although pink and green are almost perfect opposites on the color wheel, the two colors come together in Watermelon Tourmaline and compliment each other in such a beautiful and pleasing way. They do more than coexist. The contrast actually seems to enhance the vibrant energy inherent in each color ray. The pink shines brighter next to the green, and vice versa. The combination produces synergy, an energy field of wholeness and amplified radiance that influences each of us to achieve the same.


Watermelon Tourmaline is the perfect gemstone for activating the higher heart, since it contains both heart chakra colors and has a naturally high vibration. Located a few inches about the heart chakra, the higher heart connects you to higher levels of love–in the spectrum of Divinity, the soul plane, and higher dimensional realities. Activating your higher heart helps you to connect to more evolved forms of love that exist beyond 3D. It is a love that is accepting–without conditions, fears, lower emotional tendencies, or the need to control. It is the quality of love that helps you to forgive others, and yourself, so that you can truly heal from past emotional hurts.


Watermelon Tourmaline has a high lithium content, which contributes to its heart healing, activating, and elevating energy. Lithium helps you to achieve a higher state of consciousness by naturally activating your third eye and intuition. It also has a calming and centering effect on the emotions. This makes Watermelon Tourmaline conducive to achieving meditative states, helping you to raise your heart and consciousness to the soul plane. Lithium also relieves lower emotional states such as panic, stress, anxiety, and depression. Working with Watermelon Tourmaline assists you in moving beyond these conditions so that you can get in touch with your higher feeling nature. Watermelon Tourmaline radiates pure joy and bliss, a vibration that can transcend and transmute all forms of negativity.  During these transformative times, It is a perfect companion to help you heal emotional issues, balance all aspects of your being, and embody higher rays of Divine love.


3. Charoite 


Charoite is one of the best stones to turn to when you are going through a major transformation process, since it can assist you on multiple levels of the being. It is a beautiful stone to behold, with undulating shades of purple punctuated by black, white, and grey inclusions. The purple ray works with the higher chakras to bring in higher dimensional light for spiritual and psychic activation, and the black manganese inclusions have a grounding and balancing effect on the physical and emotional bodies.


Like Pietersite, Charoite can help you adjust to higher energies, assisting your body to safely process, regulate, and ground them. This helps you to not get overloaded or overwhelmed by big influxes of light, which are prevalent in these times. If these higher energies are not properly processed by the physical body, uncomfortable physical ascension symptoms can result, such as headaches, digestive imbalances, dizziness, and fatigue. Charoite can help to prevent and relieve these symptoms. Charoite strengthens and heals multiple systems of the body and can even help to transform illnesses into wellness.


The key to Charoite’s healing and transformative power is its ability to highlight the underlying causes and patterns that lead to imbalance. It brings the root causes into your conscious awareness, so that you can make necessary changes to correct them. It works with the heart to expand your love and self-acceptance, which is a catalyst for healing. It also lends the purple ray to help you clear and transmute them on a energetic level. Charoite has a powerful cleansing effect on the auric field, the chakras, and the emotions.  It especially helps to release fear patterns that prevent forward movement. Now is the perfect time to do this deep-level healing and clearing, while the eclipses, equinox, and 9-9-9 portal are providing supportive energy.


Energy reports keep coming out that say the final months of 2016 will be our most powerful yet. Remember, you’ve got this! Slow down, breathe, and practice good self care. Reach for love, and for these three crystals, to help carry you through it all with ease and grace.


Aug 08

Three Crystals for Clearing Your Energy

Many of us have caught on to the idea that there’s something special about this lifetime. There’s an urgency to go for the gold and to make it count. Due to a convergence of cosmic factors and increasing planetary light levels, we are on an accelerated course of spiritual evolution. It can feel as though we are accomplishing several lifetimes worth of lessons in the span of just a few years. To awaken more of the gifts and superpowers of our souls, we have to do the dirty work—we have to cleanse and clear the old belief systems, emotions, patterns, and blockages that are holding us back. And we have to maintain a level of energetic clarity to allow the light to flow and reside within our bio-energetic systems. I think I have an energetic allergy to brooms, mops, Mr. Clean, and SOS pads. Just the thought of my cleaning supplies makes me dizzy and weak, and I find that I just can’t seem to get off the couch. Luckily, it is easy to keep your energy clean and sparkly with beautiful, safe, and natural tools—crystals! There are literally hundreds of crystals and stones that can have a clearing effect, but I’d like to share with you my top three recommendations for some serious deep cleaning.

1. Covellite









Covellite a metallic, indigo stone that resonates with the third eye chakra and has a powerful vacuum cleaner effect for your mind, body, and spirit. It has a specialty of clearing the higher chakras and spiritual levels of the being. Covellite gets to the karmic root of issues that are plaguing you, and it can assist in clearing thought-forms and beliefs from this life and from other lifetimes. It brings greater understanding of why certain situations have manifested in your life based on your entire soul history. Covellite then brings in higher dimensional healing energy to clear and transform these patterns once and for all. In addition to clearing your energy, Covellite awakens your psychic and spiritual gifts to a higher level, making it a must-have stone for these times.


Covellite is called the blue healer. It has the kind of vibrational flexibility that allows it to connect to the highest levels of the being, while also reaching into the gross physical level and assisting with healing miracles in the body. Melody, author of Love is in the Earth, suggests it to support the healing of cancer. I have personally seen Covellite help a client to beat cancer, and I believe that it is just as effective with other serious illnesses that have a karmic cause. It can have a detoxifying effect and can support healing on a cellular level.

2. Dioptase

Emerald green dioptase crystals on white background

Dioptase is a green copper silicate stone with sparkling energy and powerful cleansing effects—especially on an emotional level. If you have experienced or are experiencing any abuse, trauma, or unpleasant emotional events in your family, or have interpersonal relationships that feel karmic or dense, Dioptase can help! Dioptase can make you aware of any emotional attachments, cords, contracts, or blockages and where they are located. It leads you to identify what is going on and to dissolve and clear these negative patterns and cords. The clearing that Dioptase does can ripple through several lifetimes at once, and can even clear genetic patterns.


Since Dioptase contains both copper and silica, it works in an even deeper and more powerful way and really gets to the root cause of issues. Once you can see the higher truth behind an emotional blockage or cord, it becomes easier to forgive and release the entire situation. As a side effect of clearing these stubborn cords and emotional blockages, you might also experience physical body healing.


3. Shungite

shungite on a white background

Shungite is a miracle stone from Russia that is about two billion years old. It contains rare fullerene molecules. Fullerenes are molecular carbon cages that form into the sacred geometrical shape of the dodecahedron. They were recently discovered in the 1990s, and scientists are still determining the multitude of applications of fullerenes in fields such as nanotechnology, healthcare, and environmental sciences. Many sources say that fullerene molecules are detoxifying, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and can assist in healing a wide range of physical complaints. Working with Shungite can therefore speed up the natural physical healing process, and it also offers pain relief.


As a crystal healer, I am quite impressed with its clearing, purification, and protection qualities. It neutralizes many forms of negative energy, including lower emotions and thought-forms, toxins of all kinds, and EMFs. Scientists have demonstrated that Shungite can significantly decrease the detrimental effects of cell phone radiation on the human body. Shungite is also used in Russian water purification systems to remove harmful substances such as bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals, and pharmaceuticals. It can correct many imbalances in the auric field and in the emotional body, while enhancing vitality and general well-being.

How to Work with These Stones

Wearing one or more of these stones in the form of jewelry or carrying them in your pockets is a good way to keep your energy clear throughout the day. Or if you feel like you really need to do some deep release work, here is a technique you could use that puts them all together. Begin by obtaining one Covellite, one Dioptase, and one Shungite. Cleanse them, and then call in your higher self and spirit team. Ask them to assist you in clearing what no longer serves you and creating highest good and outcome. Place the Covellite over the third eye chakra, located at the center of your forehead. Next, place the Dioptase over the heart chakra, located at the center of your chest, and then place the Shungite at the root chakra (public bone area).


After the stones are in place, bring your attention to the Covellite at the third eye, and hold this intention in mind: “I am now ready to become aware of any lower thought forms, mental patterns, and beliefs that are holding me back.” Take some more deep breaths, and just allow your higher self and the Covellite to surface what you need to know. You might have a memory surface from this life or another life that will reveal to you the energetic blockages or belief patterns you have been holding. You might just get a subtle feeling or knowing. Advice or guidance about how to shift it might also come to you. Be sure to take note and follow through with any ideas you might receive. It is also possible that you might not get anything significant on a conscious level, and that is OK, too. Trust that you are creating healing for yourself, and that it is unfolding perfectly for your highest good. Once you feel complete with receiving information, you can place your hands on the Covellite and hold the intention that it is absorbing any lower energy and patterns. If you are sensitive, you might even feel this happening.


Next, place your hands on the Dioptase at the heart chakra, and hold this intention in your mind: “I am now ready to acknowledge and clear any emotional attachments, cords, contracts, or blockages that are holding me back.” Once again, breathe deeply and allow any old emotions or relevant information to surface. You might feel a wave of unprocessed emotional energy from the past or become aware of unhealthy emotional dynamics that need to shift. Take note of any guidance you receive, and allow the Dioptase to absorb and clear anything that is not serving you on an emotional level.


Finally, place your hands over the Shungite at the root chakra, and hold this intention in your mind: “I am now ready to clear negative energy, entities, toxins, or EMFs that I may have picked up from my surroundings.” Take some deep breaths, and imagine that you are sending Shungite energy throughout your entire body and auric field. Visualize this energy neutralizing any negative energy that it touches, transmuting it into pure light. Leave the stones in place for at least fifteen minutes, and allow them to do their magic. Be sure to cleanse the stones after this exercise. May your energy and your life always be crystal clear!

Jul 06

Five Cosmic Crystals for Starseeds

Do you ever feel like the entire earth might as well be a foreign country to you? Perhaps your soul journey did not originate here, but on another planet instead. A Starseed is an advanced soul who has had incarnations in other galaxies and solar systems, and on other planets. If you are wondering if you might be a Starseed, here’s a list of some of the most common Starseed attributes:


  1. You experience a feeling of homesickness and don’t feel truly at home anywhere on Earth.
  2. You think or dream about UFO’s and extraterrestrials often, or you have actually seen UFO’s.
  3. You are very empathic and sensitive to your surroundings (lights, textures, sounds, toxins, temperatures, people, energies, etc.). You need alone time maintain your balance.
  4. Your body functions a bit differently, and medical doctors might not have answers for you.
  5. You have natural psychic, intuitive, healing, or metaphysical abilities.
  6. Children and animals are naturally drawn to you, but adults may be wary of you (unless they are open-minded or need healing and assistance of some kind).
  7. Life and society on Earth feels a bit limited, boring, and primitive. You have a hard time witnessing systems that harm the earth and people, and you can visualize a better way.
  8. You have always felt like an old soul who is different and who has an important mission, even if you don’t know exactly what it is.
  9. You are intelligent and excel at problem-solving, technology, or science.
  10. You experience quantum leaps in your growth, healing, and spiritual understanding. You get to new levels faster than most people.


Starseeds have otherworldly, metaphysical abilities that become activated at the right time to serve the ascension of Earth and humanity. The light codes, energetic signatures, experiences, and gifts from ET lifetimes are etched into the soul matrix of Starseeds. They are accelerators of evolution. It is their job to awaken and to understand their unique abilities, and to step into their role as an agent of transformation for others and for the word. If you are a Starseed who needs a little help in that department, there are five crystals that can awaken your stellar memories and gifts–helping you execute your mission like a rock star!

1. Blue Apatite


Blue Apatite is a stone of psychic activation and cosmic connection that makes you clearer, brighter, and more tuned in. It is helpful to Starseeds who are awakening for several reasons. It has a pronounced clearing effect that has a refreshing, flowing quality to it. It clears chakra blockages, emotional states, deeply engrained patterns, and psychic debris in the aura. It has a balancing effect on the chakras and the layers of the auric field. And It can expand and sharpen all of the psychic senses (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, telepathy, channeling, etc.). In meditation, Blue Apatite can help you to become a conscious time-traveler and to tune into your Akashic records. Imagine being able to clearly access your ET incarnations, bringing solutions and advanced knowledge into this now moment! If you work consistently with Blue Apatite, you can develop the clarity, balance, and psychic ability necessary to connect with your soul history and achieve this.


Blue Apatite is also recognized as a magnet for UFO’s and ET consciousness. Robert Simmons, co-author of The Book of Stones, says that Blue Apatite can attract the attention of the “blue-skinned beings,” and my personal experience confirms that it can help you tune into the blue ET races. Certain groups from Andromeda, Arcturus, the Pleiades, Sirius, and Vega are blue beings, and so are the Blue Avians. When inviting ET connection, I find that it is best and safest to call the parts of your own soul that are positively-oriented extraterrestrial, rather than sending out a general call to any aliens who might be flying around out there (for obvious reasons). Be crystal clear about who you want to connect with, and have a higher purpose for doing so. For example, I work with my Blue Apatite skull (pictured here) to bring in my own Pleiadian soul aspects for the purpose of healing work. And I have had some amazing results!


2. Moldavite:

Moldavite is a green tektite, known as the gemstone born from the stars. It is the quintessential Starseed stone, since it is literally a merging of extraterrestrial energy and Earth material. Moldavite’s formation is the result of a meteorite crash that occurred in Czechoslovakia around 14.8 million years ago. It has a very high spiritual frequency that can often be felt as heat or vibration. Moldavite can be intense for the average human. But Starseeds normally feel right at home with the cosmic energies of Moldavite, and it can help them to adjust to the density of the Earth plane. Moldavite can also help Starseeds to fulfill their purpose as accelerators of evolution–which is ultimately what they are both here to do!

Moldavite is a quantum leap stone, helping you to rapidly shift your vibration and your life circumstances. Here’s how it works. It brings in high frequencies of light that activate and clear all chakras and the entire energy field. Your light quotient is raised to a new level, and anything that is incongruent with your highest good will start to fall away. This could include relationships, your job, your living space, roles, patterns, and habits. This purging process is followed by a positive flow of synchronicities, new connections, and bright opportunities that are in alignment with your true mission.

Moldavite also quickly activates your higher chakras, psychic senses, and spiritual gifts. Higher abilities relevant to your unique purpose begin to come online, such as intuitive knowing, telepathy, multidimensional travel, remote viewing, or energy healing. Moldavite is especially known for enhancing meditation and dreams, helping you to have vivid encounters with higher dimensional beings, ET’s, and your own soul. Starseeds often have a specific mission, and sometimes it is so abstract that it can be difficult to grasp. Moldavite can help you to remember your star origins, why you came here, and what you wanted to accomplish. Then it brings in the energy, insights, and activations necessary to help you make it happen.

3.  Stellar Beam Calcite


Stellar Beam Calcite is a Starseed’s vehicle for accessing the stars and actualizing higher dimensional living. The crystalline formation of Stellar Beam Calcite models for us a grand spiritual potential–the possibility of making big shifts and changing your outer reality to a more refined and spiritually-focused expression. As crystal expert, Katrina Raphaell explains, most Calcite manifests in the shape of a rhomboid or parallelogram–both internally and externally. Stellar Beam Calcite has an internal structure that is a rhomboid, but its outer shape (and energy) resembles a spaceship. The sharply pointed terminations give it an added intensity, focus, and energetic range. Since Stellar Beam is the Calcite that has evolved the rhomboid to an entirely different shape, it represents “the manifestation of the new reality.” It is the perfect support stone for Starseeds, helping them to bring transformation, galactic energies, and higher ways of being to the Earth plane.

Stellar Beam Calcite has a noticeably high and fast vibration that can give you the feeling that you are about to take off into the cosmos. It produces a quickening effect on the cellular and atomic levels. It activates your DNA and light body, awakens your psychic senses, and raises your light levels. Stellar Beam Calcite is like a ship for your consciousness, safely escorting it to the ET realms. It can connect you with the guidance and energy of your Star family and your Starseed aspects—Pleiadians, Sirians, & Arcturians especially. I have used it to help me access healing frequencies from advanced ET technologies, causing instant healing in some cases.

When I work with Stellar Beam Calcite, I always think of Captain Picard from Star Trek and his famous line, “Make it so!”  Since it powerfully activates the solar plexus chakra, Stellar Beam Calcite is a “make it so” stone that can create quick manifestation results. It is especially well-suited for manifesting healing on all levels, clearing of all types of negative energy (blockages, entities, attachments, and implants), spiritual breakthroughs, and the actualization of your highest soul mission.

4.  ET Crystal


Are you ready for take-off? According to Patricia Troyer, author of Crystal Personalities, an ET (extra termination) crystal is a quartz that has multiple points or terminations on one end. It actually looks and behaves like a rocket ship. ET crystals symbolize Universal connection and can help you communicate with ET consciousness. They can also represent the merging and integration of your other lifetimes and soul aspects. Each small termination is like one of your incarnations, and it contains all of the gifts, light codes, and mastery you attained in that lifetime. They all come together in one crystal and can be focused through the lens of your current incarnation, which is represented by the single point or termination at the other end of the crystal.

In my experience, ET crystals are very multidimensional and can even defy the laws of physics as we know them. For example, I have had an ET crystal bend slightly in my hand for a split second on a few occasions, and other people who handled the crystal experienced the same thing! They can serve as antennas that help you receive cosmic transmissions and information. The can also be used as wands to direct this galactic energy for healing and activation work. They help you access and bring through cosmic symbols, activation codes, and light language. ET crystals can also assist with revitalizing your energy or space, while providing protection.

5. Labradorite


Labradorite is a beautiful form of feldspar that exhibits flashes of iridescent peacock colors when held in the light. Gazing into one can feel like you are getting pulled into a galactic vortex of shimmering starlight. The shifting colors provide a clue about the stone’s energetic function: It helps you to shift your energy and consciousness to align with higher levels of light. Labradorite is a stone that can greatly activate your psychic senses, expanding your perception so that you can be aware of multiple levels of reality all at once. In The Book of Stones, Robert Simmons provides the following list of magical qualities that Labradorite can enhance: “clairvoyance, telepathy, astral travel, prophecy, psychic reading, access to Akashic records, past-life recall, communication with higher guides and spirits, and coincidence control.”

It has a special resonance and connection with cosmic energies and beings. Melody, author of Love is in the Earth, explains that the flashing luminescence in Labradorite is believed to have an extraterrestrial origin. Stellar energies are seeded within Labradorite, and this advanced ET energy and information is available to those who work with it. Labradorite grounds this spiritual and stellar energy into your bio-system and consciousness so that you can use it in tangible ways. It also keeps your chakras and aura clear, balanced, and protected.

Starseeds arrive on this planet like shooting stars, leaving a trail of magic and light that dazzles and uplifts all witnesses. Work with these five crystals to activate your galactic gifts, and your soul will become a guiding star for humanity during these pivotal ascension times.








May 09

Four Crystals for Empaths and Sensitive Souls

Being an empath is a beautiful gift and a spiritual superpower, although it might not always feel like it. An empath is somebody who is able to feel the emotions, the energy, and even the physical pain of others. They tend to have a heart of gold and a highly developed intuitive sense. This heightened level of sensitivity and perception can make an empath shine as a healer, a counselor, or in any helping profession. Literally feeling what others are experiencing can guide you in how to best assist them. Perhaps that’s why so many people are drawn to empaths! A challenge for empaths is to learn to distinguish which emotions, pains, and thoughts belong to others, and which are their own. Protection is key for empaths to help them avoid becoming overwhelmed and drained. It is also helpful for them to have skills and tools to release negative energy and emotions they may have picked up. As the cosmic and planetary energies continue to intensify, the need for empaths to practice good self-care becomes even more important. Thankfully, there are four powerful crystals that provide perfect support for empaths and sensitive souls.


1.  Sugilite

SugiliteSugilite is a godsend for sensitives who are on their spiritual path due to its ability to protect, purify, awaken, and ground. It can come in various shades of purple, and some specimens contain spots of black, grey, or white. Sugilite is a shielding stone that forms an impermeable bubble of protection around you. Its protective quality keeps you safe from intrusive or disharmonious energy, negative emotions, and lower thought-forms from others or from your environment. It can also block psychic attack and prevent entity attachment. Sugilite brings in the violet fame of purification and helps you to transmute and dispel negative energy, patterns, and karma that might be affecting you–whether it originates from others or from yourself. Perhaps this is why Sugilite is commonly recommended for sensitive souls, children, or starseeds who have difficulty adjusting to the negativity that is prevalent on the Earth plane.


Sugilite awakens the higher chakras and keeps your intuition sharply tuned, while also grounding and balancing you.   Since it boosts the intuition, it helps empaths to navigate their surroundings and to avoid negative situations and people. It can also help empaths who do healing or metaphysical work to enhance their healing and psychic gifts. The presence of manganese, iron, and lithium gives Sugilite a calming, balancing, and grounding quality that is especially helpful for empaths. Being grounded and centered makes it easier to be aware of your own energy and to detect when you are being affected by outside influences.


2.  Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful blue stone with inclusions of Pyrite (fool’s gold) and Calcite. Prized by the ancient Egyptians and recognized by Edgar Cayce as the most beneficial stone for humanity, Lapis Lazuli assists with spiritual mastery, higher dimensional attunement, and auric maintenance. Lapis is a highly protective stone that seals, repairs, and strengthens your auric field, while also clearing any negativity that you might have picked up. The Pyrite inclusions ground, balance, and stabilize the entire auric field. Pyrite also blocks lower influences and energies. Some empaths experience energy drain due to a breach in their energy field, and Pyrite can help to replenish the depleted energy. The Calcite inclusions bring a pronounced clearing effect, helping to cleanse and purify the entire bio-system. Calcite also has an amplifying effect that energizes you and increases the power of Lapis Lazuli. For these reasons, Lapis Lazuli is one of the best, most complete protection and energy maintenance stones out there.


Lapis Lazuli is a stone of higher connection, wisdom, and truth that can expand your consciousness and tune you into higher levels of guidance.  It can help empaths to decipher and trust the subtle intuitive impressions they are getting, while empowering them to act upon the information appropriately. Since empaths can get bombarded by people who need help, Lapis Lazuli is a great choice for helping them to speak up and to set clear boundaries when necessary.

3.  Lepidolite


A common complaint that empaths have is being anxious and overwhelmed, because they are like antennas that receive vast amounts of feelings and energies that surround them. Lepidolite is a beautiful antidote to the stress, anxiety, fear, and lower emotions from others that can inundate their fields and overwhelm them. Lepidolite is a beautiful stone that is normally in the pink, lavender, or purple spectrum and has a high lithium content. Crystals and stones containing lithium naturally emit a calming energy that can counteract feelings of panic, worry, anxiety, stress, anger, and other uncomfortable emotional states. It feels like a soothing balm that smooths out frazzled nerves and helps you to take a deep breath, relax, and let go. It effectively clears the major and minor chakras, as well as the meridians, of blocked energy, unhealthy emotions, and negative thoughts.


Lepidolite has a filtering effect. It helps you to tune out extraneous energies, feelings, and impressions that you don’t need to absorb. It is highly recommended for sensitive people, because it fortifies the emotional body and helps you to be less affected by drama or chaos that might enter into your sphere. It also encourages you to set your own space and to lovingly keep the door closed to energies that would throw you off center.

4.  Rainbow Fluorite


Rainbow Fluorite is a multitasking powerhouse that can help empaths on all levels of the being.  Fluorite is one of the magical minerals that can be found in a wide range of colors: pink, magenta, white, purple, blue, green, yellow, red, and black. Rainbow Fluorite has multiple colors in one stone. This means that it is equipped to clear and balance multiple chakras simultaneously. Sacred geometry also plays an important role in the energy of Fluorite. Fluorite naturally forms in the shape of the cube and the octahedron. The cube helps to structure and organize energy, while grounding and protecting you. The octahedron resonates with balance, healing, and spiritual activation. For all of these reasons, Rainbow Fluorite is the stone that keeps your feet anchored to the Earth, all of your chakras open and clear, and your consciousness attuned to the higher dimensions of reality. This is essential for empaths, so that they stay centered, grounded, protected, and tuned-in.


Rainbow Fluorite really shines when applied to the higher chakras, because it heightens your psychic ability and intuition.  It also sharpens your mental body and can help empaths to understand and process the incoming spiritual information that they are receiving. Known as the IQ stone, it brings order, coherency, and clarity to your thoughts and senses. It has a profound clearing effect, getting rid of mental clutter and general psychic debris from other people that might otherwise lead to confusion.


Rainbow Fluorite has a powerful healing influence on the physical body. According to Melody, author of Love is in the Earth, Fluorite purifies, cleanses and eliminates that which is in disorder on a physical body level. Therefore it is a healing support for many diseases, such as colds, flu, infections, and even cancer. For empaths who pick up other people’s physical ailments and pains, Fluorite can help to release and heal them with greater ease and speed.


Rainbow Fluorite’s clearing, stabilizing, and protective qualities are also highly beneficial for the emotions and for the aura. It can help to clear emotions and blockages, to stabilize erratic feelings, and to bring you back into a state of emotional balance and calm. Rainbow Fluorite clears negativity from the auric field and protects against EMF’s, lower energies and thought-forms, psychic attack, and other undesirable energies.


Being an empath can rock–if you have the right rocks! Allow these four crystals to have your back, while you use your beautiful gifts to help heal people and the planet.





Apr 07

Four Crystals to Help with Ascension Symptoms

Have you been feeling out of sorts lately? Ascension symptoms are on the rise again as a result of increasingly intense energies. The good news is that we are integrating these higher frequencies as a mechanism for self-transformation. Doing so allows us to embody more of our soul essence and to activate more of our spiritual gifts.  However, it can sometimes be a lot for our bio-systems to assimilate–causing temporary, uncomfortable side effects. Ask yourself if you have experienced any of the following symptoms lately:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Aches & pains (especially in the joints, back, and in unusual places–such as the nose)
  • Cold or flu-like symptoms
  • Insomnia/sleep disturbances
  • Vivid, processing dreams
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety/feeling overwhelmed
  • Anger
  • Depression/sadness
  • Overly emotional/mood swings
  • Feeling disoriented and confused
  • Hot flashes

If some (or all) apply to you, you are in good company!  These are some of the most common ascension symptoms that my clients and friends have been reporting.  It is always advisable to seek medical advice from a qualified doctor  or holistic practitioner when you aren’t feeling normal, just to be on the safe side.  If you determine that there are no medical reasons for your symptoms, it is likely that you are simply going through a spiritual growth spurt. Luckily, it is temporary, and it is a sign that you are on the right track. And thankfully, there are four powerful crystals that can help you move through these symptoms with greater ease, speed, and grace.

1.  Auralite (or any type of Amethyst)

Auralite <3

Amethyst is a beautiful antidote to almost every ascension symptom due to its calming energy, clearing effect, and ability to raise your vibration and state of being. If you want to work with the most powerful form of Amethyst, I would suggest Auralite. Auralite is a rare form of Amethyst with Chevron Phantoms that is found in the Lake Superior area of Canada. It is estimated to be 1.2 billion years old. What makes it so special is what’s inside: an array of rich, plentiful mineral inclusions that give it the versatility to treat a wide range of energetic, emotional, and physical issues. The minerals present as inclusions have been studied by optical crystallography and include the following: Lepidocrocite, Cacoxenite, Goethite, Pyrite, Bornite, Chalcopyrite, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Uranopilite, Covellite, Sphalerite, Copper, Limonite, Pyrolusite, Adularia, Hematite, Epidote, Magnetite, Titanite, Rutile, Gersdorffite- Platinum series, and Tyrolite.  This is a crystal that forms a personal connection with you, and it will adjust and respond to the immediate needs you might have in your spiritual growth process. Auralite acts as a guiding force, helping to make whatever shifts are required to bring you to a higher level–whether its clearing blockages, manifesting resources, releasing old emotions, or shifting your beliefs and consciousness. I have personally witnessed the following effects in my work with Auralite: instant activation and balancing of all chakras, sudden insights, alignment with the higher self and soul plan, activation of the divine blueprint, and the strengthening of psychic abilities.

Auralite is especially equipped for alleviating ascension symptoms in the emotional and mental bodies, such as stress, anxiety, panic attacks, tension, depression, anger, and lower emotional states. It is also the best choice for headache relief and for clearing the energetic root causes of physical body symptoms. It brings in higher energies of peace and calm, and it helps you to unwind areas of constriction on all levels.

2.  Bloodstone

Bloodstone skull--Triumph

Sometimes what you need most to overcome these ascension symptoms is to strengthen and support your physical body, energetic structure, and attitude. Bloodstone is a dark green form of chalcedony that normally contains spots or streaks of Red Jasper. Known as the stone of the spiritual warrior, it will keep you grounded, present, vital, protected, in your power, and responsive to any challenge that intense energies might bring up.  If you are feeling the effects of ascension symptoms mainly in your physical body, Bloodstone is a good choice for you. Bloodstone is a top level healing stone that detoxifies and fortifies many systems of the body. It can boost the immune, endocrine, reproductive, lymphatic, and circulatory systems. A stone of well-being and vitality, it strengthens the root chakra and physical energies. This gives it a rejuvenating quality that can support you through a health crisis and speed up the healing of any physical symptoms you are experiencing. Bloodstone is especially helpful if you are feeling fatigued, exhausted, and drained.

Bloodstone can also assist you on an energetic and emotional level with ascension symptoms.  It is known to help your bio-system integrate shifts in your energy field, especially surges of higher frequencies.  As your body is aligning to the new energy, Bloodstone can have a balancing effect that keeps anxiety and disorientation in check.  It can help to clear lower energy and emotional states that get stirred up in the process, such as anger, irritability, and fear. It calms and sharpens the mind, while helping to bring out a positive, encouraged attitude. During periods of spiritual growth, it is common to feel vulnerable and open.  Bloodstone keeps you protected from lower energies and outside influences, creating a safe space for your transformation process to unfold.

3.  Kunzite


A lot of people are feeling anxious, worried, and overwhelmed as a result of the shifting energies. Anger, irritability, and mood swings are also prevalent, and it can be difficult to maintain your emotional balance.  Kunzite is a sweet, high vibration stone with a light pink color and a high lithium content. Crystals and stones containing lithium naturally emit a calming energy that can counteract feelings of panic, worry, anxiety, stress, and anger. Kunzite balances your mood, while delivering loving, peaceful vibrations from the higher realms through its striated structure.  A striated stone is one that has parallel grooves recessed down the length of the stone. The striations in Kunzite act as amplifying channels or pathways for higher frequencies to enter your bio-energetic field for clearing and activation. Kunzite can help to clear depression, old emotional wounds, trust issues, and other patterns that block the full expression of the heart.  It brings you more fully into your heart, perfectly positioning you to move into greater alignment with the higher realms and ascension.

Kunzite also encourages appropriate boundary setting and provides energetic protection. This helps you to stay centered in your own energy and to be less affected by other people and your environment.  If you are experiencing aches, pains, and stiffness in your body (especially in the joints), Kunzite can help to soothe and clear these ascension symptoms.

4.  Sodalite


Sodalite is a beautiful stone that has deep to light blue color rays and areas of white Calcite.  It is ideal to assist with ascension symptoms related to mental, spiritual, or emotional imbalances. Sodalite stimulates the mental body and brings order and organization to energy, thoughts, and words.  This makes it especially helpful in counteracting feelings of confusion or disorientation that can occur due to shifting energies. Sodalite can help to clear old, rigid thought patterns that would block your ability to comprehend things in a newer and truer way. It can help to open your mind, while shifting your mental body into greater alignment with higher truth. Sodalite also sharpens your psychic vision and intuition, so that you can see situations from multiple levels of reality and draw accurate conclusions. It awakens the third eye chakra and expands your spiritual awareness. During a spiritual growth spurt, this expanded perspective can help you to understand and process your karmic lessons so that you can move forward with ease and grace.

Sodalite also has a peaceful and relaxing quality to it. It can calm and unwind uncomfortable emotional states, such as fear, stress, anxiety, guilt, and anger. Sodalite can also help to relax a revved up mind so that you can more easily move into a calm, meditative state.  Since it slows down excessive mental activity, it is great for alleviating the prevalent ascension symptom of insomnia. If you are experiencing hot flashes or heat waves, Sodalite has a cooling effect that can bring your system back into a balanced, comfortable state.

No matter which ascension symptoms you are experiencing, these four powerful stones will have you covered! Keep them nearby, and allow them to help you power through this phase of your evolutionary process.








Mar 13

Top Nine Reasons to Work with Calcite in March–and Beyond!

calciteI am somebody who always pays close attention to my dreams. I know that my soul and subconscious mind can use dreams as a vehicle to bypass my waking consciousness and deliver important messages. This is especially true during powerful energetic windows, such as the one we are currently in. March brings us two eclipses and an equinox, which can accelerate our spiritual growth process and draw a lot to the surface for healing. Last week, I had a powerful healing dream.  I was on a surgical table, and higher beings were performing a major surgery on my heart chakra. I felt vivid sensations in my body, and also a great sense of peace. I knew it was an upgrade, and I was very grateful. One of the beings kept telling me repeatedly, “Remember Adrienne, work with Calcite to support the repatterining of your heart. Don’t forget this when you wake up.” I woke up in the middle of the dream and looked at my clock.  It was exactly 5:55 AM, and I felt sharp, pulsing pains to the right of my heart chakra!  I put my hand there and asked for the pain to go away, which it did instantly.  I got up and pulled out my beautiful Calcite stones, and have had them nearby ever since.  I think this message is not just for me, but for all of us. Working with Calcite right now can help us with healing and clearing, and with integrating the accelerating energies of March and beyond.

Calcite is a beautiful, high vibration mineral that comes in different shapes and in almost every color–making it a highly versatile healing stone. You can find a Calcite to match every chakra color ray: black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and clear. They have a soft, shiny appearance and an interesting, waxy texture. They can range in translucence from crystal clear to opaque. Here are the top nine reasons why Calcite is my number one stone suggestion for these powerful times:


  1. Calcite can be used to clear, balance, and activate all of your chakras. Clear Calcite can be used to bring any chakra into a state of perfect clarity and functioning, or you can match the color of the Calcite to the color ray of each chakra. Maintaining your chakra system is vital during intense energetic periods.
  2. Calcite is an energy amplifier. During periods of heightened cosmic energy, your body can experience ascension symptoms and fatigue. Calcite can give your body the boost it needs to move through it.
  3. Calcite has a soothing and stabilizing effect on the emotions. This is especially helpful when the planetary energies are accelerating and bringing issues to the surface. Calcite will help to alleviate any stress and fear, centering and balancing you so that you can calmly face situations and move forward appropriately.
  4. Calcite can sharpen the mind and amplify your powers of manifestation. Eclipses and equinoxes are perfect times for focusing on what you want to create or experience next. Calcite sharpens your mental body, making your thoughts crystal clear. It also acts as an amplifier of energy and thought-forms, making it the perfect mechanism for placing your order into the Universe for accelerated manifestation results.
  5. Calcite can link the emotional and mental bodies, increasing emotional intelligence and heart-based living. This is the way of the higher dimensions, and right now we can make a quantum leap in transforming our personal realities into a more loving and holistic expression.
  6. Calcite accelerates your spiritual growth and psychic development. The veils are always thinner when we are in an eclipse or equinox window.  Working with Calcite at this time can help you to tap into higher dimensional realms and to integrate new light codes that are available now.  It can help you upgrade your spiritual gifts, taking them to a new level.
  7. Calcite can support the physical body in eliminating toxins, boosting the immune system, and decalcifying the pineal gland. Your body may need extra support right now as it attempts to release from a deep level and align with the light.  Calcite will help your physical vehicle shift with more ease and grace.
  8. Calcite can help you to reestablish your higher blueprint of perfection.  Calcite is known to help you remember  your original state of perfection–before disease, trauma, or negative patterns developed. It helps to guide your body, mind, emotions, and spirit back into wholeness.  Now is the time for this work!
  9. Calcite can clear your home environment or work space. The equinox ushers in springtime, and It’s time to do a little spring cleaning!  Placing Calcite in your home, office, or any place you spend time in regularly will help to purify, refresh, and uplift the energy.

So march forward into the new normal this month with Calcite!  It will put some spring in your step, while bringing lots of light into every aspect of your being.





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