Apr 10

4 Lucky Stones for St. Patrick’s Day


I always wake up on St. Patrick’s Day with a big, mischievous smile on my face, as I anticipate a day infused with extra magic. I am 42-percent Irish, and green has been my favorite color since childhood. I even own a leprechaun costume that I wear almost every year on March 17th, which certainly turns heads at the grocery store.  

 Even if you don’t have any Irish blood, the luck of the Irish can be with you—on St. Patrick’s Day and every day. Good luck, good fortune, and blessings fall into your lap when you cultivate the right state of mind and energy that magnetizes it. It’s all about maintaining an optimistic outlook, an attitude of gratitude, and a positive emotional state. This is because the quality of energy you put out into the world boomerangs back in the form of experiences that match that energy.  

If you are not feeling so lucky or fortunate these days, now is the perfect time to boost your vibration with the right crystals and stones. You can think of these St. Patrick’s Day stones as lucky charms. Wearing or working with them can infuse you with positive energy, helping to attract a windfall of blessings into your life. Plus, they will certainly make your St. Patrick’s Day sham-ROCK! 

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