Feb 13

How to Build a Love Manifestation Crystal Grid

Valentine’s Day has a way of highlighting all matters of the heart in bright neon pink. If you feel like you are in a love drought, you might wish you had a fast forward button for February 14th. Take heart, and try not to let a Hallmark holiday get you down. You could make it a day to celebrate love in all of its beautiful expressions. Move into a heart space and feel the gratitude you have for your nourishing friendships and supportive family members, or the unconditional love you experience with a pet. And don’t forget to honor the most important relationship of all—the one with yourself!

We all go through periods in life when our emotional needs are just not getting met by others. Perhaps you are ready to bring in a new romantic relationship or to increase your circle of like-minded friends. If so, you could build a love manifestation crystal grid to speed up the process of attracting the right relationship(s). Another idea is to build the grid for the purpose of healing or improving your current relationship(s). You could also build this grid to help you heal your heart and increase self-love, which is the foundation for creating healthy relationships. Pick the focus that resonates most with your current context, and then follow these instructions for building the love manifestation grid. Think of it as a beautiful energetic template for emotional fulfillment–a magnet for attracting more love into your life.

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