Oct 31

How to Work with Crystals for Physical Healing

Your body is a miraculous, organic supercomputer—a divine instrument designed to help you interface with Earth reality. Every moment of every day, all of its complex systems are working tirelessly in service to you. It is sensitive and responsive to what it is exposed to, and it is always giving you feedback. Do you take the time to stop, give thanks, and listen to what it needs?

In this modern era, there are a lot of factors and forces that can interfere with proper functioning of our bodies. We are contending with increasing levels of environmental toxins, pollution, chemicals, EMF’s, and GMO’s. The pace of life continues to accelerate, causing more stress, frenzy, and imbalance. Finding adequate time to rest, exercise, and prepare healthy food can be challenging in today’s world. Also, many of us find it difficult to process and express our emotions in a healthy way, which can interfere with physical wellness.

If you are experiencing a health issue, breathing love and appreciation into your cells is a good place to start. Thank your body for doing the best job it can in the face of a challenging environment. Then do your best to find out what your body needs to balance and heal, and give it to yourself.

Remember, you are always the source of your own healing, but sometimes we need to seek out some help from an expert to know what to do. I always suggest finding a qualified doctor or health professional with lots of experience, someone who really resonates with you. Personally, I look for doctors who are great listeners and who can respect and work with my unique belief systems and holistic healing philosophies. Once you find the right doctor who you can trust, be sure to follow through with his or her recommended treatment protocols.

Working with crystals is a beautiful way to support your body and to speed up the natural healing process. Crystals can assist in clearing the energetic root causes of disease—things like unhealthy thought and belief patterns, toxic emotions, or past life issues that might be contributing to health issues. Crystals are also wonderfully effective for clearing stress and negative energy that would diminish health. They can infuse higher vibrational energy into the body to support the cells, organs, and systems in speeding up the natural healing response. I do not recommend replacing medical care from your doctor with crystal healing. However, crystal healing is safe, noninvasive, and a wonderful compliment to Western Medicine.

If you are looking for a natural and safe way to support your body in healing a physical issue, the Physical Healing Set is for you! The five crystals in this set are the best ones I have found for physical healing. They are versatile and can be used to improve the health and functioning of all systems of the body. I am excited to share with you the metaphysical properties of the stones and two powerful ways to work with them to improve your health.


Green Aventurine: Green Aventurine is a beautiful form of Quartz that carries the green healing ray–often with delightful, uplifting sparkles in it. It is one of the best and most versatile healing stones, appropriate for addressing any ailment on the physical, emotional, and mental levels. It can target the areas of the body most in need of healing, and its first order of business is to assist in releasing disharmonious energy there. It transmutes unhealthy thoughts, feelings, and patterns that contribute to physical disease or imbalance, thus treating the underlying root causes. Then, it infuses pure green healing energy into the cells to speed up the healing process. Green Aventurine is gentle, yet powerful, and this makes it a safe and effective healing ally.


Bloodstone: Bloodstone is a must-have, dynamic healing stone. It is a dark green form of Chalcedony with spots or streaks of Red Jasper. Bloodstone is a general detoxifier that can fortify many systems of the body, such as the immune, endocrine, lymphatic, reproductive, and circulatory systems. It’s a stone of power and vitality that strengthens the root chakra and physical energy. This gives it a rejuvenating quality that can support you through a health crisis and speed up the natural healing process. Bloodstone is especially helpful when you are feeling drained, fatigued, or exhausted. It can clear negative energy and emotions that are contributing to illness. It is also known as the stone of the spiritual warrior. It provides protection from negative influences that would impact your health, while boosting your stamina, strength, and courage.


Seraphinite: Known as a stone of glowing health, many regard Seraphinite as one of the top healing stones for these times. It is a beautiful, dark green stone with wispy, silver patterns. It belongs to the Chlorite group, and Chlorite is one of the best general healing minerals on the planet. Seraphinite works on deep spiritual and karmic levels. It connects with angelic energy and helps you heal disease resulting from past life experiences. It clears energy blockages and old belief patterns that contribute to illness. It also helps to connect with and anchor your divine blueprint of perfect health. Seraphinite has been known to recode the DNA, and it is one of the best stones for cellular rejuvenation. It is effective for treating systemic imbalances or diseases, and it can even help combat cancer. Many also work with it for detoxification and pain relief. If you feel disconnected from your body and need to heal your relationship with physicality, Seraphinite can help you embrace and love your body more completely. It is a comprehensive key to health and well-being.


Emerald: Emerald is a precious gemstone that perfectly holds and radiates the green healing ray. Its exquisite crystalline structure is made up of triangular silicate molecules that link together to form rings. Circles naturally radiate wholeness, unity, and perfection. Therefore, the energetic transmission of Emerald has a positive and harmonious effect on physical matter. Emerald harmonizes the physical, mental, and emotional levels of the being and perfectly supports the healing of any physical issue. In fact, wearing high quality Emerald consistently and daily has showed down, and sometimes even reversed, terminal illness in several documented cases. It heals and clears negative energy patterns and emotions that would contribute to physical illness. Working with Emerald can rejuvenate and strengthen the entire body, and it brings all systems to a higher level of health.


Shungite: Shungite is a miracle healing stone from Russia that contains rare fullerene molecules. Fullerenes are molecular carbon cages that form into the shape of the dodecahedron. They were discovered in the 1990’s, and scientists are finding many groundbreaking applications in areas such as nanotechnology, environmental science, and healthcare. When taken internally, many positive biological effects have been observed. Fullerenes can kill bacteria, promote detoxification, boost the immune system, suppress allergic and inflammatory disease, and even slow down the growth of cancer cells and the activity of the AIDS virus. Working with Shungite can therefore speed up the natural healing process, and it also offers pain relief. Shungite can neutralize many forms of negative energy that would negatively impact health, such as lower emotions and thought-forms, toxins of all kinds, and EMF’s—especially from cell phone radiation. Russians have been putting Shungite in their water purification systems since the 90’s to remove harmful bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals, and pharmaceuticals. Shungite corrects many imbalances in the auric field and in the emotional body, while enhancing vitality and general well-being.


Now I would love to share with you instructions for the two ways you can work with this crystal set: placing the stones directly over the area of the body in need of healing or building a healing crystal grid.


How to work with the stones on the body:


  1. Gather and cleanse the five stones you will use.You could use running water, sage, salt, sound, violet flame, or any crystal cleansing method you like.
  2. Determine what the top physical healing priority is, and which areas of the body are most affected. Write a healing affirmation in present-tense form, as if the condition is already healed. For example, let’s say your thyroid is underactive. A good affirmation might be, “My thyroid is now functioning at optimal levels.” It is a good idea to add this phrase to the end of your affirmation: “This, or something better, manifests easily if it is for the highest good.”
  3. Program the affirmation into the Green Aventurine. Programming a crystal is the act of implanting your healing intention into the matrix of a stone, where it is stored and amplified. This speeds up the manifestation process of your desired result. Here’s how you do it: Hold the Green Aventurine, and state your affirmation aloud at least eight times. Visualize and imagine that you are projecting this intention into the stone. The stone will hold the program until you consciously remove it, even if you cleanse the stone. So there is no need to reprogram the Green Aventurine when you repeat this exercise in the future. (Once your healing intention has manifested, you can remove the program by holding the stone and repeating this phrase at least eight times: The program is now removed.”)
  4. Call in help from your soul and spirit team, and set positive healing intentions.I always get better healing results when I remember to formally invite in my own soul and healing guides to assist. I ask them to help me in creating the highest healing outcome.
  5. Place the stones. You’ll create a circle of stones, with the programmed Green Aventurine in the center. Try to place the stones directly over the area of the body in need of healing, or as close as you can get. For example, let’s say that you have sprained your ankle. It might not be possible to fit the five stones directly on your ankle; so instead, you might create the circle off to the side of your foot. As long as the stones are within about two feet of the area in need of healing, they will have a healing effect. If you can’t reach the area in need of treatment, you could ask a friend or loved one to place the stones for you.
  6. Leave the stones in place for at least fifteen minutes while you relax, breathe, and meditate. While the stones are in place, you can visualize or imagine green healing energy permeating the area. You could also do Reiki or energy work on yourself during this time.
  7. Remove and cleanse the stones when you are done.


You can repeat this exercise as often as necessary to support your healing process—even daily. Another beautiful idea is to carry the stones with you in the satin bag, so that they can treat your physical body as you go about your day.


How to build a healing crystal grid:

You could use this set to build a healing grid for yourself, or to send healing energy long distance to friends, loved ones, and clients. If you are building the grid to support your own healing, I suggest building it in a room where you spend a lot of time, perhaps the bedroom or the living room.


  1. Gather and cleanse the five stones you will use.You could use running water, sage, salt, sound, violet flame, or any crystal cleansing method you like.
  2. If you are building the grid to support your own healing process, refer to steps 2 and 3 in the above section. (Determine your top healing priority, write it in the form of a present tense affirmation, and program it into the Green Aventurine.)
  3. If you are building the grid to send long distance healing energy to someone else or to multiple people, use this affirmation: “The perfect healing energy is sent to the intended recipient/s at all times.” Program it into the Green Aventurine (see step 3 above for programming instructions).
  4. Create a diamond-shaped grid (see diagram). Place the Bloodstone, Seraphinite, Emerald, and Shungite into the pattern a diamond (with one stone on each corner). Place the Programmed Green Aventurine in the center. Beneath the Green Aventurine, you could place your written affirmation. Or if you are working with this grid to send healing energy long distance, you could place photos or a list of names of the intended recipients beneath the Green Aventurine.
  5. Activate the Grid. Work with a Selenite wand or any pointed crystal to trace the pattern of the grid three times. There is a specific way to trace the pattern for optimal results. Please refer to the helpful diagram that shows the activation pattern. The set also comes with an instructional video download that demonstrates this process.


The grid will remain activated as long as the crystals stay in place. I suggest meditating with this grid regularly to maximize its power. You could imagine green healing energy bathing yourself or the intended recipient/s. You can also pray for perfect healing, and visualize yourself or the recipient/s in perfect, radiant health.

If you would like to purchase the Physical Healing Set, here’s the link:

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