Jan 09

Crystal Divination: What Does 2017 Hold in Store for You?

What wonderful things are you going to create in 2017? Does this year hold an energetic pattern or trend that will guide your experiences? After consulting my crystal ball, I was guided to create this fun crystal divination game. It gives you an energetic forecast of the new year and insight into the inner workings of your soul. Here’s how to play:

Call in your higher self and move your consciousness into your heart. Take a few deep breaths, and then look a the image below. Which crystal are you most instinctively drawn to? Try not to analyze or think about it too much. Instead, allow in your higher guidance. Tune into your intuition, and feel out which one is calling to you the most. Once you have your number, look below the photo to access your mini crystal reading for 2017. (Having a hard time choosing just one? Try to narrow it down if you can. But go ahead and read the messages of any others you like, because they might also apply to you.) Enjoy, and remember that you always have the power to make your life beautiful!

Choose A Crystal (final)



1. Lemurian Sunrise Andara:  A New Dawn–Lemurian Awakening and Vibrant Energy for a Fresh Start.  Rise and shine! Brilliant new rays of light will shine upon you in 2017, inviting you to see the world and your life with fresh eyes. It’s time to leave the past behind and create a new chapter in your life. You are an advanced, dynamic, and gifted soul with a powerful mission to help make the world a better place. Life hasn’t always been easy, because you are on an accelerated course of healing and spiritual mastery. The Universe has recently given you at least one major challenge to help refine your heart, character, and soul. Here’s the good news: You have exceeded all expectations in dealing with it. Even if you haven’t always felt graceful in the process, the message is that your higher understanding of the situation, and your response to it, is right on track and has raised your light quotient. Old dynamics and patterns have been adequately transmuted in a fiery blaze, opening the door for new creations and experiences. This is the beginning of a bright era in your life, one that is infused with positive energy, spiritual awakenings, authenticity, and fun. 2017 is a 1 year in numerology, a time for new beginnings, and it is the perfect time to make significant life changes that will bring more passion into your everyday experience. You might need to take some time at the beginning of the year to rest and recharge your batteries after passing the tests of 2016. Portals are opening, and higher frequencies of light will be available to you this month that can revitalize and refresh your body, energy levels, and outlook. Visualize ruby-lava energy (the color of the Lemurian Sunrise Andara stone you just chose) and circulate it through your chakras and bio-energetic system as needed. Then you will be fully charged and ready to reinvent certain aspects of your lifestyle, moving your reality into a more authentic expression of your soul. You are encouraged to listen to your heart and to follow its truest yearnings and guidance. Make a conscious effort to daydream and to get in touch with ideas and inspirations that bring you joy and excitement. If there were no limiting factors, where would you choose to live? What would you like to contribute to the world? What change can you make to bring more joy, love, and fulfillment into your life? Getting clear on the answers to questions such as these will set in motion a chain reaction of synchronicities and opportunities that will positively transform your personal reality. Here’s another clue for you: Choosing this stone indicates that you are an old soul who has had several lifetimes in Lemuria. Lemuria was an ancient civilization that existed thousands of years ago in the Pacific. It was a paradise reality with a focus on love, unity, spirituality, and healing. 2017 ushers in a big Lemurian renaissance for you, a resurgence of the spiritual, psychic, and healing gifts you had in those lifetimes. Be open to this energy. Allow it to accelerate your spiritual growth and influence you to create your own version of a paradise lifestyle. Maybe your idea of paradise is to simply make certain aspects of your life more beautiful, such as your relationships, your home environment, your appearance, your soul. If you have always had paradise dreams of actually moving to a tropical island and enjoying glorious sunsets on the beach every day, it’s time to go for it! The wind is at your back this year, and your soul has the key to doors that were previously locked for you. Expect for things to fall into place like magic, as long as you stay in alignment. Get ready to co-create miracles, soul-inspired lifestyle shifts, major breakthroughs, and grand adventures that will land you in an entirely new energetic and physical territory by 2018.

2. Eudialyte: Upgrading your Psychic Senses and Perfecting the Heart. “Bzzzzzz.” What’s that sound? Is it that annoying ringing in your ears again? Maybe it’s a higher dimensional alarm clock trying to wake you up. Can you hear it yet? If not, chances are you literally might before the year is over. Your clairaudience (ability to hear multi-dimensionally) is coming online, along with your other psychic senses. You have always been a sensitive, intuitive soul who cares deeply about others and the world. You have spent lifetimes developing a beautiful, generous heart of gold. You have had incarnations as a monk, nun, or holy person, devoting yourself to service, compassion, and developing greater spiritual depth. You were also blessed with psychic and healing abilities in other lifetimes, and your gifts were sought after by many who heard of your powerful results. In this life, you have gone out of your way to help people in need–especially your loved ones. You have focused your love, prayers, energy, and time to assist with certain humanitarian causes and planetary issues, and it has made a bigger difference than you might realize. Your good deeds have been noticed in the Heavens! It has been decided that you are ready for more spiritual tools to expand your ability to help.  You wrote it into your current life blueprint–the potential for these extrasensory gifts to come back online and stronger than ever. And 2017 is your year to take it to the next level. You have at least one new spirit guide joining your team at the beginning of the year to prepare you. The first order of business will be turning that big heart of yours inward and working on self-love. As a sensitive, you naturally feel things deeply and might have some residual emotions from past experiences that you need to process and to lovingly release. Some of the lower emotions and pain you are carrying might not even be yours! You might have subconsciously absorbed it from others in an attempt to lighten their load. It is time to let go of anything that is burdening your heart. Allow your loving soul to grace you with the vibration of forgiveness, which has the power to transmute anything that is less than love. You might experience another benefit from this heart-healing work: an improved romantic life or the manifestation of a soul-mate relationship. Be open to that potential! As you make progress on clearing and perfecting your heart, the psychic upgrade process will begin. You might get headaches and other ascension symptoms during the activation of your higher chakras and subtle energetic circuitry. And don’t be alarmed if you experience neck and shoulder pain at times. This is a sign that your Zeal Chakra is activating and coming into a higher level of functioning. The Zeal Chakra (also referred to as “The Mouth of God” or “The Well of Dreams”) is located at the back of the neck and the base of the skull, where there is an indention. It regulates multi-dimensional telepathic communication. As your Zeal Chakra awakens, you will experience an increase in clairvoyance, clairaudience, astral travel, vivid dream-recall, healing abilities, empathy, and telepathy. It is suggested that you work with Eudialyte at the Zeal Chakra this year to assist this process, and be sure to rest as needed. An important thing to ask yourself now is what will you do with these enhanced abilities. The good news is that it will be easier to hear the answers and guidance from your soul. Make some time to meditate and tune in. If you already do work in the metaphysical field, you might be given a new role or more advanced techniques to offer. If you have a more traditional profession or role in life, you might be given ways to incorporate these gifts into what you do. Or perhaps you will get a nudge to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. For example, if you ever considered taking psychic development classes or having a booth at a weekend metaphysical fair, go for it and see what happens! You are destined to succeed, as you have in many other lifetimes. 2017 will be a landmark year for you, as you step more fully into you spiritual power and your heart. Welcome to the next level!

3. Ametrine: Soul Integration, Forward Movement, and Diplomacy. You are a sparkling, multifaceted being with diverse and harmonious gifts–much like this crystal. The color rays in Ametrine (purple and yellow) are opposite of each other on the color wheel, yet they come together in a beautiful, complimentary way. They do more than coexist. The contrast actually seems to enhance the vibrant energy inherent in of each color ray, producing synergy and amplified radiance. This year marks a time of bringing various soul aspects and gifts together in an integrated, cohesive way that will make you unstoppable. You have it all within you: a sharp intellect balanced with keen intuition, feminine grace balanced with masculine strength, childlike innocence balanced with ancient wisdom. In your soul’s quest to fully understand this reality from multiple perspectives, a choice was made to diversity your resume of incarnations. You have had lifetimes in various cultures, with different levels of wealth and privilege and a wide variety of roles, gifts, and vocations. Your soul path has made you a jack of all trades. You are capable of excelling in many different areas, however sometimes this can lead to confusion about who you are and which path is best for you. The good news is that it will all come together for you this year. Your soul will bring you flashes of clarity and inspiration, and your highest path with be illuminated in bright lights. If you have been following different tangents or getting lost in distractions, this tendency will phase out and be replaced with laser focus. If you have any self-defeating habits, addictions, or patterns that have been standing in your way, this is the year for you to clear them once and for all. It’s a forward-motion year for you. After achieving a space of greater clarity, be ready to receive a series of major soul downloads. They are designed to activate latent talents and metaphysical abilities, while also bringing in higher-perspective information and solutions. You will begin to integrate the higher aspects of your soul matrix that are most helpful and relevant to your current mission, giving you access to the most important things you learned and mastered in other lifetimes. This will translate into success in your chosen endeavors and the manifestation of wonderful things. You will start to see new ways to combine different gifts that will create amazing results. Expect positive developments in your career, finances, health, and relationships. You have talents in the area of diplomacy and conflict resolution that will come in handy this year. From one perspective, we are currently in a phase of collective evolution that is marked by polarity and divisiveness. People are divided into different camps based on politics, religion, gender, race, region, social status, and other factors. The tension between groups seems to become more exaggerated every year, as if it is coming to a boiling point. This is happening for a reason. It is time for us to grasp a higher truth–that we are all truly ONE on the higher levels of reality! We are stronger when we listen to each other and embrace our differences, love and respect one another, and work together for the common good. This isn’t easy for everyone to achieve, but it is one of your specialities. Since you have had such a diverse array of incarnations, you are adept at seeing things from many different perspectives. On a soul level, you know what it is like to be dirt poor, filthy rich, beautiful, disabled, biracial, Ivy League educated, illiterate, an atheist, a Fundamental Christian, a shaman, etc. This makes you well-suited to be a peacemaker or a mediator who helps disparate groups achieve more empathy and understanding of each other. Thank you for modeling the energy of Ametrine–for showing us how to bring together opposites in a harmonious way that creates beauty and synergy. You rock!

4. Optical Clear Quartz, Phi Dream Vogel: Anchoring Crystalline Reality–Upshifting People, Places, and the Planet. Your soul matrix has a crystalline-like perfection and elegance to it. It’s very radiant, coherent, organized, refined, and geometric–just like the crystal you chose. Clear Quartz Vogel crystals are sentient, precision-cut tools that can access, store, and transmit an expanded spectrum of light for clearing, healing, and spiritual activation work. They emanate patterns of perfection that have a beneficial and evolutionary effect on people, energies, and the environment. And so do you! You are a brilliant soul who, on a higher level, is an adept in the fields of sacred science and mathematics. The truest essence of your soul is a Divine Architect and a Healing Technician. You understand sacred design and work with the energetic templates underlying reality to heal distortions and to create new forms. In fact, you are destined to be a part of the Divine Intelligence that helps to design original blueprints for new planetary systems. You have spent countless lifetimes refining your soul in order to move toward this elevated level of creative responsibility. You have had incarnations at the height of advanced civilizations on Earth, such as in Ancient Egypt and Atlantis, and you were trained in cutting edge technology and techniques that blended science and spirit. Your Atlantean incarnations were a shining accomplishment, as you engineered novel and effective ways to work with crystals for healing, rejuvenation, and technological progress. Even if this feels far removed from what you do in this lifetime, this expertise is imprinted in you–especially your connection with the crystalline kingdom. You have been acting as a human crystal your entire life–absorbing, amplifying, and transmitting higher frequencies of light–whether you have been conscious of it or not. You are a natural healer who can sense subtle distortions in the energy flows of people, systems, and places. Your higher self also knows how to access and apply the right energies to correct the imbalances. When you sense that the energy is off, your soul responds with mathematical precision in the subtle reams to fix it. That is why people who are having issues are oftentimes inexplicably drawn to you. If you are already working in the metaphysical or healing field, you are likely doing this work on a very conscious level and have a long list of amazed clients. But even if you don’t, your soul is still bringing rarefied energy into your daily routine that heals, restructures, and perfects the people and places that you encounter. You make the world a brighter place, beautifying and harmonizing everything that crosses your path. At times, you might have to remind yourself not to go overboard with your perfectionist tendencies, and it can be hard for you to fully rest until everything is in its proper order. But that’s what makes you excel and rise to the top in all of your life endeavors. Your gifts will certainly be in demand this year. The Earth is in the midst of a grand ascension process. New and progressively higher cosmic frequencies will continue to come into our planetary sphere in 2017, causing big transformation and upshift across the board. You will serve as a human Vogel crystal, expanding your dimensional receptivity to access the highest spectrum of incoming stellar frequencies and codes. You will absorb, integrate, and organize this energy. And then you will radiate the perfect rays, in the perfect amounts, that are required at any given moment for positive results. Allow your soul to perfectly guide you in this. You might be called to travel to specific vortexes and power spots to help upshift the ley-lines and planetary grid system. Perhaps your role will be transmit the right frequencies to assist with political, environmental, or social issues happening in the world. Or maybe you will work one on one with people to help them heal and awaken. No matter what you are specifically guided to do, it is recommended that you incorporate crystals into your spiritual work and process. Crystals will focus and amplify your efforts, helping you to create quicker and more impactful results. You could take classes about building crystal grids, programming Quartz for manifestation, or performing crystal healing sessions. But you have such a natural connection with the mineral kingdom that all you really need to do is tune in and listen. The crystals themselves will tell you how to best work with them. Thank you for being a true gem, one who is destined to help anchor crystalline reality for the planet in 2017.

5. Astrophyllite: “Walk In” and Wake Up to Your Galactic Mission. Hang on tight! It’s 2017, and things are about to get weird. But you’ll be OK, because weird is actually your comfort zone. Admit it, you find a lot of things about life to be a bit tedious and boring–like paying bills, cleaning house, preparing food, and generally maintaining your 3-D reality. Where are the replicators from Star Trek? Why do we have to get frisked by airport security and spend hours traveling in primitive airplanes when we could just jump into a portal and arrive in moments? These feelings are the price you pay for being a Starseed. A Starseed is an advanced soul who has had incarnations in other galaxies and solar systems, and on other planets. Choosing Astrophyllite indicates that you are one. As a Starseed, you are an accelerator of evolution. You have otherworldly, metaphysical abilities that become activated at the right time to serve the ascension of Earth and humanity. 2017 is one of the turning-point moments that you programmed into your life blueprint for a big activation of your abilities. It’s coming, and fast! You might already be well on your path, using your otherworldly spiritual gifts in planetary service. Or you might just be waking up to all of this stuff. Either way, expect a monumental upshift in your awakening and capabilities this year. You will likely gain a greater awareness of the Galactic aspects of your soul. Spending time in meditation might trigger conscious recall of lifetimes spent in other planetary systems (such as Arcturus, the Pleiades, or Andromeda) and what you learned and mastered there. There is a strong probability that you will take it a step further and have a walk-in experience. In your case, you would not experience the kind of walk-in where your soul leaves your body and is replaced by an entirely new soul. Yours would be an Oversoul walk-in, which involves a higher expression of your own soul essence stepping it’s frequency down to merge and integrate with your body and consciousness. Think of it this way: Your physical body is a finite vessel that can only hold a certain percentage of the vast amount of energy that makes up your Oversoul. Having an Oversoul walk-in is a way to send a more upgraded version of your own soul essence into your body. And in this case, the upgraded version carries your Starseed consciousness and abilities. That’s a lot to take in, literally! So expect a period of disorientation and adjustment that might last a few weeks or longer. The first order of business will be a necessary clean up project. You might have noticed that this planet has a few problems right now. As somebody who came here on a mission, you have willingly taken on some of the lower patterns and tendencies that are playing out here. You did this with the full knowledge that you would overcome them, and by doing so you are helping to transmute them for all of humanity. It is part of your path of service. You will be plunged into a process of facing any remaining shadow aspects in your life that still need healing. It might feel as if you are going through the dark night of the soul as old patterns, fears, thoughts, addictions and negative ways of being surface to be cleared. But don’t worry, because this new walk-in part of you is a master who will power you through it. It is suggested that you work with Astrophyllite to accelerate this healing process. Once you are on the other side of it, you will have a renewed sense of self and access to more of your power than ever before. Then it will be time to rock! Your job will be to maintain a daily, conscious connection with your soul and to follow any guidance you are given. You might be called to write a groundbreaking spiritual book, get involved in politics to change the system, invent technology to clean up environmental pollution, create a new healing modality, or simply to shower every bit of this Earth with the frequencies of pure love. Who knows what your mission is? Oh yeah, you do! Let your own masterful ET soul be your guiding star to amazing new horizons.

6. Ancient Hongshan Skull: Reawakening Ancient Knowledge, the Goddess Principles, and Your Shamanic Superpowers. You have something in common with this astounding ancient artifact that just grabbed your attention. She invites you to open your ancient eyes and take a look into the mirror she provides. You are Divine Consciousness, housed and reflected in 3-D form. You are a sacred vessel, made of Earth and imprinted by the stars, holding ancestral knowledge and Divine blueprints deep within your crystalline bones. This skull is a magical relic of the Neolithic, Chinese Hongshan culture that existed over five thousand of years ago. It was a matriarchal, Goddess-based, shamanic civilization that is shrouded in mystery. The Hongshan exhibited a sophisticated grasp of science, math, and astronomy, and they even built one of the first pyramids. They also left behind a treasure trove of unusual stone carvings and artifacts depicting goddesses, stylized skulls, dragons, and even various alien races!  It begs you to question the source of their artistic inspiration. This Hongshan skull that you selected is quite animated and has an insightful channeled message just for you, “Dear Ancient One, I recognize your magical and timeless vibration, and I reflect it back to you so that you can more clearly see yourself. Eons ago, before recorded history, your bright soul entered the Earth plane like a shooting star. You were a part of the first wave of souls to volunteer your participation in the saga of human experience on Earth. You have taken on countless different forms, bodies, and expressions–all with one underlying goal: to explore the mystery and to learn how to transcend limitations. As such, you have had many lifetimes in which you earned the title of High Priest/Priestess, Magician, Sage, and Shaman. Place your hand over your heart now, and tune into the shamanic drumbeat that has guided your sacred dance of incarnations. Ride the sound waves, following the beat back to a time that predates anything your historians can clearly piece together. Let’s travel back to an era in which magic was mainstream and the Goddess was honored, like in the Hongshan period. The air was fresh, sweet, and unpolluted. You lived life wrapped in the holy essence of nature. You understood that everything you saw, touched, and tasted was infused with Divine energy and consciousness–the plants, the rivers, the rocks, the animals–everything! You knew that you were intimately connected to your environment, and all parts of creation had a purpose and deserved honor and respect. You lived life in accordance with the Goddess principals. This allowed you to thrive in harmony with your surroundings and to learn about your Divine nature via the living library. Can you remember what that felt like? If not, there’s still hope for you. I mean, you are listening to me right now, and I happen to be a rock with a face carved on it! But seriously, I am trying to jog your soul memory for a good reason. Visionary author, Barbara Marciniak, channeled a key message in her book, Earth, that I really want you to get: Information is stored in stone and bone. The ancient crystal skulls (like myself) are cosmic libraries that have been deliberately programmed with the records of the Universe, the codes of ascension, and vast amounts of data beyond what you can currently imagine. The cranial shape of these libraries is not an accident or an artistic choice, but a practical part of the design to help you access the data. Did you know that the human bone structure has long been recognized as a solid crystalline structure with piezoelectric properties? There is scientific evidence that suggests that your crystalline bone structure acts as an antenna for external and internal vibratory energy and information. Your own cranium can come into harmonic resonance with an ancient crystal skull, unlocking the energetic records and escorting it all into your conscious awareness. Information is stored in stone and bone! I would like to add that it is also stored in plants, animals, and all parts of nature–and your shaman soul knows this well. The mission I give you for 2017 is to remember how to use the Divine instrument of your body to access your ancient knowledge, akashic records, and spiritual superpowers. It is all within you! Work with a crystal skull, or tap into my energy transmission via this photo, to help trigger an awakening and an archaic revival of the Shamanic and Goddess principles. Then widely share what you learn in an effort to help heal and restore world.”