Mar 13

Top Nine Reasons to Work with Calcite in March–and Beyond!

calciteI am somebody who always pays close attention to my dreams. I know that my soul and subconscious mind can use dreams as a vehicle to bypass my waking consciousness and deliver important messages. This is especially true during powerful energetic windows, such as the one we are currently in. March brings us two eclipses and an equinox, which can accelerate our spiritual growth process and draw a lot to the surface for healing. Last week, I had a powerful healing dream.  I was on a surgical table, and higher beings were performing a major surgery on my heart chakra. I felt vivid sensations in my body, and also a great sense of peace. I knew it was an upgrade, and I was very grateful. One of the beings kept telling me repeatedly, “Remember Adrienne, work with Calcite to support the repatterining of your heart. Don’t forget this when you wake up.” I woke up in the middle of the dream and looked at my clock.  It was exactly 5:55 AM, and I felt sharp, pulsing pains to the right of my heart chakra!  I put my hand there and asked for the pain to go away, which it did instantly.  I got up and pulled out my beautiful Calcite stones, and have had them nearby ever since.  I think this message is not just for me, but for all of us. Working with Calcite right now can help us with healing and clearing, and with integrating the accelerating energies of March and beyond.

Calcite is a beautiful, high vibration mineral that comes in different shapes and in almost every color–making it a highly versatile healing stone. You can find a Calcite to match every chakra color ray: black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and clear. They have a soft, shiny appearance and an interesting, waxy texture. They can range in translucence from crystal clear to opaque. Here are the top nine reasons why Calcite is my number one stone suggestion for these powerful times:


  1. Calcite can be used to clear, balance, and activate all of your chakras. Clear Calcite can be used to bring any chakra into a state of perfect clarity and functioning, or you can match the color of the Calcite to the color ray of each chakra. Maintaining your chakra system is vital during intense energetic periods.
  2. Calcite is an energy amplifier. During periods of heightened cosmic energy, your body can experience ascension symptoms and fatigue. Calcite can give your body the boost it needs to move through it.
  3. Calcite has a soothing and stabilizing effect on the emotions. This is especially helpful when the planetary energies are accelerating and bringing issues to the surface. Calcite will help to alleviate any stress and fear, centering and balancing you so that you can calmly face situations and move forward appropriately.
  4. Calcite can sharpen the mind and amplify your powers of manifestation. Eclipses and equinoxes are perfect times for focusing on what you want to create or experience next. Calcite sharpens your mental body, making your thoughts crystal clear. It also acts as an amplifier of energy and thought-forms, making it the perfect mechanism for placing your order into the Universe for accelerated manifestation results.
  5. Calcite can link the emotional and mental bodies, increasing emotional intelligence and heart-based living. This is the way of the higher dimensions, and right now we can make a quantum leap in transforming our personal realities into a more loving and holistic expression.
  6. Calcite accelerates your spiritual growth and psychic development. The veils are always thinner when we are in an eclipse or equinox window.  Working with Calcite at this time can help you to tap into higher dimensional realms and to integrate new light codes that are available now.  It can help you upgrade your spiritual gifts, taking them to a new level.
  7. Calcite can support the physical body in eliminating toxins, boosting the immune system, and decalcifying the pineal gland. Your body may need extra support right now as it attempts to release from a deep level and align with the light.  Calcite will help your physical vehicle shift with more ease and grace.
  8. Calcite can help you to reestablish your higher blueprint of perfection.  Calcite is known to help you remember  your original state of perfection–before disease, trauma, or negative patterns developed. It helps to guide your body, mind, emotions, and spirit back into wholeness.  Now is the time for this work!
  9. Calcite can clear your home environment or work space. The equinox ushers in springtime, and It’s time to do a little spring cleaning!  Placing Calcite in your home, office, or any place you spend time in regularly will help to purify, refresh, and uplift the energy.

So march forward into the new normal this month with Calcite!  It will put some spring in your step, while bringing lots of light into every aspect of your being.