Aug 30

Apophyllite–Featured Stone (September 1st – 14th)

Multiple sources are all saying the same thing about September–hold on to your hats!  An array of powerful energetic influences will sweep through this month, potentially changing the game for us on personal and planetary levels.  There’s a lot of buzz around Wave X.  According to Dr. Simon Atkins, Wave X is an influx of electromagnetic energy from the cosmos and the sun that is beginning to build now and will likely peak around September 28th.  It has the potential to cause a “frequency shift” in consciousness, awakening new metaphysical gifts and triggering a rapid spiritual evolution process for many.  People are predicting all sorts of things around Wave X:  disclosure of information relating to extraterrestrials and the secret space program, Earth changes, an increase in the Schumann Resonance, and possibly some incidents of societal upheaval. We also have two eclipses in September, a partial solar eclipse on September 13th and a total lunar eclipse occurring during the peak of Wave X on September 28th.  This lunar eclipse happens to be the fourth and final eclipse in a series of four total lunar eclipses called the lunar tetrad.   Lunar tetrads are rare.  There have only been seven since the birth of Christ, and each one has historically brought massive cleansing and change: the rise and fall of nations, stock market crashes, Earth changes, etc.  To top it all off, the astrology of September is highly complex!  According to Carl Bourdreau, mutable energy will be dominating the charts, as well as a significant amount of retrograde activity.  This mix of influences highlights subtle nuances, brings things to the surface, and can loosen congealed patterns so that they can be reformed. Expect even-paced, progressive change and fluctuation. Overall, I am feeling very optimistic about all of these September energetic influences. It is ultimately leading humanity to a better place, even if the ride is a bit bumpy. This statement really caught my attention: “The sheer complexity of the astrological currents in September will make it virtually impossible to navigate successfully without recourse to our higher intuition.”  Lucky for us, there is a beautiful stone that can help us tune in to our higher faculties during this incoming wave of change–Apophyllite.

apophyllite pyramidApophyllite is a sparkling stone that commonly forms in cube or pyramid shapes.  It is normally clear, white, green, or grey; and it has a noticeably high vibration that is crisp and pure.  In general, Apophyllite helps you to access higher dimensional levels and beings, while producing a grounding, stabilizing, and clearing effect.  Apophyllite has a high water content, making it an ideal conductor and transmitter of energies.  It can channel and infuse higher energies and light codes into the chakras, which is why it is a popular stone for energy healing modalities and meditation practices.  Apophyllite powerfully activates and clears the crown and the third eye chakras.  It can awaken the psychic senses and helps to form a connection between the spiritual and physical realms.  It assists you to clearly communicate with your higher self and guides, and to access and bring back useful insights during meditative journeying and dreamwork. The geometric formation of Apophyllite contributes to its quality of spiritual connection.  The pyramid form amplifies and focuses your consciousness, helping you to tune in to the subtle realms.  The cube stabilizes and grounds energies, helping you to receive, process, and integrate the incoming light and information.  This makes Apophyllite the perfect support stone for September, since it can help you to navigate and integrate Wave X and the other powerful energetic influences.  

The September energies are all about releasing, transforming, and moving forward; and Apophyllite can help you accomplish this on multiple levels.  On a mental level, Apophyllite assists you with achieving clarity and accurate self reflection.  It will highlight patterns, behaviors, and thoughts that are out of alignment and provide the energy and spiritual vision needed to make corrections. Apophyllite makes it easier to understand the underlying spiritual lessons behind your life circumstances so that you can heal and move on.  It also brings stability and peace to the mental body, counteracting excessive thinking, stress, and worry. Apophyllite can also clear old emotions that are holding you back. According to Naisha Ahsian, co-author of The Book of Stones, it can help you to move through the dark night of the soul.  It assists you to overcome depression, discouragement and emotional difficulty, so that you can regain your trust and faith in your spiritual process. Think of Apophyllite as a lighthouse, guiding you back to the light, love, and truth of your soul.  It uplifts your vibration and heart, and it keeps the energy around you high and pure.  Get yours on sale at Nature’s Treasures from September 1st through the 14th, and get ahead of the wave!

Photo by Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com

Photo by Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com