Jul 29

Rhodonite–Featured Stone (August 1st-14th)

Have you noticed that matters of the heart are up for us all to examine right now? In my healing practice, my clients have been going to really deep emotional places lately. The core patterns we need to heal and shift are often on the other side of emotions we haven’t wanted to face. Once we look do at them and put them into proper context, so much energy is freed up so that we can create beautiful new potentials. Venus is now in a retrograde position, where it will remain until September 6th. This is a cosmic opportunity to help us move through relationship issues and to come out with a clear heart and vision about what we really value. It is also the perfect time to make a real breakthrough in the areas of self love and self care. For all of these reasons, Rhodonite is the perfect stone to hold close to your heart in the next few weeks.

RhodoniteRhodonite is a beautiful pink or rose colored stone with veins or spots of black Manganese. Pink stones have a natural resonance with the heart chakra and emotional healing. The presence of Manganese adds a wonderful grounding and balancing quality that works with both the physical and emotional bodies. That is why Rhodonite is the perfect stone to turn to if you are experiencing erratic, intense, or out of control emotional states. It is one of my go-to stones to when dealing with anxiety, panic, grief, severe anger or depression, overreactive emotions, or emotional burnout. Rhodonite works to calm and balance these feelings, helping you to put them into proper perspective. Several years ago, I took a wonderful course from Gemisphere, founded by Michael Katz. I deeply resonate with what he had to say about Rhodonite in his book, Gemstone Energy Medicine: “Rhodonite rebuilds your emotional foundation in a way that allows all of your emotions to find their proper places in your emotional being.” So if you feel like your emotional body needs more stability or even an entire overhaul, Rhodonite can help you put all of your complex emotional pieces into a solid and healthy structure.

The energy of Rhodonite goes beyond healing and balancing your inner emotional world; it also helps you to shine your love and gifts out into the physical world. A natural result of healing your heart is a sincere desire to love and help your larger community. Rhodonite creates a clear heart space; and when you can dwell there, it is easier to tune into your true soul gifts and see how they can be applied to serve others and the entire Earth system. Meditating with Rhodonite at the heart can show you the highest way you can make a positive difference. The black Manganese in Rhodonite can then give you the extra push or motivation to make things happen, or to manifest action, in physical reality. Perhaps this is why several crystal experts recognize Rhodonite as a stone that can help you to fulfill your highest potential and destiny. So if you are ready to rock this venus retrograde and to get your heart and mission into proper alignment, Rhodonite is the stone for you. It is on sale at Nature’s Treasures during the first half of August.