Jun 29

Labradorite–Featured Stone (July 1st – 14th)

We are now halfway through 2015, and there is clear evidence that the collective consciousness is in the midst of a dramatic shift.  Recent and powerful influxes of light seem to have amassed to the degree necessary to push through big planetary blockages and old paradigms.  It feels like a new infusion of love and universal truth has graced the human landscape, and new potentials are available to us, both personally and collectively.  It is time to fly and to create the reality that is aligned with your true soul purpose.  I can think of no better stone than Labradorite to help us all gracefully rise to the occasion.

dreamstime_xs_7382538-300x225Labradorite is a beautiful form of Feldspar that exhibits flashes of iridescent peacock colors when held in the light.  The shifting colors provide a clue about the stone’s energetic function: it helps you to shift your energy and consciousness to align with higher levels of light.  Labradorite is a stone that can greatly activate your psychic senses, expanding your perception so that you can be aware of multiple levels of reality all at once. It has a special resonance and connection with galactic energies, and I have noticed in my healing sessions that it brings in the energy and influence of benevolent star family members.  In The Book of Stones, Robert Simmons provides the following list of magical qualities that Labradorite can enhance:  “clairvoyance, telepathy, astral travel, prophecy, psychic reading, access to Akashic records, past-life recall, communication with higher guides and spirits, and coincidence control.”  

Not only does Labradorite help you to receive intuitive information from the subtle realms, but it also helps you to see the best ways to implement the information to heal and improve your life circumstances.  Perhaps that is why Labradorite is known as a stone of transformation, one that can align you with your true soul destiny.  It tunes you into a higher vision and helps you make the changes necessary to actualize it.  

Labradorite is also a great stone to assist you in keeping your auric field fortified and free of negative influences.  According to Melody, author of Love is in the Earth, “This mineral protects ones aura, and helps to keep the aura clear, balanced, protected, and free from energy leaks.” The flashy iridescent quality of Labradorite creates a mirror effect that deflects negative energy and sends it on its way.  That is why it is a good idea to wear Labradorite jewelry, especially when you know that you will be in certain situations that might expose you to lower energies. Labradorite is truly an essential for anybody who is working on raising their light levels and reaching for the stars.  Get yours on sale at Nature’s Treasures from July first through the fourteenth.