Jun 14

Sunstone–Featured Stone (June 15-30th)

The summer solstice is right around the corner, on June 21st. It marks the longest day of the year, a time when we are at maximum light. The progress of the sun throughout the year represents our journey of achieving enlightenment, and so we are at the peak on this day. It is a time when light triumphs over dark; a time for us to focus on ascension, integration, and wholeness. So make time to celebrate your conscious awakening on the solstice! The summer solstice is ideal for honoring and connecting with the Divine Masculine, which is represented by solar energies. The Divine Masculine is the part of yourself that makes things happen in your physical reality. It’s about strength, structure, right action, walking your talk, and shining your light and gifts into the world with confidence. Summer is also a time for your sacral chakra to sizzle with passion and sensuality. The sun heats things up in the love and creativity departments. And finally, summer is also known as a time of “life in full bloom.” This is a time of picnics, fireworks, social gatherings, vacations, and general fun and celebration. It is more about basking in all of the good spiritual work you have done in the past year rather than starting new projects or going in new directions.  The perfect stone to move you into resonance with the summer solstice energy and themes is Sunstone.  

sunstoneSunstone is a vibrant form of Oligoclase that appears in shades of orange, peach, red, and brown, often with flashes of iridescence.  It has the appearance and energy of the sun, which is why many cultures have given it a special place in ceremonies dedicated to solar energies and deities.  Sunstone connects with the solar plexus chakra and the charismatic traits of the Divine Masculine, such as warmth, generosity, dynamism, and confidence.  It is a stone that showers you with abundance and prosperity, helping you to increase your power of manifestation.  Historically, it has been known to bring good luck and blessings, and it attracts positive synchronicities and forward movement. Sunstone enhances leadership by helping you to be comfortable with stepping into a role of greater responsibility and using knowledge for the highest good of all.  It also brings a sense of freedom, fun, and adventure into your life, relationships, and creative pursuits.  Sunstone helps you shine and radiate your gifts into the world.  

Sunstone also has a powerful cleansing and revitalizing effect on your chakras, energy, and emotions.  You can work with it over any chakra that needs clearing to help release blockages and stuck energy.  It can also reenergize any energy center or area of the body that feels depleted or sluggish.  According to crystal expert, Melody, Sunstone can help you to remove hooks or energetic cords from your aura.  Sometimes your energy can become drained or compromised by people who have attached to your energy field.  In this case, Sunstone helps to remove these dampening connections on an energetic level, and it helps you to stand in your power and to set clear boundaries.  If your emotions are feeling low, Sunstone can help.  It can act as a natural antidepressant that boosts your mood and brightens your outlook.  It brings the joy and light back into your mind and heart.  We can all use a piece of sunshine, so get your very own Sunstone while it is on sale at Nature’s Treasures from June 15th-30th.