May 12

Sodalite–Featured Stone (May 15th – 31st)

Just in the past week, an indicator light came on in my car, my computer started acting glitchy, and significant people from my past contacted me.  These are all classic symptoms of Mercury retrograde! Mercury retrograde officially starts on May 18th and ends on June 11th.  But it is possible to feel the effects as early as May 4th, and all the way through June 27th.  Mercury is a planet that governs communication, clear thought, travel, and truth.  When this planet appears to go backward in the sky during a retrograde, you can potentially experience hiccups in these key areas.  Your thinking and communication can feel scattered, and you might experience glitches in your technology and transportation.  It is also a time that supports revisiting and reviewing your past, so that you can tie up loose ends and move forward in a clear way next month.  The good news is that it can all be managed by staying aware, going slowly and deliberately, and maintaining a good attitude.  The perfect stone to support you through Mercury retrograde is Sodalite.  

sodaliteSodalite is a beautiful stone that has deep to light blue color rays and areas of white Calcite. Some specimens can contain grey, yellow, green, or pink.  Sodalite stimulates the mental body and brings order and organization to energy, thoughts, and words; and this makes it well suited to help counteract the effects of Mercury retrograde.  Specifically, it enhances your faculties of rational thought, analysis, objectivity, and observation.  It can help to clear mental confusion and old, rigid thought patterns that would block your ability to comprehend things in a newer and truer way.  Sodalite also sharpens your psychic vision and intuition, helping you to see situations from multiple levels of reality and to draw accurate conclusions.  It awakens the third eye chakra and expands your spiritual awareness.

Sodalite also has a peaceful and relaxing quality to it.  Placed in your home or work place, it can assist in creating a more tranquil and serene environment. It can calm and unwind uncomfortable emotional states, such as fear, stress, anxiety, guilt, and anger.   Sodalite can also help to relax a revved up mind so that you can more easily move into an altered, meditative state.  According to crystal experts, Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian, meditating with Sodalite opens the subconscious to help heal wounds from the past.  Mercury retrograde provides the perfect energetic opportunity to go deep with this kind of inner healing work.  

Sodalite is also a great stone for the throat chakra and communication.  It is recommended for writers, teachers, public speakers, and channelers who bring through higher messages during healing and psychic work.   The thyroid is the gland that is associated with the throat chakra, and many people have reported that working with Sodalite consistently can boost its functioning.  According to Melody, Sodalite can help you to verbalize your emotions and to speak your truth in a clear and loving way.  This becomes extra important during Mercury Retrograde, when communication can become challenged. Allow Sodalite to ease you through this Mercury retrograde period.  It is on sale during the last half of May at Nature’s Treasures.