Apr 29

Kunzite–Featured Stone (May 1st-14th)

There are so many gifted people who write planetary energy updates, keeping us all informed about general trends that humanity is experiencing.  A common thread that people are reporting about now is a sense of anxiety, worry, and overwhelm.  This is in part due to Earth changes and unrest in several areas of the world, which we all feel on some level.  And it is also the culmination of the energies made available during the recent eclipses.  Elizabeth Peru has described the current energy as multi-faceted–it feels like multiple new options for change are being fired at us daily.  This is making many people feel overwhelmed and pushed to the max. Luckily, this is all occurring so that we can become clearer and more aligned with our true selves and mission.  The perfect stone for helping us to navigate this energy and to connect with the love and peace of the higher realms is Kunzite.  

dreamstime_12451589Kunzite is a sweet, high vibration stone with a light pink color and a high lithium content.  Crystals and stones containing lithium naturally emit a calming energy that can counteract feelings of panic, worry, anxiety, and stress. Kunzite connects with the currents of Divine love from the higher realms, and this loving frequency is strengthened and delivered to us through its striated structure.  A striated stone is one that has parallel grooves recessed down the length of the stone.  The striations in Kunzite act as amplifying channels or pathways. Its structure makes it ideal for transmitting higher frequencies into the body and for transmuting lower energies and blockages into pure love.

Kunzite has a natural resonance with the third eye and heart chakras, the seat of your mental and emotional bodies respectively.  It serves as a bridge between the two, while it activates and clears both centers.  Anxiety is a state that is experienced in the mental body as excess energy or worry due to thoughts you are having, and it is felt in the emotional body as fear.  This stone can clear both the mental and emotional sources of anxiety at one time, giving a more complete sense of relief.  Meditating with Kunzite over the third eye can assist you in moving your consciousness to the higher realms, where all is well.  It enhances your psychic and intuitive abilities, helping you to tune into the transmission and guidance of your soul and spirit helpers. Placing Kunzite over the heart chakra or wearing it as a pendant can infuse your emotional body and heart with love energy from the higher realms.  It helps to clear depression, old emotional wounds, trust issues, and other patterns that block the full expression of the heart.  
Kunzite encourages appropriate boundary setting and provides energetic protection.  It is an act of self love to honor your energy and to say no to people and situations that would deplete you. Kunzite helps you to balance meeting your own needs and meeting the needs of others. Kunzite also creates a powerful bubble of light around you, keeping you safe and protected from lower energies and influences. This helps you to stay centered in your own energy and to be less affected by other people and your environment. Kunzite is the perfect choice to move you beyond immediate stressors and into the higher flows.  Get yours at Nature’s Treasures during the first half of May, while it is on sale.