Mar 14

Moldavite–Featured Stone (March 16th-29th)

Mark your calendars, because March 20th is a power date with game-changing potential.  We will have a total solar eclipse occurring just about an hour before the spring equinox.  The solar eclipse is in the final degree of Pisces, and major completion is signaled when a solar eclipse falls here.  You might find that certain chapters in your life are finally coming to an end. There could be an abrupt sense of finality to it, as if bridges are burned and there’s no turning back.  The good news is that endings signal new beginnings. The new moon and the spring equinox are ushering in renewal and fresh-start energy on that date.  The spring equinox is the time when night and day are equal, bringing in an energy of balance.  It also signals a time of release, rejuvenation, rebirth, growth, creation, fertility, abundance, and new beginnings.  The effects of the equinox and eclipse can be felt and utilized for a window of time before and after the event. If you are ready for a fresh start, now is the time and Moldavite is your stone!

MoldaMoldavite is an accelerator, perfect for helping you to rapidly shift your vibration and your life circumstances. According to crystal expert, Robert Simmons, it formed as a result of a meteorite crash in Czechoslovakia around 14.8 million years ago. Historically, it has been used as a talisman for fertility and good fortune, two of the spring equinox themes.  It can be placed on all of the chakras for a rapid clearing and activation. Moldavite’s cleansing process is aligned with the completion energy of the solar eclipse. It has an extremely high and powerful energy that first assists you to release all that no longer serves you.   It can facilitate the release of jobs, roles, relationships, and patterns that are not for your highest good. 

After the major clearing comes the beautiful part! Moldavite begins to accelerate your spiritual and psychic abilities.  Meditations and dreams become more vivid.  Since Moldavite brings your higher chakras to a greater level of functioning, it becomes easier to connect with your higher self, angels, and guides. If you are interested in having meditative encounters with positive ET’s, Moldavite facilitates contact with them.  It also gives you sudden breakthroughs and aha moments, and it brings in the right synchronicities and connections to get you on a higher and better path.    Moldavite helps to move you into your higher flow so that you can fulfill your unique mission.  This is a stone that makes things happen and moves things along, especially if you are feeling stuck.  So it is advised that you work with it in smaller doses at first, to see how you are responding to it, and then gradually increase your exposure to this powerful ally.  It is on sale from March 16th through the 29th at Nature’s Treasures, right in time for the Spring Equinox and Solar Eclipse.  Stop by for some Moldavite, and check out all of the amazing new inventory at their Annual Tucson Truck Sale.