Mar 11

The Solar Eclipse & Spring Equinox–Creating a Fresh Start with Crystals

Mark your calendars, because March 20th is a power date with game-changing potential.  We will have a total solar eclipse occurring just about an hour before the spring equinox.  I am not an astrologer, but the research I did suggests that the March 20th eclipse/equinox is creating a major clean slate.  Let me summarize some of the main points from astroshaman.com, mysticmamma.com, and others.  The solar eclipse is in the final degree of Pisces, and major completion is signaled when a solar eclipse falls here.  You might find that certain chapters in your life are finally coming to an end. There could be an abrupt sense of finality to it, as if bridges are burned and there’s no turning back.  The good news is that endings signal new beginnings. The new moon and the spring equinox are ushering in renewal and fresh-start energy on that date.  It is also significant that the solar eclipse only aspects feminine planets (Venus and four feminine asteroids).  It is like an infusion of the Divine Feminine into the Earth grids to uplift the yin qualities of compassion, intuition, cooperation, and sensitivity.  The timing couldn’t be more perfect for this! The equinox is the time when day and night are equal, and so it is inherently about balance.  It is now time for the Divine Feminine to come into balance with the Divine Masculine, which as been running the show for eons.  The eclipse and equinox of March 20th are aligned to support this in a beautiful way.  In addition to its balancing quality, the spring equinox signals a time of release, rejuvenation, rebirth, growth, creation, fertility, abundance, and new beginnings.  The effects of the equinox and eclipse can be felt and utilized for a window of time before and after the event. If you are ready for a fresh start, now is the time!  I will now share three crystals that are perfect for harmonizing with the energetic trends heralded by the power date of March 20th.

MoldaMoldavite is an accelerator, perfect for helping you to rapidly shift your vibration and your life circumstances. According to Moldavite expert, Robert Simmons, it formed as a result of a meteorite crash in Czechoslovakia around 14.8 million years ago. Historically, it has been used as a talisman for fertility and good fortune, two of the spring equinox themes.  It has an extremely high and powerful energy that first assists you to clear all that no longer serves you.  It can be placed on all of the chakras for a rapid clearing and activation. Moldavite’s cleansing process is aligned with the completion energy of the solar eclipse.  It can facilitate the release of jobs, roles, relationships, and patterns that are not for your highest good. But what happens next is the beautiful part. Moldavite begins to accelerate your spiritual and psychic abilities.  It gives you sudden breakthroughs and aha moments, and it brings in the right synchronicities and connections to get you on a higher and better path.  Meditations and dreams become more vivid, and you feel a greater connection with your higher self.  Moldavite helps to move you into your higher flow so that you can fulfill your unique mission.  This is a stone that makes things happen and moves things along, especially if you are feeling stuck.  So it is advised that you work with it in smaller doses at first, to see how you are responding to it, and then gradually increase your exposure to this powerful ally.

GaiaSGaia Stone connects you straight to the heart of the Divine Feminine and Mother Earth, which is what this equinox/eclipse is beckoning us all to do.  This beautiful, glassy material is created from the ashes of the Mount St. Helens eruption. Gaia Stone is born out of fire, so it helps to transmute negativity.  Since the materials used to form it come from the inner depths of the planet, this stone helps you to harmonize with the vibration, loving consciousness, and planetary grid system of Gaia herself. Working with it can help you to access and embody the Divine Feminine qualities of compassion, unity consciousness, and intuition. Gaia Stone is known to bring balance and equilibrium, just like the equinox does.  According to crystal expert, Hazel Raven, the vibrant green hue of Gaia Stone is in the exact center of the color spectrum, making it easy on the eyes.  This contributes to its soothing effect on your senses and its balancing effect on your energy, emotions, and state of being.  Its color and vibration also resonate with abundance and new growth, another theme of the spring equinox.  You can work with Gaia Stone to consciously manifest more prosperity and new opportunities.  It helps you to harmonize with the entire Earth matrix so that you can draw in the right people, connections, and resources that you need.  

cupriteCuprite, a stone of transition and rebirth, is the one to turn to if you are on the verge of moving into a new phase.  It helps with completing the old while providing the energy needed to reinvent yourself and start fresh.  Death, birth, and renewal are all within this stone’s domain, which makes it a perfect fit for the energies of March 20th. Cuprite resonates with the High Priestess, and it is a stone of women’s mysteries and alchemy.  It helps both women and men to tap into feminine power for creation.  It facilitates receptivity and tunes you into the natural cycles, enabling you to work in harmony with them. Since Cuprite is copper-bearing, it naturally clears blockages, promotes flow, and can direct energy for manifestation. Cuprite is highly energizing, and it is a perfectly suited to treat the first three chakras. At the root, it infuses vitalizing life-force energy and helps to clear deep fears, traumas, and survival issues from this and other lifetimes.  It blows the second chakra wide open, enhancing sexual energy, fertility, and creativity.  At the solar plexus, it clears issues around the right use of power, and it assists with transforming your ideas into reality.  It’s as if the Goddess has infused her feminine powers into Cuprite, lending raw energy for the deconstruction of what is stagnant and for the creation of a brand new personal reality.  

mgc e:eHere’s how you can put these three stones together to create your own personal magic on or around the time of the eclipse and equinox.  Begin by writing two lists on two separate sheets of paper.  Entitle the first list, “I now release,” and write down everything that you are ready to clear from your life, once and for all.  Entitle the second list, “I now create,” and write down what it is that you would like to experience or create moving forward.  Once this step is completed, cleanse the stones and call in your higher self and spirit.  Lie down, and then place the Moldavite over the third eye point at the center of your forehead.  Place the Gaia Stone over the heart chakra at the center of your chest.  Then place the Cuprite over the sacral chakra, an inch or two below your belly button.  Pick up the first list, and read it aloud.  There is much power in stating your declaration of release, as your words direct energy.  Place your hands over the Moldavite, and then visualize the Moldavite energy moving through your entire chakra column and body, from above your head down to your feet.  You can picture it like a tornado that is clearing and removing any blockages and energy patterns related to what you are releasing.  Stick with this until you get a sense of completion or feel a shift.  Next, pick up the list of what you are creating, and read it aloud. This is like placing your order into the Universe.  Place your hands over the Cuprite, and spend some time visualizing all of the wonderful new things that you are manifesting.  Really allow yourself to feel all of the positive emotions associated with experiencing exactly what you want. When you feel complete with that, finish by placing your hands over the Gaia Stone at your heart chakra.  Allow yourself to come into resonance with Gaia, and feel the love and connection you have with the planet.  Be open to receiving guidance or a special message from your higher self, your guides, or Mother Earth.  The veils will be thin around this time, making it the perfect opportunity to tune in.  Keep the stones in place for at least eleven minutes, and allow the synthesis to occur.  When you are done, you can burn the first list as a symbol of release.  You can place the second list in a place of honor, such as on an altar, keeping the stones you used on top of it or around it.  Wishing you a happy and powerful eclipse and equinox!